Orgfinances V2.3: Managing Finances On Your PC

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R. Waddilove gets to grips with his finances using this unusual money manager

OrgFinances is partly an application for managing finances on your PC, but it is also an organizer too. It is a sort of fusion of an organizer with a financial program, hence the name OrgFinances. It is aimed at home users, sole traders, and small businesses.

It looks like an organizer and you can view income and expenses in the same way as appointments

It looks like an organizer and you can view income and expenses in the same way as appointments

Financial software can be confusing and either people don’t keep adequate records of their income and expenses or they leave it to an expert because of the complexity OrgFinances is designed to be used by novices and you don’t need to be an accountant or fully versed in double entry bookkeeping. It’s not that sort of program. It simply keeps track of the money coming in stand the money going out.

The software has a slightly odd way of doing things and this makes the first hour or so a bit of a learning exercise. For example, there isn’t a file menu for loading and saving. It must auto-save as you work because you can quit and when you restart it, it carries on where you left off.

You would expect to be able to create various accounts like a cheque account, a savings account, and credit cards and so on – and you can. The program calls these resources and you must add them to the left panel. Each resource (account) can be color coded and have an icon assigned to it.

It is useful if you want to track your income and expenses. It organizes them into categories.

It is useful if you want to track your income and expenses. It organizes them into categories.

Events can be added and there is a choice of an appointment, income or expense. You can put appointments in the calendar and set reminders to alert you from five minutes to two weeks before the event. Alternatively, the event could be income or an expense and you can enter the amount, unit price and quantity if applicable, assign it to a resource, such as a bank or credit card account, and assign a category. There are no predefined categories and you make them up as you go along, such as car expenses, salary, insurance, utility bills, entertainment and so on. Icons can be assigned to categories.

A large part of the program is concerned with displaying the resources (accounts) and events (transactions and appointments) in various ways. Transactions are broken down by month, resource, category and description. There is a summary chart and table, the scheduler shows upcoming appointments and recurring transactions like bills, and there are day, week, month and year views. You can also drag over the calendars to select the time period.

OrgFinances has iCalendar and Outlook import and export, and an Outlook sync option. The data in OrgFinances can be exported to Excel or as text, HTML and XML. There is a contact manager for storing people’s contact details, automatic backup every hour, and horizontal and vertical layouts for the calendar views.

The software is an unusual blend of organizer and money manager. The interface is colorful, flexible, and easy to use once you get the hang of it. I’m not sure it is better than a separate organizer and finance program, but it is certainly worth trying as it’s free for 15 days.

Try this if you are put off by the complexity of financial software.


·         Price: $53.9

·         Manufacturer: RiseFly Software

·         Website:

·         Required spec: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 512MB RAM, 1GHz CPU, 20MB disk space


·         Quality: 7/10

·         Value: 6/10

·         Overall: 7/10

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