Why Would You Buy A Tablet? (Part 1)

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The tablet is a device that evokes extreme emotions, it seems. Some have chucked the laptop into the naughty corner and adopted the tablet completely. Others are still using both devices, doing some tasks on one and the rest on the other comfort being the critical keyword. There is a third category of people however, who still haven't really found the purpose of the tablet in their lives, between the smartphone and the laptop. However, it does work well as a device that does a bit of this and a bit of that web browsing, multimedia, office work and even gaming. To say that it can replace the laptop solely depends on who is using it, how comfortable he/she is with an all touchscreen environment to work on. To say that the tablet will replace the smartphone is a bit of a raff. Agreed, most tablets have a SIM card slot, but that is only for data usage on the move. Very few tablets offer voice-calling capability.

To say that the tablet will replace the smartphone is a bit of a raff. Agreed, most tablets have a SIM card slot, but that is only for data usage on the move. Very few tablets offer voice-calling capability

Display Size

There are two sizes being branded about 7-inches and 10-inches. While the 7-inch category does offer what is quoted (example- the Nexus 7), the 10-inch category seems to have a numbers game happening. The iPad's have had a 9.7-inch display, while the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 have a 10.1-inch display size. While the 7-inch tablet does have a huge advantage in the portability stakes and to a certain extent as far as the weight is concerned, the bigger sibling does offer a slightly better web, multimedia and gaming experience.

A larger 10-inch display does give you more room to play with as well as enjoy the content on a bigger screen. It's ideal for people who love to show off their art-work or have to showcase a lot of presentations to their clients. Gamers would also much rather stick to larger screen estate as it would enable them to fully enjoy the game to the tilt as the developers had intended them to. Artists who love to be creative on-the-go, will also be more drawn to large displays which will allow them to be more carefree with their art. No matter what OS and which app they use, a larger display surely has more pros than cons.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1-inch

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1-inch

But, if you are looking to have the tablet experience in a more compact screen size, then the best way to go is for a 7-inch tablet. Especially if you are looking for a better browsing experience than a smartphone on a slightly bigger screen, then the 7-inch tablet brigade is your best bet. Plus, some people do not really want to carry a 10-inch device around with them all day, but a 7-inch one is a lot more comfortable.


Storage Space

As the saying goes, "the more the merrier" is aptly true for storage space. At the moment, most high-end tablets come with 16GB, 32GB and 64GB options, and that is the maximum available at the moment. Some tablets do not have an expandable memory card slot (microSD etc.), while others do. Lower end tablets may offer just a meager 1GB or so of internal storage, but make up for it via the expandable memory slot. With more HD content than ever before and 4K on its way, the need for storage is always going to increase more and more. As a buyer, you will have to weigh in the options of various tablets with varying in-built space and microSD card support. Because you may be able to increase the external storage by buying a bigger microSD card but the internal storage never increases once you have bought the device.

Tablet hardware

Tablet hardware

There are also other options for storage like Dropbox and SkyDrive which are being offered by various manufacturers to lure customers in. These are especially useful when you have to access some documents on multiple devices or share some pics with different friend circles or workmates. Also useful for people who are habituated to taking down notes and want all their smart devices to be synced with such notes, or even the monthly expense sheets. You can even upload videos to it, but there is a space limit in these apps. Normally a Dropbox user can expect a max of 25 GB for a limited period, and SkyDrive is around that much too for certain manufacturers.

Some tablets do not have an expandable memory card slot (microSD etc.), while others do

Some tablets do not have an expandable memory card slot (microSD etc.), while others do


Another component (like internal storage) which cannot be expanded once you have purchased a tablet, is the RAM. In fact, every internal hardware component is non-upgradable for tablets, as compared to laptops where almost everything can be upgraded. So, as a user - if you want to use multiple apps all the time, then you are better off looking at mid-to-higher end tabs which offer 1GB of RAM or more. There are certain budget tablets that also offer 1GB of RAM, but they always tend to have rather shabbily put together components that cannot fully optimize the hardware with the in-built software. Higher RAM is also recommended for users who want to use their tablet for gaming and viewing HD content, but if your primary use of a tablet is browsing and mails with a little social networking thrown in, then you can pretty much look at the full array of tablets that fit your budget and specific needs.

Closely associated with the processor is the Graphics Processing Unit aka GPU. Certainly a must-have if you want to spend more time playing casual to high-end games as well as for those who love watching HD movies in all their glory. There are various GPU manufacturers in the market, and most tablets have some kind of GPU these days, but you might want to keep your eye on how much memory is the GPU really giving to the overall tablet processing.


Every little activity on a tablet is handled by the processor and quite simply - the more power it has, the more information and content a tablet can processor. We've seen dual-core and quad-core processors explode in the market recently and these can give some of the laptops a run for their money, with their sheer performance. BUT - since none of the tablets are upgradable, you cannot really compare them to laptops, but then again - a tablet is serving different needs to start with.

At the time of writing this article down, we are hearing certain updates from the tech world that we might see EIGHT-CORE CPU's being launched at MWC 2013 (Mobile World Congress). Now that will really up the ante as far as the hardware race is concerned with every manufacturer trying to out-do the other by providing bigger hardware which will let you do almost any task you do today on a laptop, on a friendly 10-inch tablet. But, till that time, weigh in your options and choose a dual-core if you are a medium-to-heavy app and gaming user and a quad-core if you love gaming more than home cooked food!

Asus Eee Pad Transformer

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