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Big In 2013 (Part 1)
Stuffing a 15.6in ultrabook right up to its gills will give you something that looks like the Samsung Chronos 7. Its 10-point touchscreen is 1920x1080 capable and is partnered to a backlit keyboard.
Vodafone Pocket – Mobile 3G Wi-Fi Router
These are grown up 3G dongles. Instead of requiring a laptop or desktop with a USB port, they run off their own battery power, and provide internet access to several Wi-Fi capable devices.
Hot Gadgets – March 2013 (Part 2)
You needn’t be an art lover to appreciate what Samsung has pulled off here. Sure. It looks like it’s an abandoned wallflower waiting for an art collector to offer it pride of place. But it looks hapless only in pictures. Up close and personal, it truly is a sight to behold and we mean even when it’s not scorching your retinas with Ultra HD pictures.
Hot Gadgets – March 2013 (Part 1)
A 7in tablet by Acer, powered by a dual-core processor and Android’s Jelly Bean, for 8k? Sounds like a nasty trick, the same kind you play on your dog when you pretend to throw the stick and he runs excitedly into the distance to find nothing, coming scampering back with the most confused eyes.
Ready For The Picking
The recently concluded consumer electronics show showcased fresh products that will soon hit shops. There’s so much to look out for, but here’s a quick glimpse of what’s in store.
The Replacement Gadget
The 21x zoom lens-totting, 16MP sensor-laden, 4.3in screen encrusted Galaxy Camera is here. On the inside, a 1.4GHz quad-core processor keeps things snappy and the Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) OS on the outside keeps things slick app-wise. Go ahead now, download apps from the Google Store and share pictures via Wi-Fi or 3G.
Gear - Cutting Edge Technology (Part 2)
The Acer Iconia B1-A71 is an entry-level 7-inch Android 4.1 tablet that aims to please, both inside and out. Equipped with a 1.2GHz dual-core processor and 512MB of RAM, you can enjoy all types of media on this device, along with its expandable storage and wide variety of connectivity options.
Gear - Cutting Edge Technology (Part 1)
The look may be old-school, but the Fujifilm X100s’s internals certainly standout in the modern age. It is the highly anticipated successor to the well-received x100, and despite the minimal name change, the x100S packs an even more serious punch. This premium compact camera has a 16.3-megapixel x-Trans CMOS sensor similar to that of its higher end siblings, together with on-sensor phase detection for blazing fast autofocus speeds.
Giada Mini PC D2305 - A Change Of Shape
A quick look at Giada’s Mini PC portfolio will show that several models of the series share the same appearance. Following the common design of a net top, Giada’s Mini PCs such as the i51, i35G, and the Q11 sport the shape and size of a hardbound book. Deviating from this look, Giada’s latest attraction, the D2305, highlights a different design.
Rise Of The Thingthernet (Part 2)
Here’s an ideal, and realistic, scenario for your daily routine. Your calendar syncs with your alarm clock, telling it when you have to be at work. The alarm checks with weather and transport feeds to determine if you’re likely to be delayed and adjusts accordingly, comparing it to previous wake-up times as recorded by wearable sensors.
Rise Of The Thingthernet (Part 1)
On any given day the internet will deliver around 300 billion emails, help YouTubers upload the equivalent of 35,000 films, and support the digital lives of 2.27 billion people. The internet is a rather busy place. But busy as it is, we’re still at the very beginning of the internet’s big bang. How so? Because all of these examples, at some stage, involve people – people typing messages, people uploading videos, people stalking fellow humans on social networks.
Developing the SAP Data Center : General Storage Considerations
Deploying Storage Area Networks, or SANs, for current and new SAP system landscapes has kept many SAP professionals quite busy for the last two years. The latest iterations represent not only some of the fastest disk subsystems ever manufactured, but also represent everything that customers need in a highly available and scalable disk solution.
Developing the SAP Data Center : Network Server Preparation
Although many operating systems are supported for SAP, the following discussion focuses on the most popular OS underpinning new installations over the last three years, the Microsoft Windows family of OSes.
Developing the SAP Data Center : Network Infrastructure for SAP
Given that SAP is architected to support a distributed three-tiered design, a slew of configurations exist that can potentially impact high availability. There are similar performance considerations as well, as the database, application, and Web tier layers are all affected.
SharePoint 2010 : Searching Through the API - The Search API
The SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Search API has changed from using the Shared Services Provider architecture in SharePoint 2007 to using Search service applications in SharePoint 2010.
SharePoint 2010 : Searching Through the API - Understanding the Query Expression Parsing Order
Before tackling the API, it's important to review the parsing order of the query expression. Parsing of the query is dependent on the ranking of logical operators. This means defining which operators take precedence over others.
Microsoft .NET : Design Principles and Patterns - Applying Requirements by Design (part 2) - Security
Located at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the CERT Coordination Center (CERT/CC) analyzes the current state of Internet security. It regularly receives reports of vulnerabilities and researches the inner causes of security vulnerabilities. The center’s purpose is to help with the development of secure coding practices
Microsoft .NET : Design Principles and Patterns - Applying Requirements by Design (part 1) - Testability
A broadly accepted definition for testability in the context of software architecture describes it as the ease of performing testing. And testing is the process of checking software to ensure that it behaves as expected, contains no errors, and satisfies its requirements.
The Ideal OS (Part 2)
Another feature we’d like is an OS that doesn’t require any maintenance on part of the user, and one that shuts down and boots up instantly. Current OSes can take several minutes to boot up completely, as they require the loading of several daemons, processes or services to manage the various aspects of the system.
The Ideal OS (Part 1)
The last couple of years have seen some massively disruptive changes in computing, with several new technologies successfully challenging existing ones. This was particularly noticeable in the mobile world, where the shift towards computing on smartphones brought with it the need for specialized mobile platforms.
The End Of Wintel (Part 2)
People no longer want power hungry “monstrosities” cluttering up their house. Few people have the time to maintain them. The face of the PC has changed. It is smaller, more efficient and is idiot-proof and hence, intelligently designed.
The End Of Wintel (Part 1)
Microsoft (Windows) and Intel have been defining the computing experience of the world for well over a decade and the word “Wintel” is now synonymous with the PC the way Google is with the internet.
Windows System Programming : Exception Handling - Exceptions and Their Handlers
Without some form of exception handling, an unintended program exception, such as dereferencing a NULL pointer or division by zero, will terminate a program immediately without performing normal termination processing, such as deleting temporary files.
Building Applications with Visual Studio 2010 : Getting Smart about Smart Clients - Using the Properties Window
Every control has a set of properties and events that define how the control acts when your application runs. For example, the button control's Text property specifies the text that's displayed on the button. The button control has a Click event that's executed each time a user clicks the button.
Building Applications with Visual Studio 2010 : Getting Smart about Smart Clients - Manipulating Controls
Creating a UI with controls involves more than dragging and dropping. To get the most from controls, you need to know how to position them on your form. This section covers some common tools for putting controls exactly where you want them.
.NET Debugging : Introduction to the Tools - Reflector for .NET, PowerDbg, Managed Debugging Assistants
Reflector for .NET is a .NET assembly explorer tool that includes a powerful disassembler that can reproduce the code from the MSIL (Microsoft Intermediate Language) to a higher level language of choice.
.NET Debugging : Introduction to the Tools - CLR Profiler, Performance Counters
Performance counters are an important part of the troubleshooting process. During the .NET framework installation process, a collection of performance counters is installed.
Microsoft .NET : Design Principles and Patterns - From Principles to Patterns (part 2)
Software patterns indicate well-established solutions to recurring design problems. This means that developers end up coding their way to a given solution over and over again. And they might be repeatedly writing the same boilerplate code in a given programming language.
Microsoft .NET : Design Principles and Patterns - From Principles to Patterns (part 1)
The word pattern is one of those overloaded terms that morphed from its common usage to assume a very specific meaning in computer science. According to the dictionary, a pattern is a template or model that can be used to generate things—any things.
All We Need To Know About Green Computing (Part 4)
In general, today’s computers are more energy efficient as compared with computer several years ago. Some companies, for example, TinyGreen PC (, sells specifically designed system to consume less energy. Choosing computers based on their energy-saving certificate is certainly a wise move.
All We Need To Know About Green Computing (Part 3)
There are few reasons why you want to get rid of old computing devices. Most important, it may have its hard disk drive broken, or some adaptors are blown out, and a repair is impossible in economic aspect. Or, though it served you well when you bought it for the first time, PC may have been unable to meet the requirement of the modern software.
All We Need To Know About Green Computing (Part 2)
The expenses for running PC is not enough to excuse for an early upgrade, but when considering the unprecedented increase in recent electricity prices, it could encourage you to apply some changes. There are worthy savings which won’t affect much on the operating performance of the computer or your convenience.
All We Need To Know About Green Computing (Part 1)
Please have a part in saving the environment and a little of money. We’ll explain how to choose an energy-saving technical device, apply the changes to reduce the energy consumption, recycle your old devices.
Programming Windows Services with Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 : Service Notification
Although putting an entry in the Application log may suffice, you might be required at times to also send a notification when a problem is found and a process has been terminated. In this last section we will implement the code necessary to send an e-mail alert when a process is terminated.
Programming Windows Services with Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 : WMI System Monitoring
Although WMI is great for gathering information, it can also be a very powerful monitoring and debugging tool. In this section we will use WMI to monitor the processes on our system and then use WMI to shut down an application that we define as behaving poorly.
Programming Windows Services with Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 : Extending the WMI Implementation
We need to create a more robust and scalable WMI class that allows for multiple instances of monitored servers. In addition, we want to be able to predefine a query that we can use to retrieve specific information.
Next – Gen Broadband – Optimizing Your Current Broadband Connection (Part 4)
As we’ve mentioned, broadband isn’t universally available across the entire United States just yet. According to a recent study by Akamai Technologies, 81 percent of country has access to broadband with speeds greater than 2Mbps.
Next – Gen Broadband – Optimizing Your Current Broadband Connection (Part 3)
To get a read on a broadband’ s future in the United States, we talked to a couple folks well versed on the subject: Patrick Moorhead, founder and principal analysts at Moor Insight and Strategy, and Dane Jasper, CEO of
Next–Gen Broadband – Optimizing Your Current Broadband Connection (Part 2)
Some of the more recent, ultra-high-speed broadband services being offered to US consumers consist of newer fiber to the home deployments. Although fiber to home, or FTTH, is the most common term end users are likely to hear, there are numerous types of fiber deployments currently in flight across the country.
Next–Gen Broadband – Optimizing Your Current Broadband Connection (Part 1)
Broadband has evolved considerably over the last decade or so in the United States. Whereas just a few years ago, large parts of the country were relegated to pokey 56K dial-up connections over standard phone lines, now multi-megabit broadband connections are commonplace and speed increases are being introduced regularly.
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