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Exchange Server 2010 : Working with Dynamic Distribution Groups (part 1) - Creating Dynamic Distribution Groups
In the Exchange Management Shell, you can create a dynamic distribution group using the New-DynamicDistributionGroup cmdlet. Example 1 provides the syntax and usage.
Exchange Server 2010 : Working with Security and Standard Distribution Groups (part 2) - Adding and Removing Managers, Configuring Member Restrictions and Moderation
Membership in distribution groups can be restricted in several ways. Groups can be open or closed for joining or require group owner approval for joining. Groups can be open or closed for leaving. Groups also can be moderated. With moderated groups, messages are sent to designated moderators for approval before being distributed to members of the group.
Exchange Server 2010 : Working with Security and Standard Distribution Groups (part 1) - Creating Security and Standard Distribution Groups
In the Exchange Management Shell, you can mail-enable a universal security group using the Enable-DistributionGroup cmdlet.
Exchange Server 2010 : Working with Distribution Groups and Address Lists - Using Security and Distribution Groups
You use groups to grant permissions to similar types of users, to simplify account administration, and to make it easier to contact multiple users. For example, you can send a message addressed to a group, and the message will go to all the users in that group.
SharePoint 2010 : The Search User Interface - The Search Results Page (part 4) - Search Later from Windows Explorer
The Search Action Links Web Part option provides the ability to search a location later from Windows Explorer in Windows 7. This allows for a user to establish federated search connections between the SharePoint 2010 Search Centers and the user's local machine.
SharePoint 2010 : The Search User Interface - The Search Results Page (part 3) - RSS
The Really Simple Syndication (RSS) option provides the ability to subscribe to a feed based on the current search query. This is similar to setting an alert, but instead of receiving an SMS or e-mail notice each time an item in the document changes, an RSS feed is established.
SharePoint 2010 : The Search User Interface - The Search Results Page (part 2) - Alert Me
The Alert Me option found in the right zone below the search box provides the ability to set notifications when the result provides for a specific search query change (Figure 6).
SharePoint 2010 : The Search User Interface - The Search Results Page (part 1) - Search Suggestions
If enabled, SharePoint 2010 can provide search suggestions on any query box or search center dialog field (Figure 5). Search suggestions (called query suggestions on the Search Box Web Part) work similarly to Bing or Google search fields.
Sharepoint 2013 : View Properties of a Document
When viewing a document library in either a web part on the home page or in one of the list views of that library, you might want to see more details about a document before choosing what to do with it.
Sharepoint 2013 : Open a Document for Reading
When viewing a document library, either in the home page or in a library view, you need to open a document in order to see its contents.
Sharepoint 2013 : See What Lists and Document Libraries Are in a Site
You can see what lists and document libraries are available in a site in several ways. The following sections demonstrate how you can use various methods to view the content of a site.
Sharepoint 2013 : See What Files or List Items Are Waiting for Your Approval, Synchronize a Library or Folder Using SkyDrive Pro
You want to work on a copy of a SharePoint library or folder offline, and then add, edit, or remove files from that folder or library by working on your local machine.
Sharepoint 2013 : Restore an Earlier Version of a File or List Item, Approve or Reject a File or List Item
Some file libraries and lists require approval of files or lists. When this content approval setting is enabled, an item or file that has been checked in or published is not published automatically but instead remains in a pending state until it is approved or rejected.
Sharepoint 2013 : Publish a File or List Item
A document library or list requires you to publish a file or list item that you have created or modified before it shows the new file or item to other users.
Sharepoint 2013 : Check In and Check Out a File or List Item
Some document libraries and lists require you to check out a file or list item before changing it. (Changing includes changing the properties of a file or list item and editing a file’s contents as well.) You want to make changes to the file or list item and then share the changes with other people working on that site.
Sharepoint 2013 : Use the Quick Edit View to Add, Edit, or Delete Items and Files
You want to add, edit, or delete multiple items in a list or library in an easy way. The details that you want to modify are similar, and you don’t want to have to click each one to edit or delete it separately. You also don’t want to click the New button many times.
Sharepoint 2013 : Recover a Deleted File or List Item, Edit the Properties of a File or List Item
You want to change some of the values that have been entered into the columns for a specific file or list item. For example, you might want to change the details for an event in a calendar list or the name or title of a document in a document library.
Sharepoint 2013 : Add a Document Library to Microsoft Office, Delete a File or List Item
To delete a single file or list item, you highlight that file or list item by clicking on the row for that item or file, and then switch to the Files ribbon or the Items ribbon. In the ribbon, you click the Delete Document button, shown in Figure 2. You are prompted to confirm the deletion.
Sharepoint 2013 : Fill a Form
In a form library, you can fill a form by clicking the New Document button in the Files ribbon. Clicking this button opens the form either in the browser or in Microsoft InfoPath, depending on the configuration of the form and on whether you have Microsoft InfoPath installed .
Sharepoint 2013 : Create a New List Item
When you’re working in a list, you create a new list item by using the New Item button in the Items ribbon or using the Add New Item link that might be shown under the view displaying the existing list items.
Sharepoint 2013 : Upload a Picture to a Picture Library, Create a New Document
The New Document button offers more choices of templates if the manager configured additional content types for the document library. If that is the case, clicking the New Document button creates a new document based on the template of the default content type.
Belkin AC1200 DB Wi-Fi ADSL Router
The headlong rush towards Wi-Fi shows no signs of T stopping, and now Belkin has entered the fray with its own AC flavored router, the AC1200 DB. I've mentioned before that this isn't a ratified standard, so those who wish to join the pre-AC scrabble need to be wary of what ratification might ultimately mean.
Sharepoint 2013 : Upload a File (part 2) - Upload a File from an Office Application, Upload a File Using Web Folders
Office 2003 and later versions have built-in functionality that enables you to save files straight into SharePoint. Different versions might present different user interfaces for doing this, but the principle is the same in all versions.
Sharepoint 2013 : Upload a File (part 1) - Upload a File from the Web Interface
Uploading a file to SharePoint is an easy process. There are three ways to do so. If you are writing a document in a Microsoft Office application, an easy way is to upload the document straight from the application by saving it directly into SharePoint.
Getting Your Head Around The Cloud
The internet is a breeding ground for buzzwords, and while many of them come and go, it is not always easy to distinguish fads from the future. Social media has been a big focus for most internets related software and thinking for a while now, with tweeting, sharing and inviting being a big part of any design that crosses our screens.
Does Microsoft Have An Image Problem? (Part 2)
It feels like no one quite knows how to market Microsoft. And maybe that’s true: it’s got to be a pretty difficult brief. Microsoft is the default choice for many people: most businesses and large organizations use Windows and Microsoft Office, it’s what most people learn to use in schools and it’s what most people who don't know very much about computers use.
Does Microsoft Have An Image Problem? (Part 1)
There's something about Microsoft that never feels youthful or exciting. Microsoft isn't the cool option, whether you're buying a computer or a smartphone. However, that's not for lack of trying on Microsoft's part. Over the last few years, it's tried really hard to create branding and advertising that promotes its products as fun and desirable.
PowerTraveller Powerchimp 4A Battery Charger
Portable power is a big issue for anyone who travels, because public transport tends to be rather inconsistent when it comes to offering power sockets. Running out of power on your phone or tablet can be a nightmare, and the limited battery life offered these days just exacerbates things.
The Computers That Came In From The Cold (Part 1)
In the UK in the 80s there was no better computer than the Sinclair ZX Spectrum (unless you felt the Commodore 64 was your thing). It emerged in Britain in 1982 and until the late 1980s was a dominant force in the computer industry. Mainly used for games, but also featuring some serious or educational activities, the ZX Spectrum was a great little machine.
ARM’s Big Little At Large (Part 2)
The genius of big.LlTl'LE is that it's transparent to the OS (to be fair, so is Nvidia's 4-PLUS-1). No software modification is required. It works through DVFS (not a furniture store but dynamic voltage and frequency scaling), and support for that is built into every modern OS already.
ARM’s Big Little At Large (Part 1)
The pace of change in the phone and tablet markets is breathtaking. Three years ago, the flagship desktop CPU was the Core i7-2600K, and that's still a big-hitter even now. Subsequent Core i7 CPUs are little more than die-shrinks - a nip or tuck here, an incremental lift to GPU performance there.
The Computers That Came In From The Cold (Part 2)
There are also copies of Western games that run on extended hardware Russian clones. My favorite is Mario Islands, which looks exactly as you’d expect... like a ZX Spectrum playing Mario World. It doesn’t do a bad job either. Check it out on YouTube if you want to see it in action for yourself.
Google Shoe, Budget Tabs And More (Part 2)
The search giant also showed off a goofy “talking shoe” at SXSW 2013. So what does this talking shoe do? Unfortunately, it doesn’t issue warnings telling its wearer to avoid dog poop and other roadside hazards. Instead, Google’s latest toy “aims to translate movement data [into] witty messages to users and their friends.”
Google Shoe, Budget Tabs And More (Part 1)
A year since the unveiling of Google Glass a lot more information about it is now starting to pour in, with the internet giant revealing many details at numerous recent events, such as SXSW and TED Talks. Let us summarize everything you need know about Google Glass.
Synology DS213air - A Great Home-Network Storage Server
Centralizing storage is becoming increasingly important as consumers move from PCs and laptops to storage-poor tablets for their home-computing needs, but there can be practical difficulties. NAS drives can be noisy and intrusive, and most require a wired network connection, making it tricky to hide them away in a quiet corner.
Western Digital My Net AC1300 Router
The My Net AC1300 is the second toe Western Digital has dipped into the fast router market's murky waters, following after the excellent N900 it released last year. This is a pre-802.11AC box, and so utilizes a standard that isn't yet officially defined for dual bandwidth wireless networking.
Network-Attached Storage Solutions
Network-attached storage (NAS) drives are extremely convenient because they provide a single repository for files and folders that can be accessed from any device connected to the same network. So, it can be deeply frustrating when a NAS drive starts playing up. Our Quick Troubleshooter will help.
Gadgets And Gizmos That Will Enrich Our Digital Lives Sooner Than You Think
Google’s much-anticipated foray into wearable tech will finally be available for the general public towards the end of this year. Google Glass is an augmented reality head-mounted display that nestles like a pair of spectacle would on a user’s ears, eyes and nose.
Do New Things With Your PC, Laptop And Gadgets (Part 2)
A PC that seems too old and slow for ordinary computer tasks can make an excellent media server. The computer will need audio and video out - VGA and a 3.5mm audio jack are a minimum. Use these cables to connect your old laptop or desktop computer to your TV. It’s best to start with a clean installation of Windows, but not essential.
Do New Things With Your PC, Laptop And Gadgets (Part 1)
If you have a laptop or tablet, it could be used as a second screen for your PC. This is a great use for a retired laptop, or one that is no longer in constant use. Download the free ZoneScreen program (www. and install it on both computers. You’ll also need to connect your laptop to the same network as the main computer.
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