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ViewSonic PJD7820HD Projector

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A full HD, 3D capable projector that ticks all the right boxes

Projectors seem to fall into two distinct categories: one for the business user, the other for the home cinema user. What usually works well with one tends to fail with the other, with it being, most of the time, down to a simple lack of connector, high noise levels or resolution. However, the ViewSonic PJD7820HD projector ticks the boxes for both business and home and laughs heartily at the competition.

The PJD7820HD is an impressive full HD 1080p DLP projector, which offers a list of outstanding features enough to make other models pale into insignificance. The images projected are crisp, crystal clear and can produce a maximum of definition. In addition, at 3000 lumens and with a 15,000:1 contrast ratio, you'll find the image projected remains high-quality even when the room is well lit, making it ideal for the modern meeting room, or a living room for that matter.

ViewSonic PJD7820HD Projector

Putting the image quality to one side for the moment, the PJD7820HD is a surprisingly compact unit and one that's also remarkably light. To the rear of the unit you'll find a decent mix of ports ranging from the standard VGA to S-Video, HDMI, RS-232, mini-USB, audio-in and -out and composite input. On top there are button controls for the on-screen menu, selecting the source and the power, with the focus and zoom wheel toward the front.

PJD7820HD surprised us in a number of ways. Firstly, it was very quiet - one of the quietest projectors we've ever tested if the truth be told. Secondly, it fired up almost instantly and auto-selected the correct source, so we were watching the projected screen within a minute of powering up both the source and projector. Another factor that put a smile on our faces was the power-off time; it was, like the start-up, almost instantaneous. No more hanging around for five minutes waiting for the lamp to cool down before the fans shut down.

Putting the image quality to one side for the moment, the PJD7820HD is a surprisingly compact unit and one that's also remarkably light.

Putting the image quality to one side for the moment, the PJD7820HD is a surprisingly compact unit and one that's also remarkably light.

These points alone were enough to convince us of ViewSonic's entry into the home cinema league, although these are also factors that would greatly improve the business user's presentation. It's also worth noting that the included remote control was of a decent build quality, with solid buttons and a good range of use.

Moving back to the image quality, the PJD7820HD integrates DLP Brilliant Color technology, bringing a vibrant, rich picture performance with a much improved color depth and very good darker shades. Moreover, the PJD7820HD also brings 3D to the table something we've only seen so far in projectors of the $1,600-plus club. For those who have the correct hardware, the 3D image projected is of a very good standard, although it did tend to lessen in quality the maximum.

ViewSonic PJD7820HD Projector

The lamp life is measured at around 5,000 hours for normal use, but ViewSonic has incorporated a DynamicEco technology that will automatically adjust the lamp brightness to help prolong its life up to an estimated 8,000 hours, and conserve up to 70% less power than normal.

In conclusion, the ViewSonic PJD7820HD is an astonishingly good projector. The picture is as near as perfect as you could wish for, and it's viewable even in well-lit environments. It's small, light and can easily fill the post of home cinema projector or company presentation projector. The only downside is the 2W internal speaker, which lacks any significant bass.

You're in the market for a professional projector, with an impressive list of features, then the PJD7820HD will, without a doubt, fit the bill.


·         Price: $1,069.9

·         Manufacturer: ViewSonic

·         Website:

·         Required spec: HDMI, VGA ports, 3D hardware to project 3D image


·         DLP Brilliant Color technology

·         Ti DMD 0.65 chipset

·         3000 ANSI lumens specified brightness

·         15,000:1 specified contrast ratio

·         1920x1080 native resolution

·         16:9 aspect ratio

·         35dB/29dB (with eco mode) noise levels

·         HDMI

·         VGA

·         Mini-USB

·         S-Video

·         Audio in/out

·         Display size: 30-300in

·         Throw distance (wide): 1m-10m

·         Throw ratio: 1.15-1.5:1

·         Lamp life: 5,000 hours (normal mode), 8,000 hours (DynamicEco mode)

·         2W internal speaker

·         268 x 221 x 84.4 mm


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