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Textpattern was born before WordPress nearly 2 years. Both projects are presented the first full version in 2003, but Textpattern was available already in several developed versions since 2003. Now it is at 4.4.1 version and the latest version was launched in June 2011. Although it is often considered as a dedicated blog tool (and it is used that way by many people), you’d better think about it as a content management system focused on text for peope who want to think much about their website content than how it is combined.

Description: Textpattern

Textpattern is the great choice for anyone whose work related to text but they don’t want to design manually.

Textpattern includes all support tools that you will wait in a blogging platform composed of link management, design based on template and comment system. However, it ignores trackback and pingback functions which can prevent those that link and SEO is the first and best priority for their marketing activities.

So what makes Textpattern stand out from competitors? It is the integrated Textile language, simplifying context design without disrupting your thoughts. It does this by using popular characters such as *, # and _ instead of HTML. If you want to ilalicize some words in the sentence, you just need to surround them by underscores. Textpattern will recognize them as the alternative and swap the first underscore for <i> and the second one for </i> whenever the page is shown. If you want to create a bulleted list, put an asterisk before each item in the list and use two or more asterisks to identify any lower rank in that list.

Working this way is faster than remembering to open your list with <ol> and close it with </ ol> and surround each element in it by using <li> and </li>. The result is that you have to spend much time to think about what you are writing and how it looks like in the screen, and there’s less time left to consider about which tag you need to do these special types.


They are simple examples, but Textile goes further by simplifying the task embedding photos by using exclamation and quotation marks. Following marks will embed the title Shopper and use “Computer Shopper Logo” for its tag:

!computershopper.jpg (Computer Shopper Logo)!

It sounds simple but if you dig deeper, you will find the amazing level of replacement the code. For example, with tablets, the following command creates a table of 3 columns and 4 row with the first row is designed as a header cell system:

|_. Month |_. Average rainfall

|_. Average daily sunshine |

| June | 2.5mm | 8 hours |

| July | 2mm | 8.5 hours |

| August | 0.75mm | 9.25 hours |

Please notice that we don’t need to specify the start and end point of tables, rows or any columns. We don’t need to distinguish between <th> and <td> to design title separately with our data as well.

Textpattern is ideal for anyone who needs to think seriously. Being easy to use and multiple user function make it become the great choice for multiple user blogs and especially for news websites. Sources are often erratic in those organizations, which is why Textile platform of Textpattern is so attractive for a future blogger.

Relevance: Websites full of text and for anyone who need time to write but don’t want to think too much about the format.

Download from

Requirement: web server running PHP 4.3 or more, and MySQL 3.23 or more

Sample websites:, www.louiscarrer,

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