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Master Ubuntu 13.04’s Best New Tools
The Linux-based operating system Ubuntu is a great alternative to Windows. The best way to try it is with a bootable USB key. This avoids having to make changes to your computer and means you can carry the full operating system operating system around with you, complete with all your files and emails.
Boston Value Series 115T - The Highest Scalability and the Lowest Possible Power
AMD might not be a particularly popular choice with the blue-chip vendors, but Boston has always been a keen proponent of its Opteron chips. In this exclusive review, we bring you a first look at AMD’s new Opteron 3300 Series processor in Boston’s Value Series 115T pedestal server.
Dell PowerEdge T320 - A Top Choice For SMBs
Single-socket Xeon E5 . systems are an ideal upgrade ' for small businesses that need a new server, but there aren’t many to choose from. Now, Dell adds another to the list with its PowerEdge T320, which is designed to provide SMBs with a good-value workhorse capable of running a wide range of applications.
Group Test - Monitors Under $300 (Part 2) : Liyama ProLite E2473HS, HannsG HL249DPB, BenQ GW2750HM
Liyama’s ProLite E2473HS is a smart-looking monitor built around a TN panel. Our color calibration testes were good, with the screen accurate to 94.9 per cent of sRGB colors. With calibration, we improved this to 98.6 per cent, which is excellent, if you have the relevant equipment.
Group Test - Monitors Under $300 (Part 1) : BenQ BL2410PT, AOC E2462VWH
This 24in screen uses a VA (Vertical Alignment) display panel. Screens with this technology promise better colors and viewing angles than the older TN (Twisted Nematic) panels, used by the AOC, HannsG and liyama models in this Group Test. All the screens in this test, whatever the type of display, have a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels.
Thin Berry Client (Part 2)
Download the latest BerryTerminal. It arrives as a .zip file. Stick the SD card in your PC (any OS will do) and format the card with FAT32 file system. Unzip the download and transfer to the card. (On most Linux desktops right-click the file and ‘extract to’ then pick the card.) Insert the card in the Pi. Done.
Thin Berry Client (Part 1)
If you don’t remember the last time thin client made the news, then here’s a brief intro. Back in the days when computers were big and expensive, each one had several terminals attached to it so lots of people could use one computer at the same time. PCs (personal computers) put a stop to that in many situations because they became so cheap you could put a computer on a desk for the price of a terminal.
Orgfinances V2.3: Managing Finances On Your PC
OrgFinances is partly an application for managing finances on your PC, but it is also an organizer too. It is a sort of fusion of an organizer with a financial program, hence the name OrgFinances. It is aimed at home users, sole traders, and small businesses.
How To Get The Most Of Your Windows 8 Experience
So it's been a while since you've got your shining new Windows 8 OS installed but are still feel­ing like you're not getting the best out of it? Fear not, we're here to help you out! With a few short tips you can really start enjoying your time on Windows 8, even though you might not like how much learn­ing is required initially.
The Best Bargain Components (Part 3)
Flat panel monitors are now at rock-bottom prices, providing massive screen area and resolutions at prices you wouldn’t have believed were possible a few short years ago. If you’re squinting at a 17” or smaller monitor you need to widen you Vista with one of these amazing displays.
The Best Bargain Components (Part 2)
There’s an odd situation developing on the video card front, where high-end cards now appear designed for game detail levels that simply don’t exist and lower spec cards now have enough power to drive most games at 1080p resolution with many visual enhancements active. So, if you want a good discrete card there are some great choices around
The Best Bargain Components (Part 1)
The cost of most products goes through a cycle where it starts out high and ends up low. Initial Tooling costs and low volumes that inflate the price at first, and to avoid a total financial failure these are often passed on to the early-adopting customer. Eventually, as production volumes increase and other products come supersede it at the cutting edge, the price falls to encourage people to buy.
How To Turn Off Annoying Sounds
There are few things more irritating then sitting next to someone whose phone beeps or clicks every time they press a key, especially if they’re writing a long message. Fortunately, these noises are very easy to turn off. On an Android device, go to Settings, tap Sound, scroll download to System and deselect the option Keystones, ‘Dial-pad touch tones’ or ‘Audible touch tones’, and ‘Touch sounds’.
How To Get Rid Of Metro From Your Windows 8 Device
The Live Tiles and mobile-centric apps got irritating at times. Especially when you want to access your system to send an urgent mail. For die hard desktop users this can be quite a pain. But now you don't need to worry as the next few steps will tell you exactly how to get rid of Metro. We did come to a point where we appreciated Windows 7 more but after this we are back to loving Windows 8.
OpenSUSE 12.3 Released (Part 3)
GNOME 3.x provides a graphical user interface and a desktop environment, which can be used with various GNU/Linux distros. Torvalds had abandoned the GNOME 3 desktop for Xfce in 2011 but shifted to KDE only last year. He has criticized GNOME 3 heavily for its design choices and for removing certain features from GNOME 2.
OpenSUSE 12.3 Released (Part 2)
If you are an iOS device user, you should know that Mozilla has refused to offer a dedicated Firefox browser app for iOS. Mozilla has had enough of Apple’s attitude towards third party applications and decided to never offer Firefox browser for iOS, ever!
OpenSUSE 12.3 Released (Part 1)
The openSUSE project, the worldwide community that promotes Linux and creates Linux distributions, has released openSUSE 12.3. The latest version of openSUSE offers the integration of systems and delivers better system log experience with journals.
How To Clean A Virus-Infected PC
Whether you run anti-virus software or not, your PC may still get infected with malware such as a virus or Trojan. Certain types of threat are capable of hiding, thwarting the efforts of internet security programs. They do this by compromising Windows at a very low level.
NUC Intel Review - A Small But Promising Desktop PC (Part 2)
Once properly equipped, it is obvious that the NUC is not a cheap computer. Not that it deserves to be identified as a low-cost computer, but it's important to lose any perspective about this cheap $300 price. At a minimum, you can plan to double its price and then, you will need to find the keyboard, mouse and screen.
NUC Intel Review - A Small But Promising Desktop PC (Part 1)
If you have ever wished to have a computer that can kick away the legacy technology and the components of the power drain, the Intel NUC will be a hardware unit that is extremely interesting. It is the only machine that includes minimum essentials needed in a modern desktop.
Thermaltake Chaser A31 - Mid Tower Computer Case
The ATX case market is always rather crowded, but especially so at around $80, so Thermaltake's new chassis, the Chaser A31, has picked a difficult battle. Although it doesn't come under the Tt eSports brand, Thermaltake's website still emphasizes the case as being gamer-oriented with an eSports appearance.
Linux: Why The Dell Not?
D. Hayward has been using Linux since Red Hat 2.0 in schools, businesses and at home, which either makes him very knowledgeable or a glutton for extreme punishment.
Relocate Your Data (Part 2)
As the name implies, Windows Easy Transfer is probably the simplest way for many people to make the move from one PC to another, and it offers various transport mechanisms – including a network connection, burning files to CD or DVD, copying them to a USB memory stick or a USB data-transfer cable.
Relocate Your Data (Part 1)
Many people hang on to their PCs for years, perhaps upgrading here and there and staying on top of any maintenance issues to ensure it continues to run as well as possible. However, there comes a point when nothing more can be done to revive an ageing computer – so it’s time for a new one.
Can Microsoft Really Kill Off Windows XP? (Part 3)
The trouble with massively successful products like Windows XP is once they get out into the wild, they do tend to take on a life of their own. Because Windows then wasn’t run like the walled-garden that Apple has with its controlled App Store, anyone was able to use XP in whatever way they imagined.
Can Microsoft Really Kill Off Windows XP? (Part 2)
If Microsoft could deliver the source code for XP, as it no longer sells the product, then maybe third-party companies could continue to enhance it? It’s a lovely idea, but it will never happen for a number of critical reasons.
Can Microsoft Really Kill Off Windows XP? (Part 1)
In researching this article, I found a very ancient posting by Joe Wilcox on CNET from December 2001, which details these early retail road bumps. It talks about 400,000 sales in October, followed by just 250,000 in November 2001. That compared quite badly with the 580,000 that Windows 98 sold in its first month, and the 19 million licenses that it shipped of Windows 95 in the first year.
Top Gear: Built Yourself A Virtual Extreme PCs
A PC made for the hardcore gamer and enthusiast, this is a terrifying beast of a machine with 64 GB of RAM, 2x 512 GB SSD’s 2x 3TB HDD’s, 2x Nvidia GTX Titan’s with 6GB of GDDRR5 and a Core i& Extreme CPU- overclocked to 4.2 GHz, of course. We have a feeling that this PC might actually try to take off when powered up, so if you have the need for speed pop on over to and empty your wallet.
Tweak The Windows 8 Start Screen (Part 2)
The Windows 8 Start screen can take a little getting used to, and for some people it is just too much of a change from the way previous versions of Windows have worked. If you find that you are unable to live without the Start menu that you have becomes used to over the years IOBit StartMenu8 ( could be just what you need.
Tweak The Windows 8 Start Screen (Part 1)
Let’s start by taking a look at the built in options, as these are available to everyone and can be changed without the need to download nay software. Bring up the new Charms bar by moving the mouse to the lower right hand corner of the screen and then moving it upwards. Click the Setting icon and then click Change PC Settings at the bottom of the screen
Tricky Art Of Finding Parts For Retro Computers (Part 2)
Of course, when it comes to sourcing specialist sellers of retro parts, the Internet is the first place to look. One such specialist source of parts is RWAP Software ( dealing in support for the Sinclair range of computers, including the Sinclair QL, Cambridge Z88 and ZX Spectrum.
Tricky Art Of Finding Parts For Retro Computers (Part 1)
Why is it that certain computer still evoke a satisfyingly warm response from computer enthusiasts the world over? Just one mention of the letters ZX or QL will have many a grown man weeping into his mouse with delight over fond memories of playing around with a box of, by modern standards, relatively uncomplicated bits and bobs.
How – To Basics Backup In Linux
Backing your data up is important. So important that almost everyone forgets to do it or doesn’t do it correctly. Here’s a thought, though: one of the biggest problems we come across with new Linux users is that, after using their system for six months (and as they begin to feel confident enough to tinker), they suddenly do something wrong and render their OS unusable.
Keynote’s Outline - Ditch The Distractions
Whatever the merits of Microsoft’s PowerPoint, there’s little argument that iWork’s Keynote is capable of producing more visually arresting presentations. Keytone has, after all, superior typography, support for alpha transparency and a fair richer array of stunning transition effects.
27-inch iMac Combines Advances, Compromises
Apple has updated its largest all-in-one desktop computer, the 27-inch iMac, with many under-the-hood changes, but the first thing people notice is how thin it is. Does the new iMac’s impressive 5mm edge justify losses in functionality?
Mac User’s Guide: You Literally Can’t Buy A Crappy Mac (Part 3)
From the outside, the Mac mini remains the same. Its brushed aluminum unibody case is identical to the mid-2011 model, with the transformer housed within the casing so there's no bulky power supply to carry around if you decide to use it as a portable Mac. The connectivity ports are the same, with four USB. Gigabit Ethernet, Thunderbolt, FireWire 800, HDMI, and an SDXC card slot.
Mac User’s Guide: You Literally Can’t Buy A Crappy Mac (Part 2)
The new 27-inch late-2012 iMacs have a door to let users access the four RAM slots, which support a total of 32GB. But alas, the 2012 21.5-inch iMacs do not. Older iMacs with optical drives make the RAM easy to access, and it's also possible to crack them open and upgrade the storage, too. Other World Computing has kits, and iFixit. com is our go-to site for step-by-step instruction photos.
Mac User’s Guide: You Literally Can’t Buy A Crappy Mac (Part 1)
Apple's machines are like fine-tuned sports cars: high-performance, high-quality components wrapped in an eye catching package that’s utterly fun to drive. They'll last for years, but you might want to steer clear of the showroom in the meantime, because the new models will tempt you even when your trusty steed still has plenty of miles to go.
How To Copy Data When Windows Cannot Boot
In addition of using the rescue disk, remove hard drive and plug it into an active computer, users can use the Windows installation disk to copy data when the computer cannot boot.
The Best Overlocked PCs On The Market (Part 2)
With a name like Overclockers UK, you'd be a bit disappointed if this firm only sold PCs running at stock speed. Fortunately OCUK doesn't disappoint, with a wide range of pre-built and preoverclocked systems. One that caught our eye was the Titan Force Trinity, mostly because it uses an overclocked AMD processor rather than the much more common Ivy Bridge-based Intel setup.
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