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Broadcast Technology Jammed Tomorrow (Part 2)
The map shows where I live relative to the two closest DTTV transmitter sites. At present I get adequate signals from both transmitters. Although there is no local 4G coverage as yet, the closet existing mobile base station to my house is about 400 meters away, in the same direction as Angus.
Broadcast Technology Jammed Tomorrow (Part 1)
The government has been boasting for years about a ‘digital dividend’ and part of the bright vision for a high-tech future are 4G mobile networks. With the Everything Everywhere (aka EE) 4G network already up and running and others set to follow later in 2013, the current plans may be offering a ‘jammed tomorrow’ for millions of Freeview TV viewers…
Performing Component Installations : Leveraging Installation Documentation, Tools, and Approaches
SAP has provided us with an enormous amount of product- and component-specific documentation. Much of it is quite good. Even in the best of cases, though, to install an end-to-end mySAP solution you will still require product documentation (or very deep experience) relevant to your entire SAP Solution Stack.
Performing Component Installations : Implementation Methodologies for SAP Installations, Rounding Out Your SAP System Landscape
I will begin by identifying various implementation methodologies and how each relates to SAP component or technology layer installations. I will then walk through installing common underlying or integration products, such as SAP’s Web Application Server and Internet Transaction Server, and then move into detailed installations.
AVM Fritz! Box 3370 – Everything’s Networked with Fritz
We’ve rarely been unimpressed by the Fritz! Box range and the Fritz! Box 3370 is no exception. Not to be confused with the Fritz! Box 7360 or Fritz! Box 7330, which can also handle an entire DECT phone system, this ‘lesser’ 3000 range is a more typical ADSL broadband and wireless router.
Automation For The People
One of the key attributes of the Control4 OS 2.3 release is the introduction of a new elegant user-experience for lighting. The clean intuitive UI makes it easy for consumers to control lighting throughout a residence or business from almost any device – TVs, Control4 touch-screens, smart phones, and tablets.
New Gadgets For April 2013 (Part 3)
It’s been a little while since you bought your tiny robotic seal pet, and winter might not have been kind to it. That’s where this replacement fin comes in, if your Robo-seal is swimming in circles, just plug this in and off he goes. Wait, that’s not right at all. Plug Plair (not a seal) into a TV’s HDMI port and you can stream video to it from any phone, tablet or PC with Wi-Fi.
New Gadgets For April 2013 (Part 2)
TelePresence robots droids that allow you to see through their eyes and move them kind of like you're possessing them have been hugely pricey. And what's the point of spending thousands on something you're only using remotely? The Kubi isn't so much a robot as a motorized neck, which turns through 300 side-to-side and 90 up and down.
New Gadgets For April 2013 (Part 1)
It used to be that independent filmmakers who wanted a dolly or a crane had to make their own out of a ladder and a mate's skateboard, These days, if you want a 4K scenic shot from high above a waterfall, or a nice long tracking shot over the surface of a lake, or a big circling shot of a skyscraper, you don't need a helicopter and an Unpleasant, cigar-smoking producer.
Get The Most Out Of Your Portable Pals
The Buffalo MiniStation Thunderbolt HD-PATU3 is a sturdy and portable hard drive that’s attractively designed. It also comes with a USB 3.0 connection, so even if you’re on a computer that doesn’t have Thunderbolt, you’re still going to see the benefit of a faster connection.
Google vs Apple vs Microsoft (Part 5)
Though not an official Google project, this open-source console will likely be based on Android and will follow the Big G's 'hackable' philosophy by bundling a dev kit for tinker-prone users. Designed by Yves Behar of the One Laptop Per Child project and Jawbone Jambox fame, and backed by former Xbox honcho Ed Fries, it could bring free, ad-supported gaming to the mainstream for about $89.99.
Google vs Apple vs Microsoft (Part 4)
Google's first non-mobile gadget is the Nexus Q - a cloud streamer/disco ball with a ring of 32 LED lights that pulsate with the music and an onboard 25W Class D amp. It plugs into your TV and speakers for streaming of YouTube clips, movies from Google Play or tunes stored in your online locker, all controlled via your Android smartphone or tablet.
Google vs Apple vs Microsoft (Part 3)
The once painfully basic Chrome OS now looks more like a Windows and Mac rival thanks to this new UI and window manager. Aura brings visual treats such as a task bar and shortcuts, while a new status area has arrived for Android-style notifications.
Google vs Apple vs Microsoft (Part 2)
MS has never made its own computers before, so Surface is a gamble. But it's looking good - this 10.6in slate runs Windows RT, a streamlined version of Win 8 designed for tablets (Surface Pro runs the full thing, but is thicker and heavier), and initial reports suggest excellent build quality with a 3mm-thick touch-sensitive keyboard cover. Your Win 7 apps won't work on it, mind you.
Google vs Apple vs Microsoft (Part 1)
The iPad is undisputed king of tablets. The MacBook Air makes other laptops look lethargic. OS X is the most polished computer operating system. And the iPhone? Yes, it's fallen from the top spot, but iOS 6 is ready to lift it right back up. Coupled with the unifying brilliance of iCloud and the riches of iTunes and the App Store, Apple still makes Google and MS look small-fry.
Change In Technology Services In 2013
According to Gartner, “the top 10 technologies are emerging amidst a nexus of converging forces – social, mobile, cloud and information. Although they are innovative and disruptive on their own, together these trends are revolutionizing businesses and societies, transforming old business models and creating new leaders.”
The LTEdge (Part 2)
Radio spectrum is the lifeblood of a mobile operator and has emerged as a very precious resource that is high in demand and low in supply. Hence regulators across the globe are look­ing to release new spectrum in order to enable broadband services at all levels. Spectrum in the 2.6GHz band is of interest across Europe.
The LTEdge (Part 1)
LTE, with its spectrum flexibility, has a good life ahead since it can be accommodated into many different swathes of spectrum. It uses wider chunks of spectrum, allowing nearly four times faster data transfer than 3G.
Transcend StoreJet Cloud Drive - Add Storage To Your Devices
Here's some good news for all those who complain about not having satisfactory storage space despite flaunting the latest iPad, iPhone or Galaxy phone: Transcend StoreJet Cloud is a welcome addition to Kingston's Wi Drive and Seagate's GoFlex Satellite!
Connectivity Matters
Ericsson ConsumerLab has identified the hottest consumer trends for 2013 and beyond with its extensive research survey. Carried out for more than 15 years, the study focused on people’s values, behavior and their ways of using ICT products and services. Here are the 10 hottest consumer trends it has found out as a result:
Silicon Nanophotonics
Fiber optics have had a major impact on TV broadcasts, broadband speeds and even hi-fi cables, but soon we could also be effectively putting them inside silicon chips. Bert Jan Offrein, manager of the photonics research group at IBM’s Zurich lab, and his colleagues, have built a working optical electrical interface, commonly known as nanophotonics, directly in silicon.
My Wi-Fi – P1 MX230 - All For The Enjoyment
This is quite a wonder. I have been tasked with reviewing one of the two P1 MiFi devices and have a whole page to fill up for you – all for the enjoyment of reading my glorious musings about the tiny gadget.
Where ToGo? – P1 ToGo Plan
P1 is one of the easier brands to recognize, mostly because its stuff comes emblazoned with a giant P1 logo. This particular service, the P1 ToGo Plan, is based around the idea that you opt to rent the MiFi device.
The Latest Home And Office Products – Q1 2013
Zync Global has launched a tablet (Z-930) on Android 4.0 ICS that can be upgraded to the Android 4.1 Jellybean platform. Z-930 has a 17.8cm (7-inch) multi-touch capacitive screen with 800x480 pixels.
Bluetooth 4.0: Low-power Feature Enables Revolutionary Uptake
Bluetooth 4.0 uses a small fraction of the power consumed by previous versions of Bluetooth and many other wireless technologies. Since it has been optimized for transmitting small bursts of data very efficiently, devices and sensors using 4.0 can run for years at a stretch without requiring a recharge or battery change.
Accelerating USB 3.0 Implementations - Time Is Money
With the launch of chipsets incorporating USB 3.0 support, this latest USB interface standard is now becoming widely available on board level and system platforms.
Make The Switch (Part 2)
A multi-switch is not as complicated as it may first appear. In essence, all it does is to take the selection of the satellite sub-band away from the LNB and handle that itself, along with splitting and distributing the signals.
Make The Switch (Part 1)
Many satellite viewers want two or more receivers around the home so that different channels can be watched on different TVs at the same time. While feeding the output from a single Sky box to other rooms allows you to choose where to watch a Sky channel, it doesn’t provide for different channels to be seen at once. That needs multiple receivers which means multiple feeds from the dish.
D-Link Wireless N300 Gigabit Router DIR-636L
What do you say about wireless routers that haven’t already been said? Not much really. The quality of the connections has reached a point where you really can’t go wrong with which model you buy, that is unless you have a very particular function in mind. Most of the differences now boil down to how easy they are to use.
Prepare Yourself – D-Link DIR-865L
It seems D-Link has been up in the clouds with a slew of its products integrating some sort of cloud feature inside. The same can be said for its dual band router, which goes by the name of D-Link Cloud Router Wireless AC 1750 Dual Band Cloud Router or D-Link DIR-865L for short. With it hooked into my notebook, let’s see what kind of performance this cloud router can deliver.
Sky vs. Virgin - Which Smart Service Comes Out On Top?
Sky’s hardly cheap, but it’s the clear choice for telly addicts. Quality is great: twin tuners, up to 65 HD channels, plus several in 3D. And though Virgin now has Sky Sports and Movies, you’ll only find Sky Atlantic and its top-tier shows here.
The Latest Home And Office Products - March 2013
WishTel has added a new model to its range of tablets, IRA Icon HD. Featuring a 20.3cm (8-inch) TFT LCD multitouch capacitive touchscreen, the tablet runs Android 4.0 (aka Ice Cream Sandwich) operating system. Pow­ered by a 1.2GHz processor cou­pled with 1GB RAM, it supports 3G, Wi-Fi, HDMI and Bluetooth connectivity.
Weird And Wacky
Tired of looking at smartphones, notebooks and the rest of the usual suspects? Then enter the Twilight Zone of CES2013. Vampires not included. Here are nine gadgets we find intriguing, useless, expensive, cheap and whatever verbs you can find to explain it:
Better Than Expected Showing (Part 2)
4K madness has also stormed the television department. And...wait for it...there is an 8K (7680 x 4320 resolutions) TV too! It just so happen that Sharp decided to step in during all the 4K TV introduction to show off its 8K TV. This 85in is still in the prototype stage and even if the company releases it to the public, there is still no commercialized 8K content.
Better Than Expected Showing (Part 1)
It is finally that time of the year again to look, ogle, be overwhelmed (or underwhelmed for some) and get excited for everything else in between. It is a place where different emotions can easily be stirred up because of where and how technology is being steered off towards.
Diving Deeper With Suunto
Pia Talja, Product Manager for Suunto says, “Suunto has worked for many years with the world's best free-diver William Trubridge and AIDA; the Worldwide Federation for breath-hold diving and is committed to offering features that best meet the needs of today's free-divers in all Suunto D-series models.
HyperJuice 2 - Hungry For Power
There will always be a moment where you would curse at the lack of power plug points when working on-the-go. While most cafes are equipped to host you, the chance of the source of power being taken up by other like-minded individuals is high. After all, employers are increasingly encouraging this trend.
Rebirth Of The Cool
We tried making a floating camera phone once, but to our dismay it seems that expensive gadgets tend to sink. This experiment looks more successful than ours: like something out of a Dali painting, an old handset floats in the air magically, snaking into a retro camera and lighting what's below.
Tips And Tricks To Set You Apart From The Tech Crowd (Part 7)
Kickstarter might be on the way this year, but Bloom VC is already watering idea seeds on the British isles and beyond. It allows you to post ideas for everything from start-ups to films, albums or TV shows, and it offer rewards to those who promise to invest within the chosen deadline. Our idea: chocolate blowtorches.
Tips And Tricks To Set You Apart From The Tech Crowd (Part 6)
The idea is to provide novices with a grasp of how the digital world works. When you first sit on the Shore ditch studio’s Barcelona sofas, you may not know your Java from your cappuccino, but by the time you sip your leaving beer you’ll have coded your very own location-aware, responsively designed, HTML5 web app that’ll work on any modern browser, desktop or portable.
Top 10
Free Mobile And Desktop Apps For Accessing Restricted Websites
TOYOTA CAMRY 2; 2.5 : Camry now more comely
KIA SORENTO 2.2CRDi : Fuel-sipping slugger
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Backup & Restore Game Progress From Any Game With SaveGameProgress
Generate A Facebook Timeline Cover Using A Free App
New App for Women ‘Remix’ Offers Fashion Advice & Style Tips
SG50 Ferrari F12berlinetta : Prancing Horse for Lion City's 50th
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- Create and Deploy Windows 7 Image
- How do I check to see if my exchange 2003 is an open relay? (not using a open relay tester tool online, but on the console)
- Creating and using an unencrypted cookie in ASP.NET
- Directories
- Poor Performance on Sharepoint 2010 Server
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