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You have identified the topic of your blog: now you only need content management system. As Nik Rawlinson explained, there were several optional evaluations except for Wordpress.


Ask anyone to recommend an easy content management system and every 9 out of 10 times they would say it was WordPress. There are some acceptable reasons for that – it’s free, well-supported, very easy to use and install, and if you don’t like any theme of the third party, you can design it yourself. However, it doesn’t mean that WordPress is the best choice for all situations.

Initially WordPress was developed as a blog engine. However, although it has developed so much that many professional websites currently use it as a complete news management system, there are other options which are more suitable to operate website regularly updated.

Now we consider four competitors in the crown of WordPress. Each opponent is all champion in its field. They promise a smoother path for those special type of websites, and like WordPress, they are free.



Tumblr simplifies building blog by helping you to easily post content which have appropriate attribute from other sources

Tumblr is a strange phenomenon. By the time we made this post, it was less than 5 years old but already host 34 million blogs contain 12 billion posts; 43 million articles were posted on the day we wrote. The group which created it is about to build “the perfect platform for seft-expression”. Obviously, they succeeded.

Normal Tumblr users post original content 14 times per month with about haft the text based on text and another haft full of pictures. They also reblog 3 posts from other Tumblr blogs and this is its genius point. By placing a reblog button on every post, Tumblr turns copying the content of other users to our blogs into a one-click activity for any users. To do the same thing in Wordpress, you will have to copy and paste the code into your editing window, set tag, categories and add a link to provide confidence in the source and preview post in the browser.

Tumblr is a great way for business users to quickly build a blog with the third-party content which colleagues and customers will want to track; you will look like an expert in your filed and be the leading specialized manager. If you have your own domain, you can give the blog a professional look by changing its IP to Tumblr server and enable the option to choose the domain name in your blog settings.

Since it is a closed platform hosted on Tumblr server, developers can predict the method to post content and where it should be sent. Smartphone applications of Tumblr (go for iPhone version and for Android) enable you to directly post text, images, quotes, audio, videos created on a device to Tumblr blog without typing any code and link manually, or update them in a separate activity.

Tumblr takes away the burden of maintaining the blog and making it interesting. The more you are happy to use it, the more you post frequently, and it the fastest way to create readers.

Relevance: web content and short, frequent posts.

Accessed through:

Requirements: web browser

Sample websites:,

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