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Troubleshooting Reference – May 2013 (Part 2)
A down, slow, or unreliable network can lead to significant downtime and frustration. Here, we’ll help you troubleshoot a few of the most common network problems.
Troubleshooting Reference – May 2013 (Part 1)
Problems with your PC’s memory, or RAM (Random Access Memory), can result in a variety of issues, including seemingly random freezes, crashes, and system errors. When you’re seeing these types of issues, there are no obvious error messages that indicate something is wrong with the memory in your computer.
What You Can Do With An All-In-One
As the name implies, an all-in-one features a space-saving design that lets you put it in places where you may have never considered installing a desktop computer, such as the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and more. Read on for a more comprehensive breakdown of the benefits of an all-in-one.
Upgrade Your Mice & Keyboards – May 2013
As input devices go, the mouse has changed very little since Microsoft used it to launch its hardware business in 1983. It had a cord, right and left buttons, and a palm-sized body. Many modern mice are wireless and use lasers, but newer devices are still perfectly recognizable as mice and are used in the same fashion as a 1980s-era mouse.
Stay Safe On Public Hotspots
Connecting your laptop to a public Wi-Fi hotspot is a little bit like blindly stepping off the curb; it’s dangerous. You could avoid connecting altogether, but that’s simply not an option when you’re on the road: You need to get work done, communicate, and access the Web, and public Wi-Fi may be the only option available.
What To Do When Your PC Is Slow (Part 2)
Some PC slowdowns respond best to very specific upgrades. For example, if your computer only feels slow during gaming or video editing, you probably need a more powerful graphics card. As for more general sluggishness, here are a few hardware upgrades that can cure a number of ills.
What To Do When Your PC Is Slow (Part 1)
Ironically, the computers we use for work and play occasionally get sluggish, too. Sudden slowdowns usually indicate a frozen process or software problem. More common is a gradual slide into lethargy; sometimes your hard drive is to blame.
Windows 7 : Migrating User Profiles (part 2) - User State Migration Tool
The User State Migration Tool (USMT) is a command-line utility that you can use to automate the task of migrating user profiles in wipe-and-replace and side-by-side migrations. USMT is a part of the Windows AIK and is designed to be used in highly automated migration scenarios.
Windows 7 : Migrating User Profiles (part 1) - Understanding Migration Circumstances
Migrating users from the Windows XP or Windows Vista operating systems to Windows 7, or even migrating them from one computer running Windows 7 to another, means that you must get all important data from one local computer to the next.
Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E.7 - A Modular Keyboard For The Gaming Crowd (Part 2)
It is good but all these arrow-adjacent buttons tease at a possibility that is blocked by a lack of software support: one-handed WASD gamepad. By increasing S.T.R.I.K.E.7’s detachable numbad with the V.E.N.O.M., control unit, four-toggled function strip and active palm rest, users can build a standalone left-hand control unit that could have acted as a substitute for the standard WASD gaming setup - the only problem is that the arrow keys cannot be reprogrammed to represent their alphabetic coun
Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E.7 - A Modular Keyboard For The Gaming Crowd (Part 1)
To be an important part of any desktop and laptop ever produced, normal keyboard is rarely prominent. Most keyboards are simple – if they input text, at least they are doing something right. Gaming keyboards are usually a little more complex with extra features designed to bring player advantages.
Group Test - Linux Receiver Firmwares (Part 3)
This comprehensive Italian image is characterized by a ‘distinctive’ default user interface. The setup procedure differs from the basic Enigma one. After specifying your display and language, a ‘start wizard’ is displayed. With Big Brotherish connotations, this asks you if you’re happy for it to “collect anonymous user statistics” for the purpose of software improvement.
Group Test - Linux Receiver Firmwares (Part 2)
Although dream Multimedia is working on firmware based around a new ‘kernel’, this is the latest ‘stable’ release (3.2.4) of the ‘official’ Enigma2 for HD-compatible Dreamboxes. Indeed, it’s the only one still being supported by the manufacturer. Enigma1 firmware for models lacking the ‘horsepower’ to run later versions is still available, but hasn’t been updated.
Group Test - Linux Receiver Firmwares (Part 1)
Ehgma2 – the most common incarnation of the Linux-based firmware originally developed for the Dreambox by its manufacturer continues to form the basis of practically every Dreambox firmware ‘image’ that is currently doing the rounds; indeed, its influence can be seen in all of the firmwares in this group test.
NZXT Phantom 630 Computer Case
It hasn't been too long since NZXT released its last case in the Phantom range, the Phantom 820, but it's back now with the slightly smaller and cheaper Phantom 630. From the outside not much has changed from the standard triangular wedge-based design of previous iterations.
Diatec Filco Majestouch 2
The mechanical keyboard market is one of luxury. While many are happy to spend less than $32 on a functional keyboard with perhaps a few media keys, those who prefer the more refined and precise feel that mechanical keyboards offer can often pay more than $160 for the privilege.
How To Lock Windows By Image Password
You can bring the way of unlocking by point-connecting password as on the Android to Windows computers with 2 tools: Eusing Maze Lock and XUS PC Lock.
What To Do When Your PC Is About To Die (Part 2)
A hard disk failure can be catastrophic, since it usually results in data loss. However, a disk can often alert you to looming problems before it fails. This is courtesy of a technology called SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology), which detects warning signs such as increased heat output and vibrations.
What To Do When Your PC Is About To Die (Part 1)
If you can recognize the tell-tale signs that your PC’s health is failing, you have a good chance of being able to remedy the situation with little upheaval. The difficult part is recognizing where the problem lies, since it isn’t often obvious which component or part of the operating system is misbehaving.
Switching To A Stand-Up Desk (Part 2)
Assuming you remain stationary while working, there’s more to consider than only the height of the desk. You’ll also want to make sure that the equipment on your desk is positioned ergonomically. Our first piece of advice here is to use a desktop computer if possible, rather than a laptop; the smaller keyboards and low-down screens of laptop hardware can cause you to hunch forwards, spoiling the postural benefits that a standing desk is supposed to provide.
Switching To A Stand-Up Desk (Part 1)
Now, a growing number of people are discarding their chairs entirely and switching to taller desks designed for use while standing – or desks that can be easily switched to suit either position. Users of standing desks claim to have more energy in the office and improve overall health.
Windows 7 : Network and Sharing Center
Most people will simply boot up Windows 7 for the first time, configure the network location for a Home, Work, or Public network location, and go about their business. But Microsoft provides a handy front end to all of the networking-related tasks you'll ever have to complete in Windows 7.
Windows Server 2003 : Using AD to Support Network Administration - Using Group Policy to Manage Network Protocols
Some network configuration settings for domain member computers and users with domain accounts can be set in Group Policy. When they are set here, they can automatically update multiple domain member computers.
Roccat Lua Tri-Button Gaming Mouse - Great Choice For Lefties
Roccat is a seasoned gaming peripheral manufacturer, and the Lua shows its pedigree. It’s nicely designed, and the compact layout will make it a hit for the ‘claw’ grip gamers as well as the left-handers. Personally I’m more of a ‘palm’ grip kind a guy, so I’d rather have a little more real estate under my hand.
Restore Your Files
DocShield is a fantastically useful program that will allow you to restore earlier versions of the same file in seconds. Never again will you have to painstakingly reverse all changes made to a document, or try to remember the original draft and undo your botched rewrite. Now, you can pick an earlier revision of the file and either restore it over the current version or save it as a separate file and work on it independently.
Create A Virtual Machine
Using a combination of VMware vCenter Converter and VMware Player, you can convert your computer in to a virtual machine, retaining all of your settings, applications and data, which you can then use in Windows 8.
Internet Remote Desktop
It’s great because it’s a standard part of Windows and it’s super-fast. Although VNC is good enough for some circumstances, it works by effectively capturing and then streaming the entire desktop image. Windows RDP, on the other hand, can get away with capturing just the underlying data structure to recreate the Windows desktop locally.
Rip And Mount Discs
Keeping your discs as ISO images is immensely useful, not just for the convenience of having your installation media wherever you go. If something happens to your original media a rogue child decides to interface your keys with our copy of Microsoft Office, for example – you’re covered, because you’ll have a carbon copy of the original ready to burn to another disc or mount and run straight from your PC.
Windows Server 2008 : Creating Batch Files (part 2)
If the called batch file doesn’t exist or somehow fails, control is still returned to the calling batch file. The call command works only from within a batch file. If you execute it directly from the command prompt, it is ignored.
Windows Server 2008 : Creating Batch Files (part 1) - Using Notepad, Giving Feedback with echo, Using Parameters
You can also create a batch file by just launching Notepad with the GUI or by typing Notepad without specifying the batch file name. The only difference is that when you save it, you need to ensure that you save it with a .bat extension. You do this by entering the filename as scriptname.bat. Notepad will still save it as a text file but with a .bat extension.
Aerocool X-Predator X3 Devil Red
A quick glance at the Aerocool website reveals some spectacular designs that resemble the result of a torrid love affair between a Transformer and a plastic factory. Thankfully, the X-Predator X3 is comparatively refined. Sure, there’s still plastic and lighting, and a dual color scheme, but it isn’t excessive. The red motherboard tray and drive trays, viewable through the large side window, are particular highlights.
WCUK Starter Cavalier Mesh 120 - Hard To Justify
All-in-one liquid coolers are all the rage at the moment, although the potential difficulty of installing them, or not knowing whether your case is compatible, are issues that many less technical enthusiasts are still trying to overcome. We reached a point some time ago where models such as Corsair's H80 could perform better than high-end air coolers, but cost a lot less than a custom water-cooling kit.
Sapphire Edge VS8 – A Trinity Mini PC
Sand motherboards, but it's also spent the last few years ploughing its own furrow when it comes to small form factor PCs. Its first efforts were built around Intel's underpowered Atom CPUs, but it hopes that its latest system - the Edge VS8 will have more success with an AMD APU inside.
Thin. Thinner. Thinnest. Skinny One-Box PCS (Part 3)
The iMac has a quad-core i7 chip, dedicated graphics, a gorgeous 1080p, 102PPI screen and plenty of RAM. This is the fastest, smoothest all-in-one on test.
Thin. Thinner. Thinnest. Skinny One-Box PCS (Part 2) : Sony Vaio Tap 20, Acer Aspire 7600U
As far as anything with a 27in screen can feel floaty, this all-in-one does. The clear Perspex hanging from its edge-to-edge glass screen gives it a lightness from the front, though you’ll find it more industrial from other angles.
Thin. Thinner. Thinnest. Skinny One-Box PCS (Part 1)
The battle for desktop PC supremacy has moved up a level with the release of Apple’s super-slim new iMacs and a host of touch-friendly Windows 8 machines. So which all-in-one is also a do-it-all?
Windows 7 : Troubleshooting Hardware Components (part 2) - Troubleshooting the Motherboard, Troubleshooting RAM, Troubleshooting Hard Disks
The motherboard is the main component of the computer. It includes the CPU or CPUs, slots for memory modules; expansion slots for other devices; and (typically with modern motherboards) built-in components and related ports for Ethernet, sound, video, and USB.
Windows 7 : Troubleshooting Hardware Components (part 1) - Understanding the Boot Process, Troubleshooting the Power Supply Unit
EFI is an advanced replacement for BIOS that is beginning to appear in some new computers. Whether a computer uses BIOS or EFI for its firmware, the essential role of this firmware in the computer's boot process is the same.
Windows 7 : Troubleshooting Hard Disk Problems with Chkdsk, Troubleshooting Hard Disk Problems with Disk Defragmenter
Chkdsk is a tool that automatically finds and repairs disk volume problems related to bad sectors, lost clusters, cross-linked files, and directory errors. You can run Chkdsk either in Windows or offline, but if you want to scan the system volume itself, you must run the tool outside of Windows.
Sharkoon DarkGlider Gaming Laser - Perfect For Resting Your Hand
The Dark Glide lives up to its name. It is very dark – a matte black sort. It’s very pleasing to the eye. Sharkoon has decided against following the trend of putting rubber or silicon on the device to try and improve the grip.
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