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Ubuntu Phones To Hit Stores In October (Part 1)
For developers, the Ubuntu Phone OS supports both native and Web or HTML5 applications. Web apps are first class citizens on Ubuntu, with APIs that provide deep integration into the interface. “HTML5 apps written for other platforms can be adapted to Ubuntu with ease, and we’re targeting standard cross-platform Web app development frameworks like PhoneGap to make Ubuntu ‘just work’ for apps that use them”, the official post states.
Various DSL Technologies And How They Differ (Part 3)
R-ADSL operates with the same transmission rates as ADSL, but the modem adjusts dynamically to varying lengths and quantities of the twisted-pair local lines. It makes pos­sible to connect over different lines at varying speeds. Connection speed is negotiated by the end-points when the line synchronizes up or as a result of a signal from the central office.
Various DSL Technologies And How They Differ (Part 2)
The DSL technology is based on dis­crete multi-tone modulation technique and covers a number of similar yet competing forms of DSL (collectively termed as xDSL) including IDSL, HDSL, SHDSL, ADSL, RADSL, UDSL, Etherloop, VDSL and GDSL. xDSL is drawing significant attention from implementers and service providers because it promises to deliver high-bandwidth data rates to dispersed locations with relatively small changes to the existing telco infrastructure.
Various DSL Technologies And How They Differ (Part 1)
This article explores the information carrying capability of different types of DSL technologies along with the limitations of various existing high-speed data services like coaxial cable, analogue modem, cable modem, ISDN and satellite data services.
Planning An Android-Based Device For Enterprise
Android’s favorable license, established application ecosystem and well-recognized user experience has made it the preferred platform for any modern embedded system. The pluggable architecture enables integration with a variety of desirable software and hardware components with low coupling.
New Products Recently Introduced – July 2013
The company has designed the technology particularly for rural areas in the developing parts of the world like Africa and Asia. According to a ‘NewScientist’ report, a trial of the technology has already been conducted in Uganda. The technology works in a way that the battery of the cellphone derives its power from a solar panel via a technique called maximum power point tracking (MPPT).
Essential Extra - Got An Android Phone Or Tablet? (Part 2)
Offering up to 100m transmission distance, even through walls and floors. The cans are comfortable and it comes with a stand that doubles as a charger.
Essential Extra - Got An Android Phone Or Tablet? (Part 1)
Unique Bluetooth speakers. The shape allows two speakers inside to point in opposite directions for excellent sound coverage. A built-in mic is perfect for hands-free calls.
For Start-Ups, The Cloud Is The Way To Go!
Experts opine that cloud technology has the potential to bridge the gap between a small and a large enterprise. For start-ups and SMBs, cloud computing can make life far easier for IT admins, as well as improve the bottom-line!
Hot Technologies From A Cloud Country (Part 2)
When we start to discuss corporate Linux versions, both IT integrator companies and government agencies tend to use original and unmodified distributions such as RHEL, SLES, CentOS, Debian and AltLinux Server. It should also be noted that the Ministry of Defence has its own versions of Linux called MCBC – a Mobile System for the Armed Forces.
Hot Technologies From A Cloud Country (Part 1)
Looking at the world map, it seems that Russia is far, far away to the North. So, ask an ordinary person about Russia and the response would probably involve “winter, military weaponry and oil”. However, Russia also has a strong Linux development experience. Read on to learn more.
CodeSport - Given The Importance Of Data Storage In A ‘Big Data’ World
Traditional HDDs are accessed using a variety of protocols such as SCSI, ATA, SATA and SAS. SCSI stands for Small Computer System Interface and is a parallel peripheral interface standard widely used in personal computers for attaching printers and hard-disks. ATA is another interface used for attaching disks also known as IDE, wherein the controller is integrated into the disk drive itself.
Wake Up Your Wi-Fi (Part 2)
The only 20MHz non-overlapping channels in the 2.4GHz range recommended for use in this country are channels 1, 6, and 11. Most Wi-Fi routers default to one of these channels. A good Wi-Fi analyzer will show you any other nearby networks, the channels that they are using and the signal strength, which will allow you to select your own channels to avoid overlap and interference. Some apps will even advise on which channels to use.
Wake Up Your Wi-Fi (Part 1)
As a rough guide, the recommended minimum for streaming standard-definition video is 2.5 Mbps and 10Mbps for HD (1080p), although buffering and compression can both ameliorate this. If your broadband is not up to this, you may still be able to stream video from a local server.
Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro - Good Looks And Great Performance
We have reviewed several hybrids in the past but this was the first one from Samsung we got our hands on. Is it any different from those in same league, let’s find out!
OS X Server - Normal Servers (Part 3) has greatly improved the range of server events that it will alert you about, now including hardware problems such as changes in the SMART status of hard disks, detection of malware, and changes to network configuration. These can be delivered by conventional email, or pushed, the latter being ideally suited to monitoring by iPhone or iPad, and part of the general trend in Server 2.2 towards push notification.
OS X Server - Normal Servers (Part 2)
While the absence of Xgrid cluster support will be felt by only a few users, the removal of the IP filter software firewall that was found in earlier Apple server systems is a more significant casualty. Whilst the vast majority of Server users will have superior firewalls in their Internet routers, this loss may require some – such as those who park their servers in the ‘DMZ’ to provide internet services, as well as serving clients to reconfigure their networks.
OS X Server - Normal Servers (Part 1)
With modern Macs and network storage, not everyone needs a server. Back when it cost an extra $600, there was a reason to do without. At $21, you may want to take another look at OS X Server 2.2. It’s not just for the IT crowd.
Hot Technology Gadgets – June 2013
Your perfect companion either at work or at home, the Table Clock Watch is packed with a calendar for office or school supplies. It has an alarm clock with a glowing LED and a permanent calendar with time, date, month and year. It also has a temperature indicator. Now you will no longer have a disorganized life as this watch will keep you on track.
Asustor AS-606T- Innovation Makes a Difference
Network-attached storage (NAS) may not be the sexiest hardware purchase, but for serving up media content or sharing files across a network, such investments can be a godsend. Asustor's Apple-friendly NAS lineup combines attractive hardware powered by dual-core Intel Atom processors with its own innovative ADM (Asustor Data Master) operating system for cross-platform support across Mac, Windows, and Linux.
D-Link Cloud Gigabit Router N600 DIR-826L - Clouds In My Coffee
The cloud, as you’ll know unless you’ve been living in a cave, is the new black, and D-Link is making its fashion statement with the Cloud Gigabit Router N6000 DIR-826L, an 802.11n dual-band wireless router with four Gigabit Ethernet ports and a USB port. As it’s a D-Link Cloud Router, you can access, configure and view media stored on your router over the internet when away from home.
How To Store And Sync Data In The Cloud
Besides SkyDrive and Dropbox, there are many other choices for those who demand to store data in the cloud, such as Copy or Ubuntu One. One of them, the Copy cloud enables downloading a file to your computer easily.
Quick Cloud Collaboration Keeps Projects In Sync
As the number of employees doing business outside the walls of the traditional office environment increases, companies of all sizes are adopting new ways of getting work done. Namely, they’re moving toward more flexible, efficient cloud-based services. Although the purposes of online SaaS (software as a service) options vary greatly, users are rapidly taking advantage of seamless conferencing, file sharing, idea generating, and so much more.
i-Robot Beetle - It Probably Won't Change Your Mind About Bugs
While some recoil at the thought, bugs and insects are just plain interesting - there's something undeniably cool about our more than four legged friends. And while you may not readily admit to owning a Starship Troopers DVD (or its priced-to-own sequels), maybe your ears always perked up a bit when the subject of insects came about in high school biology class.
Control Your Cloud (Part 2)
Cloud-based file sharing services are very popular in the consumer space, which is fine, but if your employees decide to bring these services into the workplace without your knowledge, “who knows what you’ve done to your security environment?” cautions Bartoletti.
Control Your Cloud (Part 1)
Cloud computing can be a great solution for companies looking to ease the burdens on their internal infrastructure or to add a little extra capacity when necessary. But the cloud can also come with control issues that may make you question whether or not it was worth it to invest in the technology.
Cloud Computing Reconsidered (Part 2)
Despite the business benefits the cloud offers, numerous concerns remain. Among the concerns that Gartner hears frequently, says Wolf, are issues regarding security, lock-in, and higher costs relative to internal solutions.
Cloud Computing Reconsidered (Part 1)
Between 2010 and 2011, Info-Tech Research Group reported an increase in SaaS (software as a service), IaaS (infrastructure as a service), and PaaS (platform as a service) adoption. A 2012 survey indicated a roughly 75% increase in companies that had deployed some type of solution, according to John Sloan, lead research analyst with Info-Tech Research Group.
Cloud Services - Which cloud? (Part 4)
Google is a relative to cloud computing, but Drive compared well with its rivals and will particularly appeal of you already use other Google services such as Google+ or Docs.
Cloud Services - Which cloud? (Part 3)
Once you’ve installed Dropbox on your Mac, you can use your mouse to right-click (or Ctrl-click, or two-finger tap with a Magic Trackpad) on any file or folder inside your Dropbox folder. The contextual menu that appears will allow you to create a link to that particular file or folder on the main Dropbox website, then email that link to anyone you like.
Cloud Services - Which cloud? (Part 2)
These other cloud services don’t have that advantage, so you’ll need to spend a few minutes configuring them. Lets’ look at how Dropbox works first, since that was the service that really got the cloud storage bandwagon rolling and established the template that Google Drive, SkyDrive and SugarSync all follow.
Cloud Services - Which cloud? (Part 1)
Apple’s inexorably named iCloud is provided free of charge, with limited storage, to everyone who buys an apple computer or device. It’s really useful for syncing emails, photos and other information between all the Apple kit you use, and Windows PCs too.
Compliance & The Cloud (Part 2)
Once you find the right provider for your specific situation, it’s time to negotiate the terms of your partnership and design an in-depth SLA (service level agreement) that clearly defines what you expect from the provider.
Compliance & The Cloud (Part 1)
Moving some or most of your data to the cloud is a good way to reduce costs and minimize the amount of physical infrastructure you have within your facility. However, some companies have concerns regarding cloud computing that they can’t reconcile. While some of these worries are related to security or accessing data, one aspect that no company should overlook is compliance.
The Ideal Modern IT Department (Part 2)
As IT departments increase their use of outsourcing or cloud or managed services, Woyzbun says key skills will include “incisive business analysis (not just requirements collection) and effective vendor management.”
The Ideal Modern IT Department (Part 1)
Cloud computing could easily be nick-named “the great transformer” due to the way it’s altering how companies operate their businesses. A growing number of enterprises are seeking out cloud providers to deliver and maintain infrastructure and applications, effectively taking over many of the tasks that internal IT departments have traditionally shouldered.
Enterprise Storage Options: Local, Shared, Cloud-Based & Beyond (Part 2)
Matchett agrees that private cloud storage, in addition to storage in public and hybrid environments, is a great solution for providing “good, distributed access for mobile devices, so that no matter where somebody is they can access their file or folder.” Private clouds also offer companies much more control over their data, because even though data appears to be in the cloud, it is still readily accessible on-site or at a company-owned facility.
Enterprise Storage Options: Local, Shared, Cloud-Based & Beyond (Part 1)
Storage is one of the cornerstones to the infrastructure foundation companies work so hard to build. But enterprises storage options now stretch far beyond traditionally used hard drives and tape drives and extend to virtualized environments on shared storage and cloud services where data is hosted entirely off-site. With so many choices, it can be difficult to narrow down which types of solutions it certain use cases.
Microsoft Content Management Server Development : An Image Rotator Placeholder Control (part 2) - Rotating Images Randomly
In presentation view, a file is randomly picked from the resource gallery. As the resource gallery accepts files of all types, we won’t know if the selected file is an image, a Flash file, an Office document or a PDF.
Microsoft Content Management Server Development : An Image Rotator Placeholder Control (part 1)
We have all seen advertisements on websites. There are banners arranged horizontally at the top of the page, medium-sized square boxes located at a corner, long vertical banners on either side of the page—advertisements are everywhere.
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