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Virtual Machine Backup: What You Should Know?
Every company understands how important it is to back up mission-critical data or even archive emails for future reference. Backups are not only crucial for disaster recovery purposes, but also for the long-term busi­ness continuity requirements of your company.
What Is CEBP?
CEBP (communication-enabled busi­ness process) aims to bring together email, phones, instant messaging, so­cial networking, and any other form of communication on the same network. In essence, CEBP integrates your com­munication infrastructure with your business processes in a way that im­proves efficiency and lessens the effects of human latency.
Why Tape Remains Relevant
Like many companies, it's possible yours takes advantage of tried and true tape storage for data backup and archival purposes. According to a 2012 memo from representatives of numerous leading tape providers, however, tape's role is "dramatically expanding," including in the areas of big data, cloud computing, and high­performance computing.
Network Expansion: Building Out Infrastructure & Meeting Capacity Needs
Most companies only hope their business will grow to the point that network expansion becomes an absolute necessity, as that in­dicates a need to accommodate a greater number of employees or customers.
Technology News: Cloud Computing To Influence Security Offerings
According to Gartner's December 2012 report on cloud com­puting, an uptake in cloud computing adoption among businesses will influence security vendors in 2013. Gartner says that by 2015, 10% of enterprise security functions will reach organizations through the cloud, because security vendors will modify their offerings to match increased expectations for cloud-based solutions.
Does Your Company Need An ERP System?
If you're asking yourself whether an ERP is necessary for your business, George Goodall, senior research analyst with Info-Tech Research Group (, has a simple answer: "ERP is essential for companies of all sizes."
IT Asset Management: What ITAM Is & How It Relates To Your Business
If your company is like many others, it might not be giving ITAM (IT asset management) the attention it de­serves. SMBs typically make ITAM a priority only when major upgrades roll around or during lean financial times when cost cutting and/or ef­ficiency improvements are most sought after.
Supermicro MicroCloud - Same Space, Evolving Demands
Today's data centers battle two main problems: lack of space and/or capacity to accommodate a steadily growing influx of data, and not enough processing power and/or bandwidth to handle increasingly de­manding applications.
EA4500 – Cheap Router With Wavebands
Linksys EA4500 is another cheap choice for AirPort Extreme of Apple. It provides similar features. But if you look for, you can buy it with price that is nearly $150 while Extreme’s price is $208.
The Truth About Comparing… Raspberry Pi vs Intel NUC
The unique $35 Raspberry Pi computer set the PC world on its ear last year. Part computer science project and part incredibly cheap PC, the DIY single board computer is such a hot item, some retailers are charging double what the unit originally cost.
A Quick View Of The Industry: Big Data
Big hype. Big money. Big potential. All apply to "big data," a burgeoning technology sector that's garnered big attention despite a still relatively young existence.
Collaborate Without Losing Control
As Brad S., Current Analysis ( principal an­alyst, says, having data that travels with you is "an integral component of the modern workforce." Increasingly this means modern employees want to work as efficiently and easily as possible using the devices they want, accessing data wherever they are, and collaborating and sharing with others as needed.
Work Zone On Smartphone (Part 2)
For its part, RIM is adding this ability to BlackBerry Mobile Fusion MDM (Mobile Fusion works with Android and iPhone, beside BlackBerry). Peter Devenyi, senior vice president of enterprise software at RIM, says the company’s product will be a “container solution where it can wrap apps without change source code for you to run it as corporate apps and manage it as corporate assets”.
Work Zone On Smartphone (Part 1)
For simple mobile access, BNY Mellon uses Good for Enterprise to create an encrypted space on smartphone within where user can run Good’s email and calendar clients and use a safe browser.
Find Out The Best Bargain For Technological Products
Products like smartphones, notebooks, or laptops will be under a number of Christmas trees this year, and to be the best presents which people can buy.
How To Keep Your Internet Open
How do you feel if ISP decides that to access websites, you definitely have to pay extra charges. For example, if you want to access Facebook, it will charge you an extra of 5 pounds/month, and YouTube will be 10 pounds. This script sounds pretty remote but in fact, there are no rules to stop it from happening.
Get The Best Price When Shopping Tablets
Shopping for tablets can be an expensive business, full of pitfalls for the wary. Here we offer simple tips to help you get the best value when you buy technology products, as gifts or for yourself.
Your Career, Your Call (Part 2)
A good starting point is to draw a career map, which at its simplest is an inventory of your skills, experience and goals. But it should also include much more.
Your Career, Your Call (Part 1)
Technology professionals today are just as often advancing their careers through a marketing group or supply chain organizations as they are through an application development team or software quality group. Tech staffers are migrating into new roles frequently with non-T job titles throughout the enterprise, working on an array of projects that require tech savvy in addition to business and process knowledge, management skills and more.
What Will Be Your Next Gears? (Part 2)
Travel light using one of Lecia’s new compact cameras. The D-Lux 6 packs in a redesigned 1/1.7-inch, 12-megapixel CMOS sensor, 1920x1080p at 60 fps HD video recording and a 24-90mm (35mm equivalent) zoom with a fast f/1.4-2.3 aperture. Automatic or manual settings are available, as well as ISO range of 80-12800 and a 3-inch LCD.
What Will Be Your Next Gears? (Part 1)
Experiment with time-lapse photography using the Satechi WTR-A Wireless Timer Remote Control Shutter. It’s compatible with most advanced Canon cameras, including the Canon EOS 5D Mark III. The WTR-A can program multiple tasks, including delaying the capture of a photo, managing exposure time, setting a shooting interval and organizing a number of shots from 50 feet away.
Upgrade Suggestions: RAM, NAS And Hard Drives (Part 2)
The Synology DiskStation DS413 is an eco-friendly and feature-rich 4-bay NAS for workgroups and offices, specifically designed for users who need to share and protect data cost-effectively, while increasing productivity with comprehensive business-oriented applications.
Upgrade Suggestions: RAM, NAS And Hard Drives (Part 1)
With a host of new games and operating systems to choose from at the moment, users will be looking to upgrade their storage components. We look at the least memory and storage options available…
Netgear WNDR4500 - Delivers The Fastest Throughput
With all the dramatic advertisements around 802.11ac Wi-Fi, it’s easy to forget that 802.11n is still the most popular Wi-Fi standard in use and it can provide a valuable and excellent speed. We were impressed by the recent Netgear router, especially 802.11ac R6300. Although they provide excellent operating performance, not all of them provide the total features of the opponents, such as the print server.
Synology DiskStation DS413j - Budget-Friendly 4-Bay NAS Server
The DiskStation DS413j is one of Synology’s cheapest four-bay NAS devices, and it has all the supports for the latest features of Synology’s DSM 4.1 operating system.
Microsoft .NET : Design Principles and Patterns - Object-Oriented Design (part 2) - Advanced Principles
You cannot go to a potential customer and sing the praises of your software by mentioning that it is modular, well designed, and easy to read and maintain. These are internal characteristics of the software that do not affect the user in any way.
Microsoft .NET : Design Principles and Patterns - Object-Oriented Design (part 1) - Basic OOD Principles
In an OO design, objects need to interact and communicate. For this reason, each object exposes its own public interface for others to call. So suppose you have a logger object with a method Log that tracks any code activity to, say, a database.
Intel In Flux: Are We Heading To A Socket-Less Future? (Part 3)
There is an something akin to an emotional connection most people have to the processor socket on a computer, because it was one of those things that made the PC what it is today - along with features like PCI slots, and memory modules.
Intel In Flux: Are We Heading To A Socket-Less Future? (Part 2)
As a number of people have eloquently pointed out, a single swallow doth not a summer make (indeed, all of them struggled to manage it in the UK this year). In this case, that means: while Broadwell might well be delivered on BGA, it might also come on a socket.
Intel In Flux: Are We Heading To A Socket-Less Future? (Part 1)
Intel has ruled the roost in computing silicon since the early eighties, and capitalising on its x86 architecture (together with partners like Microsoft) it has built a massive technology empire. Nothing lasts forever, though, and with an ever-changing technological topology shifting beneath its very feet, is Intel planning to do something drastic for the longer term viability of the company?
Noctua NH-L12 - Low-Profile And Low Noise
The low-profile CPU cooler market is an important one, especially given that it's now possible to build tiny mini-ITX computers that don't sacrifice performance for their size. Often, such small coolers are designed merely as cheap replacements for noisy and ineffective reference coolers, but Noctua has taken a different approach with the NH-L12.
Be Creative With Your PC (Part 3)
Some people choose to channel their creative skills into programming. Of course, some software applications are developed by large teams of programmers working for many months or even years. You may be happy to join one of these teams and become part of a team working towards a common goal, but many freeware and shareware programs are written by individuals working on their own.
Be Creative With Your PC (Part 2)
As with digital photography, mobile phones have had a serious impact on traditional hardware and many people prefer the simplicity and spontaneity of a smartphone. Some of them are capable of shooting quite good quality video and in high definition too.
Be Creative With Your PC (Part 1)
The PC is a Jack-of-all-trades and it has many uses. Lots of people use one to play games, either online or offline, a billion people have Facebook accounts, Twitter is catching up, and if the web has shown us one thing in the last 15 years, it’s that we’ve taken time-wasting to whole new levels.
Be Quiet! Shadow Rock TopFlow SR1
Be Quiet! used to be something of a kingpin in the high-end CPU cooling market with its Dark Rock range, but this price range is now predominantly ruled by high performing all-in-one liquid coolers, which even the biggest of air coolers fail to keep pace with.
The Year That Went By
At the end of every calendar year we try to highlight some of the biggest things that have made news in the previous year. So what exactly did the year 2012 have in store for us? Was it an eventful year to photography? If approximations are to be believed, for about 10% of all the photographs made in the entire history of photography were made last year.
Swann OutbackCam Security Camera
Configuring the Outback is very easy. You open the waterproof housing and insert 4 AA batteries and an SD (a 2GB model is provided). Inside is a 'ON' button and selecting that activates an LCD which allows you to configure the shooting mode.
Toshiba THNSNF512GCSS 512GB SSD – Take Advantage Of 19nm MLC NAND
They make the SSD drives that Apple uses in its MacBook range, and the THNSNF512GCSS closely resembles one of those silver encased units. This is a 'slim' 7mm mechanism that will fit into any laptop with a 2.5" SATA mechanism, even the svelte ultrabook designs.
OCZ Vector 256GB - Stunningly Fast Drive With Indilinx Barefoot 3 Controller
OCZ one-ups Samsung in the SSD arms race Until now, OCZ has expanded its SSD empire with third-party controllers; first with Indilinx’s Barefoot in the original Vertex, then the first and second SandForce controllers for the Vertex 2 and 3, and then with modified Marvell controllers for the Octane and Vertex 4.
Simplicity and Precision: Test Planning In Agile Projects
On typical, traditional, phased and gated projects, the work flow might look something like this: develop requirements, create a high-level test plan, create test scripts for each requirement, execute tests, update tests, and report.
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