Try Another Option Except For Wordpress - Web Expert (Part 2) - Pixelpost & Joomla

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It can operate a photo blog from WordPress, but we think it is better to choose a tool designed specifically for this task. Pixelpost is a CMS (content management system) for open source photo blog which the control panel focuses on photo uploading process, add the title and tags. Image and text descriptions are less relevant, allow the photographer concentrate on what really matters – their photos.

Description: Pixelpost

Pixelpost is a tool for professional photo blog, with many sample and plug-in to choose

There are hundreds of free themes to select and a similar number of plug-in, which is not difficulty to apply than Wordpress. If you want to add Google+ label, all you need to do is dragging free Google Plus plug-in on the server and add <GOOGLE_PLUS> to your theme which is attached “small”, “medium” or “tall”, depending on how much space you give.

If you want to write a description for each image, Markdown language will help you integrate, as the same way Textile help to boost the process of writing stories in Textpattern. Type a line of text, then put a row of equal sign or dash, and it will be designed as a title <h1> or <h2>. Putting a row with the > sign and it will be decorated as if it was surrounded by <blockquote> tag. Surrounding words by 1 or 2 asterisks will set them in italics or bold. A single asterisk, plus or dash followed by a space will put the entry in bulleted list.

Pixelpost seems so perfect for photographers, so why do those who are addicted to taking pictures still want to use anything else?

Relevance: photographers who want a simple way to host their pictures themselves online than using Flickr, Picasa or other sharing photo websites.

Download from

Requirement: web server runs PHP 4.3 or higher and MySQL 3.23.58 or higher

Sample websites:,


Description: Joomla

Joomia confirmed that it was the most popular open source content management system all around the world, representing nearly 3% of active websites nowadays. The current version (1.7) introduces one-click updates, improved search features, a legalized form to overcome the arrest of incomplete data and the ability for website administrator to limit categories that private users can post.

Just basing on the summary of features and system requirements below, which surpassed WordPress, Textpattern and Pixelpost, obviously it is a serious CMS in enterprise level. Regardless it, it is the easy to install, simple to manage and well-supported, with many free third-party sample and extensions.

It has been built basically from the view of collaboration and teamwork. It has a database of contacts and all stays in a place for authors to catch photos from other stories on website, so it will save disk space by avoiding the risk that they will upload the second copy of the existing photo.

Joomla is the perfect program for supporting news websites which have more users and an option limits users what authors and editors can do and do not on the webside; it is backed by the strong industry standard authentication, including Gmail and OpenID login.

Ask anyone who has worked with CMS on a regular basis, and they will tell you the ease that they can add the content into the fundamental database and design it on websites having great influence on the frequency they post. However, please notice their review, and they may not consider difficulities author have to bear to give them those content. Of course they concern more about the ease they can access that content and the way they use it.

Joomla gives you all. Guests can not only describe your content by using RSS as they can do with WordPress but also collect many feeds from other websites, change your website operated by Joomla into an immediate gate. In addition, if readers are watching content on your website rather than through their collection. They can email it to their friends, or download a PDF copy of each article via the link on the page.

Joomla should be your first choice if you think WordPress was limited. You are running a website and you want to give readers the flexibility on how they access and use your content. If it is developed on commercial basis, it will require a considerable fee.

Relevance: News websites updated regularly with many users

Download from

Requirements: Web server running PHP 5.2.4 or higher and MySQL 5.0.4 or higher, Apache 2 or higher, or Microsoft IIS 7

Sample websites:,,

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