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Windows Server 2012 : Server Manager (part 2) - Configuring remote management
By default, Windows Server 2012 is configured to allow remote management by Server Manager running on another computer. This makes it easy to start using Server Manager to remotely manage servers running Windows Server 2012.
Windows Server 2012 : Server Manager (part 1) - Navigating Server Manager
To use the Server Manager console effectively, you need to be able to navigate through its various controls, menus, and pages. This section summarizes the most important things you need to know in this area.
Turn An Old PC Into A Virtual Computer (Part 2)
There will be a slight delay while the computer is analyzed. Once this is done, select the ‘VMware Workstation or other VMware virtual machine’ option from the dropdown menu. From the next dropdown menu, leave ‘VMware Workstation 8.0.x’ selected and then, in the Name field, type in a suitable name for the resultant virtual computer.
Turn An Old PC Into A Virtual Computer (Part 1)
Your PC is probably packed with all sorts of items that you do not want, from aging but useful applications to minor customizations. If you’re thinking about buying a new computer, one way to retain everything on the old one is to ‘virtualize’ the existing setup and then install it as a ‘virtual PC’ on the new computer.
Chillblast Fusion Templar PC - Good Performance And Excellent Screen
The Templar has a familiar start with the Intel Core i5-3,570K processor. The "K" suffix indicates that it's an unlocked CPU, and the Chillblast has taken full advantage by increasing the incident speed of3.3GHz to 4.5GHz. It is not the most ambitious change we've seen on this processor, but it is enough to provide an application test result of 1.15 - 4.5% faster than the 1.1 scored by the Palicomp Phoenix i5 Destiny.
Take Control Of Multiple Monitors
Having extra monitors connected to a single PC can make it that much easier to work with multiple program windows. Windows does afford a level of control over multiple displays, allowing you to configure where the screens are in relation to each other – but that’s about it.
Vibox Power FXS - New System Packs A Punch
Vibox is a new name, but it's new system packs a punch: while it costs just $960, but it's underpinned by the most powerful processor that AMD has to offer.
Zotac Zbox ID89 Plus - The Power Of Desktop Ivy Bridge In A Compact Mini PC
Zotac is one of the leading names in the mini-PC market, releasing periodically updated Intel and AMD based systems under the Zbox moniker. This latest one, the Zbox ID89 Plus, uses an Intel Ivy Bridge desktop CPU and the H61 Express chipset.
PC Specialist Fusion Z11 - Black Midi Tower Window Gaming Case
PC Specialist is one of the big names in the UK PC market, and it's good to see the firm not resting on its laurels, churning out identikit Intel systems. Instead, its latest machine is built around AMD technology.
Get More Space On Your Phone, Tablet & PC (Part 3) - Scrub your system
System Restore can be a life saver if something goes wrong on your PC, but as restore points build up over days, weeks and months, they start to take up valuable space. You can reduce the amount of hard-drive storage allocated to System Restore by clicking Start, right-clicking Computer and selecting Properties (in Windows XP, right-click My Computer, choose Properties and click System Restore).
Get More Space On Your Phone, Tablet & PC (Part 2) - Clear out clutter
If you use an email program such as Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird or the new Opera Mail, your downloaded messages can take up a lot of space, especially if you send and receive large attachments. While not everyone can (or will want to) achieve “inbox zero" - when you have no messages at all - it's definitely worth spending time going through your emails and deleting those with attachments (saving important files first, of course) and newsletters.
Get More Space On Your Phone, Tablet & PC (Part 1)
Apps, software and media files are getting larger all the time, as their quality and complexity increases, which means you can run out of room much faster than you'd expect. For example, every photo you take with a 12.2-megapixel digital camera is 5 to 10MB in size. An hour's worth of 1080i HD video will consume around 11GB, while an hour of uncompressed 1080p footage will take up a whopping 350GB.
Useful System Tools For Windows
Finding and diagnosing problems in Windows, whether that’s Windows 7 or 8, can be a frustrating affair if you don't really know where to look in the first place. Naturally, there are many products and third party programs out there to help you diagnose any problems you may have, but the trick here know which are effective and which are more likely to cause even more problems.
Windows 7 Secrets (Part 2) : Use Checkboxes To Select Files
Windows 7 Enterprise and Ultimate include BitLocker, which is designed to fully encrypt the disc. However, if encrypting the entire drive sounds a little drastic, you can instead encrypt individual folders or even individual files.
Windows 7 Secrets (Part 1) : Got The Ultimate Control Panel
Talking of finding all the configuration options in one place: You might be used to enabling God mode in games but did you know Windows has one too? Just create a new folder somewhere, then rename it as follows:
In-Win G7 Black Windowed Mid-Tower Case
In-Win’s retail presence is strongly marked by cases that range from outlandish to out of this world in design, so its new G7 chassis is comparatively minimalist. There’s far less bulky plastic and mesh sections than tends to be the norm, with more smooth and flat areas in their places.
HP Envy 23 TouchSmart - All-in-One Desktop PC
The 23-inch panel sits atop a sturdy base and is adjustable to 40 degrees. A 3-inch gap between the monitor and the 17x8-inch base lets you stow the keyboard under the monitor when not in use. Though hardly innovative, it gets the job done.
Corsair 900D - The Full-Tower Case for Serious Builders with Big Projects
There’s much to like about Corsair's 900D, given that this cast-aluminum-and-steel chassis weighs as much as a tank and casts an authoritative presence underneath one's desk - if you can even fit the full-tower case under there.
Scan 3XS Z77 Node Titan - An Excellent PC
In fact, the Titan is so expensive that it alone costs more than most PCs, and shunts the price of this system up above $3,200. You can’t help but be impressed by its specifications, though: it sports 2,688 stream processors, a number that far surpasses the 1,536 of Nvidia’s previous flagship card (the GTX 680).
Wired2Fire HAL 4000 – Hyper-Speed Classical Mini-ITX Case
We witness a wonderful beginning of the HAL 4000 with the Node 304 of Fractal Design, which is one of the best small form factor cases that we have ever seen. The metal panels contribute to the classical appearance of the PC, and the tough build quality just brings it ahead of other cheap PCs. There are some curves in the side panels, but compared to other senior PCs, it is not bad at all.
Calibrate Your Mac’s Display (Part 2)
A color space is way of describing the number of colors an image can contain, and the two main ones you’ll come across as a photographer are sRGB is the smaller one, which means an image captured or exported as an sRGB file can contain fewer colors than an image exported as an Adobe RGB file.
Calibrate Your Mac’s Display (Part 1)
Whether you get your photos printed professionally or use your own household printer, it's not unusual to find the prints you produce often look different from how they appeared while you were editing them on your Mac.
Ubuntu 13.04 Released, Sets The Stage For Ubuntu On The Smartphone And Tablet
Ubuntu’s tight, six-monthly release schedule tends to bring only small updates between versions - and so it is with Ubuntu 13.04, known familiarly as the Raring Ringtail. Beyond the expected upgrades to the latest versions of bundled apps and resources, there’s no really major advance over last October’s release.
Solve Computer, Software, And Internet Problems (Part 3)
If burned to a DVD, then Windows Defender Offline should be considered useful only for one (or short­-term) use. This is because by its nature the downloaded virus definitions it holds will not be updated - it is an offline tool, so does not connect to the online world. If copied to a USB stick key, however, then the program will update itself before running.
Solve Computer, Software, And Internet Problems (Part 2)
The method is almost exactly the same in Opera, but with one minor difference - you just have to click the Compose button (a small pen) when you’ve selected the relevant contacts. Alternatively, use the keyboard shortcut, Control and M. In either case a new Compose window will open, with the selected contacts already in the To field.
Solve Computer, Software, And Internet Problems (Part 1)
Is it possible to get a working calendar to appear on an Apple iPad’s lock screen? On my previous desktop PC I had Date-wise, a calendar program that appeared on the Windows Desktop every time I switched on the power. This was a blessing as it reminded me to pay bills on specific days.
Top 10 PC Mistakes And How To Avoid Them
Computers are extremely useful but it's not always clear how best to use them. It's hard to believe that Microsoft ran Windows Vista past a user-focus group and still introduced absurdities such as User Account Control to confirm that you actually want to install the program you've gone to the trouble of downloading.
What’s Wrong With Windows 8?
When you look at Apple, and what they achieved with iOS. You know it’s because they threw away the Mac OSX interface, and said, “No! Different device, different OS”. Microsoft, some believe, is trying to please everyone by mixing and matching the touch and mouse interfaces for mobile / tablet users and us poor PC chaps, and failing miserably at doing both.
Suryl Guardian - Protect Your PC From Malware And Other Problems
Suryl Guardian is a utility that aims to protect you from software problems, viruses, spyware and other malware. It does this by storing the PC’s configuration when it's working well and it enables you to refresh this at any time.
Windows 8 The Operating System No One Wants? (Part 3)
The change between Windows 7 and Windows 8 was different. This time, Microsoft made a stand and chucked out the older elements wholesale, effectively telling users 'It's our way, or the highway.' The problem was people happily took the latter choice.
Windows 8 The Operating System No One Wants? (Part 2)
Indeed, this might even be why Windows 8 was released so quickly. It's certainly why it was redesigned so heavily. As we alluded earlier in this piece, Windows 8 wasn't aimed at desktop users, but at tablet users.
Windows 8 The Operating System No One Wants? (Part 1)
It's fair to say that after the disappointment and criticism heaped on Windows Vista, its successor, Windows 7, managed to be one of the most widely loved operating Microsoft operating systems ever. It fixed the problems of Vista, added some flashy new ideas of its own, and generally performed in as rock-solid and speedy a manner as any version of Windows has ever managed to.
What Can We Expect From The New Mac Pro (Part 5)
The Mac Pro is a classic tower computer, offering owners the opportunity to open up the case and tinker around; taking parts out and replacing them with components of their choosing. Apple hates this. The latest iMacs glass front panel and the LCD have been fused together, where they used to be attached with magnets.
What Can We Expect From The New Mac Pro (Part 4)
The easy-access interior of the Mac Pro is hidden behind the side panel. This means users can slide out the processor tray to add memory; the drive bays to add storage; slide a bar to change up to four expansion cards at once; and thanks to the I/O ports add lots of external devices, says Apple of its current Mac Pro.
What Can We Expect From The New Mac Pro (Part 3)
The processor inside the current model is Intel’s Xeon E5645 CPU – a two-year-old Westmere-EP chip based on the Sandy Bridge architecture. Xeon processors were designed for workstations and servers, so this chip family seems the most likely for any future Mac Pro. Enter rumors apple is waiting for Ivy Bridge E, which will be marketed as Xeon E5 V2 processors.
What Can We Expect From The New Mac Pro (Part 2)
With the new technology mentioned opposite, a redesigned Mac Pro could be substantially thinner than the current model, and Apple certainly tends towards the slim as its natural design progression.
What Can We Expect From The New Mac Pro (Part 1)
The Mac Pro isn’t a high-powered consumer computer – it isn’t even a business machine. It’s a tower system for professionals who like adding things to their computer: new graphics cards, hard drives, and so on. It offers Hyper-Threading technology for up to 24 virtual cores, has ports galore and can pack up to 64GB of RAM.
Handy Hints And Tips
If you’re worried about thieves accessing your personal information from a stolen laptop, the Shutter utility for Windows can help block their attempts. The tool shuts down or locks Windows after a period of inactivity, and can be downloaded for free from
Get Online Weather Reports In Excel
You can win arguments about changes in the weather by comparing actual data, not memories. If you use Excel you won’t need to laboriously enter information by hand. The program can automatically download and update information from web pages and insert it into worksheets.
Master The New Calendar
The latest part of Microsoft’s redesigned webmail service to get a facelift is the calendar. The tool makes better use of screen space and it’s now easier than ever to share calendars with friends and family. You can also import other people’s calendars, to see what they’re doing, and keep up to date with your calendar on the move.
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