Zime (Beta) - Give New Dimensions To Your Calendar Organizational Side

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Who says iOS gets all the best looking apps?

It’s a bit of an urban myth that because of its harsher approval policy, the sleeker, better-looking apps of this world are more likely to be found on the App Store than on Google Play. This is something that Zime is happy to try and prove wrong, with a unique 3D interface that literally gives new dimensions to your calendar and organizational side.

Give new dimensions to your calendar organizational side

Give new dimensions to your calendar organizational side

The home screen of the app sees the days both ahead and just passed curve down the screen as though towards you, creating a cool 3D effect against the artistic background image. The interface itself is also very responsive, with accurate taps for users to drop in tasks at specific times, and pinch-gestures to extend the length of the task or event you want to drop in. This can all be done via the drop-down menu and data input, but the gestures method is more than accurate enough.

The 3D-style interface makes for a new perspective of your calendar, but allows you to see what’s coming up in your schedule

Zime may still be in beta but the app is already impressively functional and feature - filled, with calendar syncing from your Gmail account as well as Facebook, and the ability to prioritize the tasks you drop into your calendar in a separate list. On the subject of tasks, one piece of functionality that did catch our eye is the way users can set different types of tasks. For example, if it is time sensitive then there is a ‑ fixed-task option that applies a time and date to the to-do. However, there is also a ‘floating’ option, which is ideal for those less pressing tasks that can sit on the back-burner for now, but need to be fresh in the mind.

Although Zime has to-do and calendar in its extended name, it feels much more like an intuitive, all-round organizer. This is further highlighted by the inclusion of a timeliness chart, where you can keep track of how on-the-ball and on-time you are for certain engagements each month. Each one of your events is logged here, and you can use a scroll bar to say whether you were early or late in arriving. This data is then used to build a graph you can monitor.

You can enter detailed notes and points regarding your events, and set reminders

You can enter detailed notes and points regarding your events, and set reminders

Everything in Zime then is geared to making your life a smoother running operation, and it does a great job, while maintaining some very good looks, too.

A very promising app in beta, and well worth keeping an eye on

Verdict: 4 stars

Android: OS 4.0/ Free/ v1.0.1.9


·         Eye-catching and engaging compared to a lot of calendar apps

·         Already has plenty of great features and is still only in beta – amazing!

·         Some bugs here and there

·         No option to add further calendars


The ­ five most eye-catching parts of Zime

1.    Home

Zime’s home screen is brilliantly eye catching. With its cool 3D effect that mimics a physical Rolodex, your calendar has never looked anything like this.

2.    Gestures

The interface is both responsive and intuitive, with taps, swipes and pinches galore to help you create and edit events in your calendar.

3.    Tasks

As well as the usual calendar events, you can drop in tasks, and these can be fixed to a specific time and date point or left floating and ongoing.

4.    View

Use the pinch gesture to alter the calendar view, zooming out to see a breakdown of your events, or zooming in for more precise event creation.

5.    Timeliness

As well as the app’s main functions, there is a clever timeliness tool, that is included to help users keep a check on when they have to make appointments.


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