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The Future Of Tech (Part 5)
Window 8 integrates touch support as no previous version of Windows has done. In the new Windows Start screen and in Windows Store applications, you’ll be able to use a multitude of touch gestures, many of them involving full, 10-point multi-touch interaction; that is, the display will recognize the unique input from all 10 fingers .
The Future Of Tech (Part 4)
In 2013, televisions are going to get bigger. Not in size, but in resolution, with the first displays to support Ultra HD hitting the market. The Ultra HD standard offers two resolutions: 7680x4320 pixels (16 times as many pixels as on a standard HDTV, known as 8K), and 3840x2160 pixels (aka 4K).
The Future Of Tech (Part 3)
Several excellent premium compact cameras have been released in the past few years, but 2012 was an especially innovative year for the category. That’s because the image sensors in these pocket-size cameras are getting much bigger and much better, and we’re reaching the point where a pocket able camera will offer the image quality of a dSLR.
The Future Of Tech (Part 2)
Tablets have evolved at a lightning-fast pace. In 2013, we expect another year of rapid and significant change in areas such as performance, displays, battery life and price.
The Future Of Tech (Part 1)
As 2013 gets into full flow, we look further ahead to bring you a round-up of the main tech themes of the future. Although we’re unlikely to see any major breakthroughs in the near future, such as flexible LCD displays going on-sale, there’s plenty to whet the appetite.
The Gear We’re Lusting After…This Month
Check out p52 for our review of the $249 Logitech Harmony Touch universal remote, but if that’s a little rich, the Satechi Universal Remote is one-tenth the price. The dongle pops into the headphone jack of your iPhone or iPad, and the free RemoteBean app guides you through setting it up to work with all your remote-controlled electronics.
Make The Most Of Your Wi-Fi (Part 4)
Wireless networking equipment adheres to various standards, which are created by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) to ensure interoperability between kit from different manufacturers.
Make The Most Of Your Wi-Fi (Part 3)
Just as you can stream audio across a Wi-Fi network, you can also stream video. This is an increasingly popular way of accessing your movie collection – you can have your entire collection on tap, without ever having to get up and put a disc into the DVD player.
Make The Most Of Your Wi-Fi (Part 2)
If you’re planning to buy a new printer, it may make sense to look for an all-in-one model that includes print and scan facilities, plus built-in Wi-Fi. So-called multifunction printers allow you to scan as well as print wirelessly. When you connect an older all-in-one device (which doesn’t have built-in networking) to a NAS drive or router’s USB port, it may not be possible to use its scanning component.
Make The Most Of Your Wi-Fi (Part 1)
Three quarters of us now have a home Wi-Fi network, which means we can access the internet from any room in the house. Convenient though this might be, it’s barely scratching the surface of what’s possible form wireless internet. Our aim in this feature is to help you unleash that potential.
Microsoft Content Management Server Development : A Placeholder Control for Multiple Attachments (part 4)
When the posting is saved, the SavePlaceholderContent() method is called. Here, we will loop through all rows in the table to look for attachments. If an attachment is found, we create an XML node consisting of the attachment’s URL, display text, and icon.
Microsoft Content Management Server Development : A Placeholder Control for Multiple Attachments (part 3) - Reusing the Insert Attachment Dialog
We need a dialog for authors to specify the file to attach and its display text. While it is possible to write one from scratch, a better idea would be to reuse the Insert Attachment dialog that ships with Web Author.
Microsoft Content Management Server Development : A Placeholder Control for Multiple Attachments (part 2) - Generating the Table of Attachments
Usually, when building custom placeholder controls, the logic for adding these controls is coded by overriding the CreateAuthoringChildControls() method. We won’t do that here because we will be making heavy use of JavaScript within our control.
Microsoft Content Management Server Development : A Placeholder Control for Multiple Attachments (part 1) - The MultipleAttachmentPlaceholderControl Class
A good way to manage lists like the one we are creating here is to store them as XML. XML gives us the flexibility to present the attachments in a wide range of ways later on.
Turning An Idea Into An App
The key to any successful app is a unique idea that meets a need. You can turn any idea into an app, even if you don't know a single line of code. By working with a programmer, you can make your app a reality, but it takes some work on your part up front.
Scottevest Transformer Jacket - An Innovative Garment For Gadget Geeks
Scottevest has been around for nearly 13 years. I have watched the company evolve since the beginning, when they were just producing a not-so-fashionable windbreaker made up of a bunch of pockets and Velcro. While some of the changes over the last decade have come from new fashion trends, most of them have come from changes in technology - both the devices people carry, and the materials available to clothing manufacturers.
Kingston Wi - Drive 128GB: Simple To Get Started
Tablets and phones are great for apps and web surfing, but they come with limited storage space, so you can’t use them to carry around all your movies and music. For example, the Nexus 7 was only upgraded to 32GB before Christmas, and the cheapest iPad and iPad Mini come with just 16GB, which soon fills up.
Seagate Wireless Plus 1 TB - Streaming Videos To Various Devices
This product combines a 1TB portable hard drive, with the capability to wirelessly stream content to various devices running the free Seagate Media app downloaded from the appropriate Apps store. The app is available for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire platforms.
Seagate Wireless Plus 1TB - Seagate's Second Wireless External Hard Drive
Seagate’s Wireless Plus is one of only two drives in this test to include wireless functionality, and it’s no surprise that this drive is also the most expensive here, at $291.
Devolo dLAN 500 AV Wireless+ - Is This The Ultimate Homeplug?
There is a wide range of HomePlugs available, and some come with extra features to help you get more from your network, such as pass-through sockets, Wi-Fi hotspots and extra Ethernet ports. However, the Devolo dLAN 500 AV Wireless+ is the first HomePlug we’ve seen that combines all of these extras in a single unit.
FRITZ! Box 3370 - Everything's Networked With FRITZ
There’s a regular stream of new FRITZ! Boxes, and we’ve looked at a couple in the past. We like them because they’re a decent upgrade to an ISP bundled ADSL router, they add many NAS-like features such as USB storage and media streaming and their embedded Linux is often easily hackable.
Microsoft Content Management Server Development : A Date-Time Picker Placeholder Control (part 2)
When the posting is opened for editing, the textbox of the date time picker control shows the previously saved date and time value. For new postings, there won’t be a previous selection; we will just use the current date and time.
Microsoft Content Management Server Development : A Date-Time Picker Placeholder Control (part 1)
To ensure that date and time fields are entered correctly, authors can be provided with a date-time picker control, instead of a textbox. The date-time picker control includes a single-line, read-only textbox that displays the selected date and time.
Microsoft Content Management Server Development : Building SharePoint Web Parts - Configuring the Web Part, Debugging the Web Part
We have now added our Web Part to the Web Part Page and it is working with the default settings. In the next step, we will change these settings.
SharePoint 2010 : The Search User Interface - The Search Center
The search center is the second location users can leverage to execute searches and return results. Search centers are SharePoint sites dedicated to the function of search that hold all the search pieces, tabs, Web Parts, search pages, results pages, etc.
SharePoint 2010 : The Search User Interface - The Query Box
The query box, also referred to as the small search box, is generally the first place a user can go to interact with search. In a standard deployment, the query box can be found in the upper right quadrant on any site outside of a search center.
Price Of Piracy
There is no denying that piracy is illegal. There is also no denying the fact that digital piracy is commonplace in this day and age. As current laws and provisions fail to stop intellectual property theft and copyright infringement, how will the authorities further respond?
Has Apple Lost It? (Part 2)
Apple has always released expensive products. If you want a shiny aluminum MacBook, then you have to stump up $1,500. Some people will do this, some won’t. There are certainly lots of cheaper laptops around, but there are also lots of equally expensive ones too, such as Sony Vaios.
Has Apple Lost It? (Part 1)
Forgive the cliché, but Apple really is the Marmite of computer companies. You either love it or you hate it. There is no middle ground! Oh alright, there probably is some middle ground, but there really is no other company that inspires such devotion on one side and such hatred on the other.
Analyze This - Wi-Fi Nets Via Smartphone (Part 2)
WolfWiFi Pro from Enterprising Apps is a wireless toolkit for Android that provides Wi-Fi surveying and scanning tools, supporting the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. The demo version provides unrestricted use of the Wi-Fi Scan and Channel Scan tools, but the Site Survey feature is loaded with a demo survey and you’re limited to only one additional floor plan and five signal readings.
Analyze This - Wi-Fi Nets Via Smartphone (Part 1)
Today, we have map-based Wi-Fi surveying mobile apps you can run on your Android-powered smartphone or tablets. These allow you to create heat maps of Wi-Fi coverage using a small and light weight device. And for those vendors that offer a laptop-based surveying product, the data can be exported there for further analysis.
Devolo dLAN 500 AV Wireless + Starter Kit
The very latest version, incorporating AV Wireless+, takes what is already a very useful solution and makes it even more flexible. Previously you've been able to buy the dLAN 500 AV Triple+, which was a powerline output with three network sockets, and the dLAN 200 Wireless N, which was the same but with a wireless component.
The drive toward DSLs : Running the Scheduling DSL
Compilation is expensive, and once we load an assembly in the CLR, we have no way of freeing the occupied memory short of unloading the entire AppDomain. To deal with these two problems, we need to do at least some caching up front.
Visual Studio Team System 2008 : Deploying and Running Tests (part 2)
We have seen the different deployment configurations in the above sections. There are multiple places to specify the deployment items. We can specify on the project level, the individual test level, and on the method level. But what happens if we have files with the same name specified in different levels.
Visual Studio Team System 2008 : Deploying and Running Tests (part 1) - Remote deployment, Deploy additional files
The configuration settings contain the list of additional items to be deployed as part of test deployment. Open the test configuration file, which opens in a configuration editor tool which is the inbuilt tool in Visual Studio used for easy editing of the configuration information.
Programming Excel with VBA and .NET : Expressions, Exceptions
In programming languages, expressions are anything that produces a result. You use expressions to evaluate something, such as a math calculation or a true/false condition. In Visual Basic, the Immediate window functions as an expression evaluator, so it's a good place to try out different expressions.
Programming Excel with VBA and .NET : Loops
For Each works only with collections , which are a special type of object that contains a group of other objects. All collections have a special, hidden property called an enumerator that allows them to work with For Each.
Programming Excel with VBA and .NET : Conditional Statements
One of the fundamental elements of programming is making decisions based on inputs. Visual Basic provides the If statement for making either/or decisions and the Select statement for making multiple-choice decisions.
Microsoft Content Management Server Development : Building SharePoint Web Parts - Adding Our Web Part to a Page
The Web Part has now been deployed to the server. Next it needs to be added to a Web Part Page to see all the pieces come together.
Microsoft Content Management Server Development : Building SharePoint Web Parts - Web Part Deployment
Web Parts are compiled as .NET assemblies and can be reused many times in Windows SharePoint Services and SharePoint Portal Server. Web Parts are usually deployed using cabinet (.CAB) files.
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