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Windows Management and Maintenance : The Windows 7 Control Panel (part 3) - Action Center
Action Center provides one-stop access to information and alerts for system security and maintenance features in Windows 7. Action Center displays two major sections: Security and Maintenance.
Windows Management and Maintenance : The Windows 7 Control Panel (part 2)
Although Windows 7, like Windows Vista, defaults to Category view, the categories and their contents are somewhat different in Windows 7 than in its predecessor.
Windows Management and Maintenance : The Windows 7 Control Panel (part 1)
Just as with previous Windows versions, the Control Panel is the central location for making systemwide modifications to everything from accessibility options to user profiles. Windows 7 includes the third generation of Category view, first introduced in Windows XP. In Windows XP, Category view was merely annoying, while in Windows Vista, Microsoft somehow found a way to make it—in addition—disorienting, obtuse, and nearly incomprehensible.
Windows Small Business Server 2011 : Managing Disk Storage (part 3) - Shrinking and Extending Volumes
The Disk Management snap-in is somewhat informal about disk terminology, often confusing the terms partition and volume. Diskpart.exe is more precise. You cannot create a volume on a basic disk using Diskpart, nor can you create a partition on a dynamic disk.
Windows Small Business Server 2011 : Managing Disk Storage (part 2) - Creating Volumes
Windows SBS 2011 supports five volume types, as described in Table 1. These volume types provide varying amounts of fault tolerance and performance enhancement. The volumes you created during the Windows SBS 2011 installation are simple volumes, and because the volumes contain the computer’s boot and system files, they must remain that way.
Windows Small Business Server 2011 : Managing Disk Storage (part 1) - Using the Disk Management Interface, Initializing a Disk
The primary Windows tool for managing disk partitions and volumes is the Disk Management snap-in for Microsoft Management Console (MMC). Disk Management is not a Windows SBS 2011 tool; all Windows versions include it as part of the Computer Management Console.
Windows Small Business Server 2011 : Working with Disks During Installation
Before you can store data on a Windows SBS 2011 hard disk, you must create at least one volume on it. You create your first volume, which becomes the C drive, during the operating system installation process, and Windows SBS 2011 uses that volume to store all the default system, application, and data files.
Kaser Net’sPC2 YF810-8G Android Nettop Review (Part 7)
Kaser responds very slowly to the input. Almost every time you interact with YF810-8G, there’s going to be unpleasant waiting time. this happens when you click on a 1 link, open the app, press the key, return to the home screen, close the app, switch the app, return and etc. this kind of continuous delay goes from annoying to raging quickly.
Kaser Net’sPC2 YF810-8G Android Nettop Review (Part 6)
It’s predictable that the WBGP testing system ranks first, following by office Vista-aged PC. While we knew that the first generation netbooks offer the experience that is below the standard, we’re surprised to see iPad 2 beat Dell Mini 10v in such resounding way.
Kaser Net’sPC2 YF810-8G Android Nettop Review (Part 5)
While Kaser is humiliatingly beaten by most of our testing system in CPU performance, the memory expansion is not really bad. Here, we can see Optimus doesn’t have larger disadvantages than Kaser considering memory performance, though the very few memory number is a regular problem with the prepaid smartphones, and we will see a perfect example of this in the graphics testing session.
Kaser Net’sPC2 YF810-8G Android Nettop Review (Part 4)
We have 2 complete systems at the price of $200: one based on another Android and one first generation netbook. Doubling the price of Kaser will give you Google Nexus 7 or already used Dell Mini 10v. While the first netbooks can be bought at cheaper price, as the fact that this model is capable of running OS X, the first generation Dell Mini 10v is having good value on the second-hand market.
Kaser Net’sPC2 YF810-8G Android Nettop Review (Part 3)
There’re 3 separate parts of Net’sPC2 which can’t be found on other Android-based devices: mouse, keyboard, and external screen. Let’s take a look how Android goes head to head with such strange accessories.
Kaser Net’sPC2 YF810-8G Android Nettop Review (Part 2)
Net’sPC2 is also unbelievably lightweight, which is slightly worrisome, as it lighter than anything else on my working desk, except for its mouse. I understand the small form factor, but it’s not small enough to explain for the lack of weight of the platform. Combining with the plastic cover which feels cheap of the device, we have the feeling of low built-quality in overall.
Kaser Net’sPC2 YF810-8G Android Nettop Review (Part 1)
Spend a little of time to think about what else $100 can buy at present. If you’re hungry, you can buy 2 dozens of Big Mac. Or 10 packs of Colonel fried chicken. If you buy consuming electronics, you can buy a pair of iPod Shuffles or HD-transmitted Blu-ray box.
Migration - Reallocating Windows
Enclosed connect the SSD drive, plug the SATA SATA ports on the motherboard. Connect the other end of the cable to the drive. Connect the power cable that was designed for SATA drives to the SSD and start up the computer. The BIOS usually detects the SSD on its own.
SSD Raid - Double The Speed
Once the BIOS or UEFI detects the second hard drive, reset the »SATA configuration« to »RAID«. If you cannot find where the option is, refer to your motherboard manual to find out where the hard drive configuration is located in your BIOS.
Migrating to Windows Small Business Server 2011 : Performing Post-Migration Tasks (part 3)
Migrating Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) data and settings is an optional task, because the service on your new server running Windows SBS 2011 will eventually reach the same level of synchronicity as your old server, assuming that you use the same WSUS configuration and Group Policy settings.
Migrating to Windows Small Business Server 2011 : Performing Post-Migration Tasks (part 2)
The required Migrate Exchange Mailboxes and Settings task migrates all the Exchange Server mail stores and public folders from your source server to your new server running Windows SBS 2011.
Migrating to Windows Small Business Server 2011 : Performing Post-Migration Tasks (part 1) - Running the Migration Wizard
The optional Change Where to Store Data on the Destination Server task enables you to specify alternatives to the default data file locations on your server. By default, Windows SBS 2011 stores all its data files on the system drive because it is likely to be the only one available during the installation process.
Migrating to Windows Small Business Server 2011 : Understanding the Migration Process (part 3) - Installing Windows SBS 2011 with an Answer File
When this phase of the setup process is completed, the computer restarts, locates the answer file, and proceeds with the rest of the installation. If you configured the answer file to perform an unattended installation, the setup process continues without displaying the various configuration pages, but it restarts several times and displays the various progress indicator pages, such as Expanding And Installing Files.
Migrating to Windows Small Business Server 2011 : Understanding the Migration Process (part 2) - Creating an Answer File
An answer file is a script containing responses to the prompts generated by the Windows SBS 2011 Setup program during the operating system installation. The use of an answer file is optional in a clean Windows SBS 2011 installation, but it is required for a migration.
Migrating to Windows Small Business Server 2011 : Understanding the Migration Process (part 1) - Preparing for Migration
For the migration process to complete successfully, you must properly prepare your existing server running Windows SBS. Windows SBS 2011 includes a Migration Preparation Tool that you must install on your existing Windows SBS server, to prepare it for the migration.
PC Specialist Vanquish 912 ‘Haswell’ PC
Testing both chips with Intel Burn Test 2.54 and Real Temp, the i5-4670K never went beyond 83°C. The i5-3570K, on the other hand, topped out at 88°C. Under Maximum load the i5-4670K pushed up to 90°C, while the i5-3570K reached a rather hot 94°C. In Sniper Elite V2 the i5-4670K peaked at 50°C, while the i5-3570K pushed up to 57°C.
Chillblast Fusion Sentry - A Fast PC Kitted Out With One Of Intel’s Latest Processors
One of the biggest reasons to buy a new desktop PC – especially lf your current model is several years old and on its last legs – is faster performance. The Chillblast Fusion Sentry is the first PC we’ve seen that’s equipped with one of Intel’s 5 new fourth-generation Core processors (called Haswell), which the company says are its fastest yet.
Computer Components PC Parts and Hardware
Sometimes, for component watch, we like to choose hardware based on a theme. Graphics cards, cooling, storage... well, this week, the theme is 'a selection of good prices we found'. Tenuous, perhaps, but if you're in the market for a case, motherboard or some kind of hard-drive-based storage, you may want to thank us before you hit the end of the page...
Windows 8 Security - Make Sure Your PC Is Safe
Windows 8 is every bit as secure as earlier versions of the operating system. But with the new Start screen and revamped interface, finding old and new security tools can be a challenge. In this Crash Course, we will explore Windows 8’s security tools to ensure that both your PC and personal files are completely protected.
Uncover Hidden Threats - Warning! Infected (Part 2)
The simplest way to remove malware is to let a security program detect it and then remove it automatically. Once complete, restart the computer and perform a full scan again to verify the threat has been removed.
Uncover Hidden Threats - Warning! Infected (Part 1)
While good security software will adapt to combat new risks and ever-changing threats, no product is 100 per cent effective. In other words, your computer, smartphone or tablet could be infected right now.
47 Ways To Speed Up Your PC for Free! (Part 6)
If you have a relatively high speed network and you like to share files and watch multimedia, you may notice some slowdown here and there. This can be down to a throttled network connection, and it can be fixed with a simple registry tweak.
47 Ways To Speed Up Your PC for Free! (Part 5)
Windows uses default locations, also called libraries, to store some user data. Folders such as Documents, Pictures and Music are found here. By default, these are located in the Users folder on the OS drive. This can be an problem, because it fills up your operating system's volume, so it's best to change this.
47 Ways To Speed Up Your PC for Free! (Part 4)
If you're using more than one program but one of them is a little more essential than the others, you can change CPU priorities to help give that program a boost. To do this, press Ctrl+ Alt+ Del and open the Task Manager. Go to the Processes tab (Details in Windows 8) and right- click the process you want to speed up. Select 'Priority' and give it a higher setting than Normal.
47 Ways To Speed Up Your PC for Free! (Part 3)
Although Windows' built-in searching tool is decent enough and has been improved over the years, it's also not the best option. Many choose to use other options, which not only grant better searches, but also speed up the process.
47 Ways To Speed Up Your PC for Free! (Part 2)
As well as sorting and organizing your hard disks, you should also check them for any errors. Faulty sectors can not only cause errors when reading or writing data, but can slow down data access in general. It's a good idea to seek out and attempt to fix these problems.
47 Ways To Speed Up Your PC for Free! (Part 1)
The problem with PCs, though, is that regardless of how good or optimized an OS may be, you just can't put a halt on the inevitable PC slowdown. Partly the fault of software and partly hardware, after a while all PCs succumb to bloat and slowdown, and even the most powerful system can lose that all-important speed.
SilverStone Raven RV04 – A Traditional Case
SilverStone’s cases rarely respect the norms of layout and design, but this approach has seen it produce some masterpieces like the Fortress FT02. The Raven RV04 is another example of this ethos, and with it SilverStone has opted for an upside down motherboard on the left side of the case with a window on the right panel.
ASUS Tytan – Tytanfall (Part 2)
The RAID 0 DDS’s transfer speeds to and from USB 3.0 devices is usually very quick, somewhere ranging 100MB/s to 250MB/s depending on the USB 3.0 device. RAM performance is also incredibly good; given that the cache never really needs to be cleared, software and games usually sit on cache ready to be opened again
ASUS Tytan – Tytanfall (Part 1)
A case such as that present on the CG8890 is either going to be loved or hated. Without being sexist or prejudiced, we[d assume most of the people after the “looks awesome” tick box would be young males between the age of 12 to 22; a perfect target audience ASUS would assume when going after hardcore PC gamers.
Corsair Obsidian Series 350D Case
Corsair is well known for large, high-end PC cases from its Obsidian series, and now it is also joining the smaller form factor mATX market with the Obsidian 350D. mATX is also known as microATX which refers to the motherboard size, being one size down from standard ATX.
Dell XPS18 - An All-In-One PC
Windows 8 is designed for touchscreens as well as keyboards and mice. This has led to some wacky PC designs that attempt to fuse together these two different ways of using your computer. One of the oddest products we’ve seen is the Dell XPS 18. It appears to be an all-in-one desktop PC with an 18in screen, but the ‘screen’ detaches from the base and can be used as a tablet.
Windows Server 2012 : Server Remote Management - Installing roles and features
In previous versions of Windows Server, you could use the Add Roles Wizard and Add Features Wizard to install roles and features, respectively, on the server. Windows 2012 now includes a single redesigned Add Roles And Features Wizard that provides greater flexibility and control for installing roles and features on servers.
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