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Windows Presentation Foundation in .NET 4 : Dependency Properties - Property Validation
When defining any sort of property, you need to face the possibility that it may be set incorrectly. With traditional .NET properties, you might try to catch this sort of problem in the property setter.
Windows Presentation Foundation in .NET 4 : Understanding Dependency Properties
Dependency properties are a completely new implementation of properties—one that has a significant amount of added value. You need dependency properties to plug into core WPF features such as animation, data binding, and styles.
Combat Virtual Threats With IPCop Firewall (Part 2)
Reboot the system to continue to configure the box. Enter the host name and domain name, before selecting the Red (Internet) interface type and Ethernet card. Note that here you can configure any Ethernet card to any interface. In the earlier version, the first detected Ethernet was always assigned to Green, and it was tricky to change it later.
Combat Virtual Threats With IPCop Firewall (Part 1)
In today’s world, dependence on the Internet has reached such a level that without it, the day-to-day work of many organizations will come to a standstill. As everybody is aware, when we connect to the Internet, a public IP address is assigned, which is used to access the Internet, and of course, can be used to track the actions from that IP address.
Why Would You Buy A Tablet? (Part 2)
This is the mobile operating system from Apple, and the iPad 4th gen flexes its muscles using this. The tablet version has been tweaked slightly to make better use of the iPad's bigger display size. There is a two pronged advantage that the iOS holds - extremely slick user experience and a very wide range of applications on the App store.
Why Would You Buy A Tablet? (Part 1)
The tablet is a device that evokes extreme emotions, it seems. Some have chucked the laptop into the naughty corner and adopted the tablet completely. Others are still using both devices, doing some tasks on one and the rest on the other comfort being the critical keyword. There is a third category of people however, who still haven't really found the purpose of the tablet in their lives, between the smartphone and the laptop.
Livescribe Sky Wi-Fi Smartpen (Part 2)
Just imagine this: you are attending a meeting or a lecture, and it is just actually interesting this time. You do not want to spend all of your time taking notes because it may restraint you from paying attention.
Livescribe Sky Wi-Fi Smartpen (Part 1)
For a new-born company which is just 5 years old and focuses on a relatively narrow market niche, Livescribe develops with an admirably fast pace. Its smartpens which help digitizing smartly the handwritten comments and notes draw many attentions from a million users.
SharePoint 2010 : Deploying the Search Center - Redirecting the Search Box to the Search Center, Web Part Deployment
It is possible to deploy search on your SharePoint 2010 installation without actually deploying a search center. Both search and result Web Parts can be added to normal pages without using the built-in templates. The method of deploying the search Web Parts is the same as deploying any other Web Part on SharePoint 2010.
SharePoint 2010 : Deploying the Search Center - Basic vs. Enterprise Search Centers
There are two site templates for search delivered with SharePoint 2010: the Basic Search Center and the Enterprise Search Center. The Basic and Enterprise Search Centers vary in several ways and both are included in the standard license for SharePoint.
Microsoft .NET : Design Principles and Patterns - From Objects to Aspects (part 2) - AOP in Action
To finish off our AOP overview, let’s proceed with a full example that demonstrates how to achieve AOP benefits in .NET applications. We’ll use Microsoft’s Policy Injection Application Block in Enterprise Library 3.0 and higher to add aspects to our demo.
Microsoft .NET : Design Principles and Patterns - From Objects to Aspects (part 1) - Aspect-Oriented Programming
The inherent limitations of the OO paradigm were identified quite a few years ago, not many years after the introduction of OOP. However, today AOP still is not widely implemented even though everybody agrees on the benefits it produces.
Programming .NET Components : Serialization Events (part 3) - Type-Version Tolerance
In .NET 1.1, there had to be absolute compatibility between the metadata used to serialize a type and the metadata used to deserialize a type. This meant that if your application had clients with the serialized state of your types, your type members' metadata had to be immutable, or you would break those clients.
Programming .NET Components : Serialization Events (part 2) - Serialization Events and Class Hierarchies, Serialization and Versioning
A significant advantage of using attributes for event-handler identification (as opposed to interfaces) is that the event mechanism is decoupled from the class hierarchy.
Programming .NET Components : Serialization Events (part 1) - Applying the Event Attributes
.NET 2.0 introduces support for serialization events. .NET calls designated methods on your class when serialization and deserialization take place. Four serialization and deserialization events are defined.
All About Trackpads & Touchscreens
In terms of computing’s history, we’re just beginning to scratch the surface of the lifestyle applications of touch-sensitive gadgets. In this article, we’ll take a look at two of the most important touch-based input technologies used in computers, smartphones, laptops, and tablets.
Use Unified Communications To Optimize Business Procedures
Modern business communication can take many different forms, including phone calls (both landline and cell), faxes, voicemail, instant messaging, video conferencing, and social networking. Unified communications allows you to integrate all of these communications into one streamlined platform, which can then be managed through a single Web interface.
How To Buy A Tablet
Tablets offer the ultimate in mobile productivity. The slim devices are generally available in screen sizes between 7 and 10 inches, a form factor that provides you with considerably more real estate than you’d have on a smartphone.
Best Brands In Electronic World (Part 2)
Brother, Epson, and Kodak all-in-ones have mostly had solid or better scores, but a few models from those brands fell short. In all probability, their printers should be acceptable choices, but they’re less likely to be high performers than the brands mentioned previously.
Best Brands In Electronic World (Part 1)
Our new Brand Report Card pulls together everything we know about the products in those categories to give you guidance about models we haven’t’ tested. Brand level advice isn’t as foolproof as model-specific Ratings, but it can minimize your chance of buying a clunker and maximize the likelihood that you’ll take home a topnotch product.
Top 10 Electronics Devices – May 2013
The iPhone 5 builds on its predecessors’ strengths and adds new features, putting it head and shoulders above previous iPhones. It has a bigger screen with excellent sharpness, a thinner profile, 4G accesses, and an expanded role for Siri, the super voice assistant. The already-best-in-class camera hits new heights, taking excellent photos and very good video. It’s the best phone camera we’ve seen.
Protect Your Business
When it comes to business, data backup is essential. Your work computers contain all types of critical information, including customer records, finances, and emails. In the event of computer crash or theft, you’ll lose valuable work time recovering the data and in a worst-case scenario, the data may never be recovered. Here, we’ll examine what to consider when selecting your backup methods.
Downloading and Installing Nginx HTTP Server : Adding Nginx as a system service
In this section, we will create a script that will transform the Nginx daemon into an actual system service. This will result in mainly two outcomes the daemon will be controllable using standard commands, and more importantly, it will automatically be launched on system startup.
Downloading and Installing Nginx HTTP Server : Controlling the Nginx service
It is of utmost importance to understand the process architecture of Nginx and particularly the user and groups its various processes run under. A very common source of troubles when setting up Nginx is invalid file access permissions due to a user or group misconfiguration, you often end up getting 403 Forbidden HTTP errors because Nginx cannot access the requested files.
Downloading and Installing Nginx HTTP Server : Configure options
There are usually three steps when building an application from source the configuration, the compilation, and the installation. The configuration step allows you to select a number of options that will not be editable after the program is built, as it has a direct impact on the project binaries.
Windows System Programming : Exception Handling - Using Termination Handlers to Improve Program Quality, Using a Filter Function
Termination and exception handlers allow you to make your program more robust by both simplifying recovery from errors and exceptions and helping to ensure that resources and file locks are freed at critical junctures.
Windows System Programming : Exception Handling - Termination Handlers
A termination handler serves much the same purpose as an exception handler, but it is executed when a thread leaves a block as a result of normal program flow as well as when an exception occurs. On the other hand, a termination handler cannot diagnose an exception.
Performing Component Installations : Installation Details for mySAP Components
In some cases, simply knowing up front what is needed to perform an installation—the prerequisites or planning details—represents the biggest stumbling block to a successful installation.
Performing Component Installations : Installing Your mySAP-Enabling Foundation—NetWeaver
SAP AG has made it clear in the last year or so that certain technology solutions and approaches will constitute the foundation or enabling technology for mySAP components going forward.
Windows System Programming : Exception Handling - Treating Errors as Exceptions
The function terminates the process when the programmer indicates that the error is fatal. This approach, however, prevents an orderly shutdown, and it also prevents program continuation after recovering from an error.
Windows System Programming : Exception Handling - Floating-Point Exceptions, Errors and Exceptions
There are seven distinct floating-point exception codes. These exceptions are disabled initially and will not occur without first setting the processor-independent floating-point mask with the _controlfp function. Alternatively, enable floating-point exceptions with the /fp:except compiler flag .
New Gadgets For April 2013 (Part 5)
What does JBL have up its sleeve for Christmas - yet another iPhone/iPad charger/speaker dock? Yes and no. Yes, because if you want to keep things simple, your iOS devices will happily wirelessly connect to the Onbeat Venue, and blast out the audio to whatever game, movie or soundtrack you happen to be listening to.
New Gadgets For April 2013 (Part 3)
OLED TVs might by and large be too expensive to appear on the shopping lists of even the most reckless Vegas high rollers, but that hasn’t stopped LG and Samsung from getting so bored with the tech that they’ve felt the need to tinker with it.
New Gadgets And Accessories – April 2013
NVidia has gone all our after Nintendo and Playstation, but building a dedicated Android gaming device with its just-announced Tegra 4 quad core CPU and 72-core GPU. You can also stream games from your computer or smartphone to your TV, as well as playing movies and music.
Vodafone Sure Signal - A Tiny Mast That Packs A Lot Of Power
What you must then do is register the device online using your Vodafone account page, and finally you must sanction your actual phones to allow access. You can add up to 32 phones, which is a pretty big household or a small business.
Netgear Centria WNDR4700 - Simplify Your Digital Home
Netgear makes the excellent WNDR4500, one of the best Wi-Fi cable routers you can get. Building on that solid platform, it has now released the WNDR4700 'Centria', which aims to weld NAS box functionality to its router legacy.
Group Test – Soundbars (Part 2)
Orbitsound isn’t in a hurry to join the wire-free revolution that’s allowing mobile devices to connect to docks, and subwoofers to hook up to sound bars. The T12v3 obstinately clings to the idea of using speaker wire, low-end spring-clip terminals and a physical iPod dock. Nonetheless there are plenty of compelling reasons to consider buying the T12v3 including an upgraded passive subwoofer.
Group Test – Soundbars (Part 1)
It’s visual appeal that counts most when buying a TV, from the slinkiness of the frame to the eye-popping quality of the HD images. In the quest to make screens ever thinner and less physically imposing audio remains very much an after-though. Consequently, the sound quality from built-in TV speakers is not much better than the radio cassette player in a 1970s’ Ford Cortina. No flat screen on the planet wouldn’t benefit from a bit of sonic stimulation.
‘Space Junk’ Could Be Catastrophic
By and large geostationary satellites are immune from these threats given their extremely high orbits, but the risk of celestial collision is extremely real for the rocket launches that have to penetrate this ‘junk cloud’ immediately after launch and while on their way to GEO orbit.
So You Want To Work In... Virtualization
Virtualization is one of the great frontiers of modern enterprise IT, evolving in the past decade from a bleeding-edge technology to one that’s firmly in the mainstream. Yet virtualization is a departure from the old ways of IT, with its own hardware and software competencies, its own skills and its own challenges. There’ a high demand for experienced consultants and engineers.
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