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The Best Overlocked PCs On The Market (Part 1)
Vibox is a Manchester-based system integrator, specializing in custom-built performance systems. The Vibox Reactor X caught our eye with its bold blue LED adorned livery and well-balanced specification. The CPU is the near ubiquitous Core i5 3570K overclocked to 4.4GHz.
Evernote 5 For Mac Improves An Already-Indispensable Service
You have lots of information – heck, you’re practically drowning in it. You need an “everything box”, a program that stores and sorts all those email messages, photos, clippings, and files, indexes them, and allows you to add you preferred organizational structure.
Vizio CA24T-A4 All-in-One PC - Bringing The Sexy Back
Smart TVs are basically dumb PCs, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that Vizio one of the world's most successful HDTV manufacturers plans to grow by jumping into the all-in-one PC market. Vizio’s CA24T-A4 is a surprisingly good rookie effort, but there is room for improvement.
Windows 8 - Master Advanced Skills
Windows Task Manager has always been a useful troubleshooting tool, and in Windows 8 it has been redesigned to make it even more helpful. To open Task Manager from the Start screen, click the Desktop tile, right-click a blank part of the Taskbar, then choose Task Manger.
Speed Up Slow Computers
Speed is the key to making sure you can be as efficient and productive as possible. It’s also important if you need to run the newest software and applications. But sometimes a variety of factors can affect your computer’s performance and make it harder and more time-consuming to complete even the simplest tasks.
Use Internet Explorer 10 On A Windows 7 PC
The latest version of Microsoft’s web browser, Internet Explorer 10 (IE10), includes some welcome security and performance enhancements. When it first came out, IE10 was available only on Windows 8, but now Microsoft has released IE10 for Windows 7, so now millions more Windows users can take advantage of everything the new version has to offer.
Velocity Micro Raptor Multiplex X - Is There Still Room For A Big HTPC?
In comparison to those early pioneers of living room PCs, the Velocity Micro Multiplex is like a starship dropping out of warp speed while you look on from a covered wagon trying to get over Donner Pass without having to eat your fellow travelers.
100 More Things Every Mac User Should Know (Part 4)
If an application is going to crash, it will typically do so as soon as you launch it. Occasionally, if you simply re-launch the application, it will start working again. So, click the Reopen button in the dialog box that appears after a crash.
100 More Things Every Mac User Should Know (Part 3)
If you want to show someone what’s on your screen (perhaps in order to give or receive technical support), there are many ways to capture an image that shows all or part of your screen, for sharing with others. Here are five practical methods for grabbing a screenshot.
100 More Things Every Mac User Should Know (Part 2)
If you’ve been using a Mac for a while, you know that an alias is a tiny file that points to – and acts as another. For example, an alias on your desktop might provide quick access to a file buried in your user folder.
100 More Things Every Mac User Should Know (Part 1)
Click an icon in the Finder, and press z-I, and you’ll be presented with the associated item’s Info window. There you can perform a number of useful chores, including the following nine.
Hard Disk Help: From Unusual Noises To Random Crashes
Modern hard disks are incredibly reliable, but like any component they can and do - go wrong. Sometimes, a failing hard disk will give indications that it’s about to go wrong, so knowing what to look out for is extremely useful.
Windows 7 : Installing and Removing Hardware (part 6) - Removing Hardware, Updating Drivers, Dealing with Devices that Prevent Windows 7 from Starting
Hot-pluggable devices don't follow the type of removal discussed in this section. To remove a USB or FireWire device, or a PC card or memory card. This section is about removing more complex devices like internal components. Before you follow the procedures described in this section, make sure you understand what you're removing and why you're removing it.
Windows 7 : Installing and Removing Hardware (part 5) - Not-So-Hot-Pluggable Devices - Other hard drive operations, The exFAT file system
This section covers some general issues concerning hard disks. All of these operations pose some risk of data loss, and should be attempted only by people who understand the risks and are confident they have backups of all important data.
Windows 7 : Installing and Removing Hardware (part 4) - Not-So-Hot-Pluggable Devices - Primary and extended partitions, Partitioning and formatting the disk
Repartitioning and/or reformatting a disk that already contains files will result in the permanent loss of all files on that disk. You should not attempt to repartition or reformat an existing disk unless you fully understand the consequences, and are fully prepared to recover any lost files.
Windows 7 : Installing and Removing Hardware (part 3) - Not-So-Hot-Pluggable Devices - Installing more memory, Installing a second hard drive
The key consideration to adding more RAM is finding the right type of memory. You need to match the type and speed of your existing RAM chip, and you need an available DIMM slot on the motherboard.
Windows 7 : Installing and Removing Hardware (part 2) - Not-So-Hot-Pluggable Devices - Installing expansion cards
Many internal hardware devices are PCI Cards, which slide into a PCI slot. The slots are positioned so that one end of the card lines up perfectly with the back of the computer, exposing one or more external connectors. Figure 11 shows a general example of what such a card looks like.
Windows 7 : Installing and Removing Hardware (part 1) - Using Hot-Pluggable Devices
Many modern hardware devices are hot-pluggable, which means you just connect them to your computer and start using them. There's no need to shut down the computer before connecting the device.
Make Launchpad More Useful
If you’ve used an iOS device for a while, you’ll know two things: One, organizing apps is easy. Two, organizing more than a few apps is time-consuming and tedious.
Tech Support & Techsplanations - June 2013 (Part 2)
With the advent of Lion and Mountain Lion, all of the recovery software was put onto your system whenever you installed OS X from the Mac App Store; if you have an older system that isn’t running Lion or Mountain Lion, then you’ll need to use the install DVD that came with your system to perform the following steps.
Tech Support & Techsplanations - June 2013 (Part 1)
To ensure that all of your messages are ever sent through the iMessage network, consider sending iMessages only to the email address of the iMessage recipient instead of their iPhone phone number.
The KDE User Guide (Part 3)
KDE also has the Grouping Desktop and Grid Desktop Activities. These come in handy if you have plenty of widgets littered all over the desktop. Together, these Activities are known as containments because their purpose is to keep sets of widgets in a container, independent of other containers.
The KDE User Guide (Part 2)
One of the oldest Linux desktop innovations, virtual desktops, still have a prominent position on KDE 4. Although KDE 4 has introduced the Desktop Activities feature, which takes virtual desktops to the next level, this golden feature is useful for assigning different tasks to their own separate virtual desktop.
The KDE User Guide (Part 1)
At first glance, the KDE 4 desktop doesn’t look like its peers. It doesn’t sport flashy application launcher, hot corner overviews, nor dashboards and lenses. While some people use KDE just because of these differences, what really sets KDE apart from the other desktops is its depth of configurability.
Linux vs Windows 8 (Part 5)
The side-effect of operating systems striving to deliver online services to the desktop is that it raises new concerns about your privacy and security. Both Windows 8 and Ubuntu 12.10 have received a lot of flak from privacy advocates. But unlike Ubuntu 12.10, Windows 8 has done little to ally those fears.
Linux vs Windows 8 (Part 4)
Windows 8 is Microsoft’s first attempt to integrate cloud-based services with the desktop. This includes everything from streaming content from online services, such as Twitter, Facebook and Flickr, to syncing files from the local disks to online drives.
Linux vs Windows 8 (Part 3)
For instance, if you share a news story from the News app, it’ll be sent as an email via the Mail app, but the recipient can’t follow the link included in the message on any platform besides Windows 8.
Linux vs Windows 8 (Part 2)
Inarguably, the most talked about feature of the new Windows 8 release is its interface. Historically, it’s the one thing that’s been consistent in Windows releases since the last century. So much so that a cryogenically frozen Windows 95 user could shake off his slumber and get started on Windows 7 without missing a beat.
Linux vs Windows 8 (Part 1)
The release of Ubuntu 12.10 came at a time when Windows users were starting at the overtly different Windows 8 release and weighing up their options.
5 Minute How To: Use Labels to Organize Files and Folders
You have physical labels, tabs, and other forms of organization in the real world, but what about the digital world of your Mac desktop? Sure, you may use an app for that, but there’s a little-known feature that gives you the same flexibility in organizing your files and folders in the Finder.
Banish Mountain Lion Quirks
The reasoning behind the phrase "mother knows best" is that the opinions of senior figures are based on greater knowledge than those of younger folk. And it’s a phrase we could imagine printed as meter-high text on every wall at Apple HQ, such is the manner in which Apple makes irritating changes to its operating system without providing the means to undo them.
NZXT Phantom 630 Modular Full Tower Case
NZXT’s really tightened the hatches to deliver a compelling experience with its "ultra-tower” chassis - we’ll forgive the silly description there. Though it’s a wee bit pricey, this case definitely summons up a “wow” factor with its sleek, easily accessible design and captivating fan-control system.
Rosewill Launches Armor Evolution Mid-Tower Case
Two cases enter, one case leaves: That’s the gist of our mini-roundup this month. We're still amazed sometimes at the disparity in production quality between cases. Sometimes, it’s as if manufacturers really don't even bother giving the case a quick run-through before sending it off to retailers.
Windows 8 - An In-Depth Expert Review (Part 6)
When you find a suitable application, you can read an overview, along with a summary of the licenses you’ll be granting the developer. You can also see a list of supported languages ​​and check if the processors are supported (this is especially useful if you have an ARM-based device running Windows RT and aren’t sure if it will run the same applications as an x86-based Windows 8 device).
Windows 8 - An In-Depth Expert Review (Part 5)
In addition to creating a dedicated SkyDrive app for Windows 8, Microsoft overhauled the browser version of its cloud storage services. As ever, people registering for a new Microsoft account get 7GB of free lifetime storage. However, if you recall, folks who had previous uploaded files as of April 22 of this year had the option of opting into 25GB of storage.
Windows 8 - An In-Depth Expert Review (Part 4)
Setting up mail is quite easy: if the first Microsoft ID you use to initially sign in is tied to Gmail, or some other service not run by Microsoft, it prompts you for your email password automatically. In the case of Gmail, we had the option of syncing our Google contacts and Calendar as well. There are also easy setup options for Hotmail,, Yahoo and AOL, though you can add accounts from other services too.
Windows 8 - An In-Depth Expert Review (Part 3)
Talking about switching apps, you can use that Switcher gesture, but there are other built-in features designed to make multitasking a bit easier. First of all, Snap allows you to dock a window or app so that it takes up a third or two-thirds of the screen. That leaves room for the second app, which you can attach to the remaining space.
Windows 8 - An In-Depth Expert Review (Part 2)
It’s sure to say that the Windows Phone-esque Live Tiles have been the single most polarizing thing about Windows 8. That’s pretty reasonable: the new, mobile-inspired Start Screen looks wholly different from anything we’ve seen on previous version of Windows.
Windows 8 - An In-Depth Expert Review (Part 1)
If you didn’t have a Microsoft account, you can create one while you’re setting up your PC. You can link your account at any time, and you can also have the option of disconnecting it (in Microsoft’s words, “switching to a local account”). Naturally, you can add multiple user accounts, as you could on previous versions of Windows.
iBuyPower Revolt Gaming PC - Combines Affordability With Good Performance
The Revolt uses a new NZXT chassis that iBuypower has exclusive rights to. It’s slightly wider than three other similarly shaped boxes we’ve reviewed from Alienware, Falcon Northwest, and Digital Storm. iBuypower manages to jam in a 14cm NZXT liquid cooler, which lets the Intel Core i7-3770K hum along at an overclocked 4.2GHz.
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