All We Need To Know About Green Computing (Part 3)

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There are few reasons why you want to get rid of old computing devices. Most important, it may have its hard disk drive broken, or some adaptors are blown out, and a repair is impossible in economic aspect. Or, though it served you well when you bought it for the first time, PC may have been unable to meet the requirement of the modern software.  On the other hand, the device maybe pretty new but your demand has changed, and the result is that you need a PC with a higher-capacity hard drives, more storage or faster microprocessor.

In the following case, a better choice than throwing your computer from the financial and environmental aspect is to upgrade it. But of course, this can’t be feasible all the time.

For example, motherboard assigns the type of microprocessor you can set up, and changing motherboard as well as microprocessor may become a huge problem-and expensive. If, you have calculated carefully, you will discover that the old PC can’t be upgraded or it may not be a reasonably financial choice to do that, it still has some resold value.

If you don’t know anyone from the region that likes to buy it, selling a computer through online services such as eBay or Gumtree will be a good choice. If you want to secure your sale, although you won’t definitely have a good price, you can also consider CeX (Computer eXchange), which not only has presence on web but also has 200 traditional stores with the brand Entertainment Exchange.

If the PC is broken, you definitely can’t sell it except for the spare parts, and if it breathes its last because of aging, the resold value of it will be low. However, there are better things you can do for it, rather than throw it away. If you really have to take it to waste and recycling center, make sure that you throw it in the area electronic devices.

If you buy a new PC, you can see that the retailers are ready to take your old system. According to Waste Electrical and Electronics Equipment instruction, retailers have to provide this service or contribute their finance to financial facilities provided by local regions when you buy devices from them.

Making sure that your old devices are recycled means that hazardous substances won’t seep into the environment - and there will be more environmental benefits because using recovered kinds of chemical substances will reduce the resource consumption of the earth.

If your old devices are still working, although they’re weak, many charities will welcome the donation. Many cities and towns have charities which supply the furniture and housewares to families who need, but some won’t take electronic devices because they can’t make sure that they’re safe when using.

There’s no need to say, this thing won’t be applied to many charities which are expert in finding a good family for the redundant computer. We won’t give any specific examples or advice here because the charity you decide to help is a very personal choice. However, a Google search about “computer charity” will feed back many possible choices.

There was time when many of these charities even accepted the inactive PC, from which they would strip down to take redundant spare parts and use them to build new systems. However, you will often find charities which only take the system that is less than 5 years old and still active. Strangely, to an organization like that, WEEE instruction only allows devices which operates less than 5 years to be reused by emphasizing that the devices which don’t follow this criterion should have been recycled.

No matter what way you choose to get rid of the old devices, please remember that you should protect yourself from losing the confidential data on the hard drive to wrong hands. Most of the prestigious charities will make sure to remove all of your data from the drive, but if you are throwing your device at another place, or you just want to be more secure, you need to remove the drive properly before giving it away. Remember that only erasing data won’t remove it from recovery. To get the advice, read our instruction about erasing data carefully at

While our focus is on throwing the old computers away, the same advice is for old electronic devices. From mobile phones to game console, and etc…, first, you should consider selling it or donate it to a charity, choosing to recycle it is the last measure. Remember that there are many companies which are expert in buying mobile phone and charities that are specialized in finding them. For example, is a kind of comparing service, specialized in finding the best price for your old mobile devices.

Instead of throwing the old devices away, the better idea is to recycle them. They can be not as useful as the expected purpose, but the old PC can have a new life as the media server or NAS device. Please read our instruction at about how to turn an old computer into a personal cloud server, and visit to find the way to use it as the NAS device.

Description: is specialized in finding the best price for your old mobile devices. is a kind of comparing service, specialized in finding the best price for your old mobile devices.

However, unless you really want a cloud server or NAS device, this is not an environmental friendly choice: It will create another energy-consuming device. However, if you need NAS or media server, it’ a cheaper choice rather than buy a new one.


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