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Tips And Tricks To Set You Apart From The Tech Crowd (Part 5)
With two TED talks under her belt - including one on how playing games can actually make you live longer - San Francisco-based (where else?) games designer Jane McGonigal knows a thing or two about living life in front of a screen, pad in hand. Expect thoughts on how games can do you good (rather than turn you into a serial killer like your mom would have you believe).
Tips And Tricks To Set You Apart From The Tech Crowd (Part 4)
The brains of our binary-busting monster are a 3.5GHz, quad-core Intel i7 3770K processor and DZ77GA-70K motherboard ( That processor sits near the top of the Ivy Bridge hierarchy, so throw in a CPU cooler too. Cooler Master’s V6 ( should do it.
Tips And Tricks To Set You Apart From The Tech Crowd (Part 3)
Attach your PC’s keyboard, monitor and mouse to the Pi and plug in an Ethernet cable. Put the SD into the Pi and hook up the micro USB cable. The first boot looks scary, but if successful the Pi should update itself from the net. It may reboot a few times.
Tips And Tricks To Set You Apart From The Tech Crowd (Part 2)
Aided by the presence of more musicians than the annual Guns N’Roses reunion barbecue, Sezion’s iPhone app turns songwriting into a crowd sourced online collaboration. Record your vocals/guitar/ sax/kazoo (delete as appropriate) into your phone, edit it, upload it and then choose from parts submitted by others to compose a multi-layered rock opera to be shared directly via Facebook or Twitter.
Tips And Tricks To Set You Apart From The Tech Crowd (Part 1)
There was a time when owning a smartphone was all it took to set yourself apart as a geek. But the world has changed. Gadgets have changed. With an Android or iPhone in almost every pocket you need to work harder to elevate yourself to a more advanced level of supreme geekiness that part-timers just can't reach.
New Products For March 2013 (Part 2)
In the recent past, we’ve been subjected to horrible terminology such as ‘phablet’. Our contribution to the world of nonsense is Tabla Book, i.e. a tablet that becomes an ultrabook, like the new HP Envy x2, which is a hybrid device that can be an ultrabook when you want it to and a tablet when that becomes convenient.
New Products For March 2013 (Part 1)
TVs are cool if you have other people living in your house and you all want to watch Justin Bieber music videos together. But if you’re a loner, it’s easier to just use a mobile viewer, like this one from Epson. It runs Android 2.2 and projects up to a (perceived) 80in screen size.
The World At Your Fingertips
The Buffalo MiniStation Thunderbolt HD-PATU3 is a sturdy and portable hard drive that’s attractively designed. It also comes with a USB 3.0 connection, so even if you’re on a computer that doesn’t have Thunderbolt, you’re still going to see the benefit of a faster connection.
Custom: Installation Nation (Part 2)
The latest video wall mount released by audio-visual firm B-Tech, the BT8310 Professional Video Wall Mount, has set new standards of simplicity and ease of use. Reaction to the new product has been extraordinary – not least because of its revolutionary “quick-lock push system”, an enterprising design which means the video wall screens can be popped out and back in again simply by pushing them, giving instant access to the rear for maintenance.
Custom: Installation Nation (Part 1)
Dynamic distributors of the ELAN g! Control system, Invision UK, has announced the UK availability of version 6.0 of its operating system. The update of the Elan g! OS features a host of new system-wide enhancements including a mobile app for
Mini Products Reviews (Part 2)
The sequel to Best Service’s 2012 hit comprises 60 patches built from 15 new sampled instruments. As before, the angle is experimental and, well, cinematic, highlights including the Chameleon patch (within which six discrete sounds are blended via a channel mixer), the various drum machines and the guitar harmonics patches.
Mini Products Reviews (Part 1)
With audio and MIDI track counts limited only by your iPad’s processing power, Cubasis can record via the mic or a Core Audio/Core MIDI interface. MIDI parts are edited in a piano roll (draw, move, delete, quantize and transpose notes), while the audio editor has a set of basic processes (there’s no time stretch or pitch shift).
Map, Track And Explore
The great outdoors is incredible. Unfortunately, its greatness as in its sheer size and variety often makes finding some of the more amazing attractions and excursions around you quite tricky.
Pebble Smartwatch
We have tested the black Pebble, which was the first color to be sold. The face is slightly glossier than the displayed image, but on the other hand, the production looks nearly like the prototypes. There's a 22mm rubber band for mounting the device to your wrist-you'll likely be able to swap your own band with suitable size.
SharePoint 2010 : Searching Through the API - Creating a Custom Search Application Page
Using an application page, which is stored as a physical file on the front-end server, makes it easy to extend and experiment with the query API. The example uses data binding to display the query result data in order to reduce the amount of non-search-related changes required when working with the search API.
SharePoint 2010 : Searching Through the API - Creating SQL for the FullTextSqlQuery
SQL query syntax for SharePoint 2010 is similar to that of SharePoint 2007. The most important thing to understand when constructing SQL query syntax is how to parse the input to get a representation that reflects what the user expects and is easily analyzed.
How To Deploy A Wireless Network In Your School
A few short years ago, wireless was simply a convenience feature to provide connectivity on campuses for students and teachers. But now, with the advent of 1:1 and BYOD device strategies, wireless has moved from being just a convenience into being the true primary access layer for network connectivity.
Without A Wire
Located in North Carolina, the sprawling Rowan-Salisbury School System is an educational force to be reckoned with. It comprises 35 schools, about 20,000 students, and about 3,000 employees. It’s the largest employer in Rowan County.
Testing New Technologies – March 2013 (Part 2)
The Nyne dock weighs in at just about a kilo and feels surprisingly light. We also absolutely love the way the NB 250 is designed, its tiny proportions and contoured body make it easy to be carried around.
Testing New Technologies – March 2013 (Part 1)
Speakers on the S7 feel a bit oddly placed. They’re nice and punchy for the minimalist size of the device, but being on the underside of the laptop, they feel muffled. Place the S7 on your lap and the sound takes a solid beating.
Cool Stuffs Of The Month – March 2013 (Part 3) : Acer Iconia W510, Simmtronics SIMM X720, PANASONIC AE 8000
Acer is so sure of its Iconia W510 hybrid that it is selling the tablet without the keyboard dock too. This means the tablet is independent of the dock, which is not necessary to charge the device.
Cool Stuffs Of The Month – March 2013 (Part 2) : ZEB-T9500RUCF, Amkette Evo TV 1GB, JBL J33
The Zeb-T9500RUCF tower speakers from Zebronics are as large as they come. You will need help to cart the box anywhere, as well as to unbox the two-piece set. By large we also mean that this speaker set is not meant for a small, one-room urban household. You better have a large living room if you want to play this.
Cool Stuffs Of The Month – March 2013 (Part 1) : Lenovo Ideapad Yoga 13, NIKON D5200
The color of the IdeaPad Yoga is the first thing that you will notice, for the devices otherwise looks like any good Ultrabooka bright, but metallic, orange the Yoga is really slim and lightweight. So when you open the lid and fold the display 360 degrees to bring the screen on top with the keyboard facing the ground, the Yoga feels like a very manageable tablet.
Cutting Edge Technology (Part 5)
The My Net AC1300 is a HD Dual Band Router equipped with Western Digital’s AC Wi-Fi, which delivers crystal-clear high definition streaming content for consoles, media players, smart TVs and smart devices.
Cutting Edge Technology (Part 4)
Keep your audience engaged during your visual presentations with the help of the M271X and its 2700-lumen projections. The device has a lamp life of 10,000 hours and a contrast ration of 3000:1. DVI, HDMI and USB inputs are all available for connectivity.
Cutting Edge Technology (Part 3)
Part of the new wave of IPS monitors, the ASUS Designo MX279H is a 27-inch display with an ultra-slim design. Besides the great viewing angles offered by IPS technology, this monitor also features ASUS Sonic Master technology to deliver quality sound.
Cutting Edge Technology (Part 2)
A 13.3-inch notebook, the Fujitsu Lifebook SH782 is an ultraportable powerhouse offering a battery life of up to 15 hours with a second battery. The device also features an SSD working as a cache for quicker system boot-up.
Cutting Edge Technology (Part 1)
Delivering a new level of premium sound, the Audel Art CG509 speakers scream class and quality. The cabinet of the device is constructed from multi-panel birch wood, and features a two-way vented box design. The CG509 consists of a 5-inch mid woofer with a paper cone treated with wooden fi laments, along with a fi ne neodymium tweeter with a 27mm dome.
Installing Configuration Manager 2007 : Site Installation (part 5) - Using Replicas and Offloading Site Roles
A number of ConfigMgr activities can affect the performance of your site server; these include the number of clients, the frequency of machine policy polling intervals, the frequency of hardware and software inventory, software updates, and so on.
Installing Configuration Manager 2007 : Site Installation (part 4) - Installing Site Systems
Site systems “make the world go ‘round” in the ConfigMgr world. As with most site configuration, almost all of these settings are configured once and typically do not require later modification. Each ConfigMgr site contains a site server and one or more site systems.
Installing Configuration Manager 2007 : Site Installation (part 3) - Installing ConfigMgr 2007 R2
Configuring your ConfigMgr site to support Wake On LAN is pretty straightforward and is half of the required configuration. The other half is dependent on the client, which also must be configured to allow Wake On LAN.
Installing Configuration Manager 2007 : Site Installation (part 2) - Installing a ConfigMgr Service Pack
The database copy does not need to reside on the production ConfigMgr site—in fact, it doesn’t even need to be on a ConfigMgr site! Simply attach the database copy to any SQL Server instance running the same version and service pack level as your site database.
Installing Configuration Manager 2007 : Site Installation (part 1) - Installing ConfigMgr
If you will be supporting SMS 2003 clients or Windows 2000 systems in this site, the site will need to use mixed mode. Mixed mode is also required if your site has a parent site configured for mixed mode.
Overview On UPnP Network Protocol (Part 3)
DLNA is an organization that was established by many manufacturers in order to come to an agreement on the common standards to help home entertainment devices communicate with each other. The standard system that DLNA developed was based on the UPnP protocol and some other popular network protocols, helping to ensure the compatibility between devices of different types, platforms and manufacturers.
Overview On UPnP Network Protocol (Part 2)
Similarly when downloading torrent, we need at least one initial seed as a sourse to distribute data. If we want to stream video or music in the network, the place where multimedia data are stored must be able to distribute data, in other words, playing a role as a UPnP server.
Overview On UPnP Network Protocol (Part 1)
The UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) is a network protocol that enables devices with network connectivity in the family to recognize each other and access certain services of each service, regardless of the model of the device or any operating system that it runs.
Vertix Raptor-I Wireless Helmet Intercom
Communication between motorcyclists or the ability to answer phone calls while riding two-wheelers has always been tricky to resolve. The Vertix Raptor-i (hence referred to as the Raptor), is a long-range Bluetooth intercom and headset system that claims an intercom range of 800 meters.
Fantastic Photos Keep You Snap-Happy
When you buy your first proper camera, you’ll soon discover that it’s the thin end of the wedge; before long you won’t want to leave the house without packing lenses, adaptors, flashes, filters, tripods and anything else that might help you take the perfect picture.
Big In 2013 (Part 3)
As most CES concepts go, the OLED TV from LG is the exception by quite a margin. Merely a year after its show debut, it is being put on commercial sale in Korea by next month. Measuring a petite 4mm in thickness and less than 10kg in weight, this size-zero telly is unperturbed by ambient light and always works at optimum contrast.
Big In 2013 (Part 2)
The LUMIX range from Panasonic keeps bringing us closer to DSLR level of photography but the ZS30 goes a step further by proclaiming itself as the world’s most advanced compact cam. The 20x optical zoom, 18.1MP sensor, 24mm Leica lens are standard fare specs but the built-in Wi-Fi, NFC and remote shooting will let you use your tablet to compose, trigger a shot and upload it to LUMIX Club Cloud Sync simply by tapping it on a compatible internet device.
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