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Programming .NET Security : Extending the .NET Framework (part 1) - Defining the AuthorMembershipCondition Class
Following the naming pattern used in the .NET class library, we name the membership condition class AuthorMembershipCondition. The AuthorMembershipCondition class is relatively simple; however, there is still a fair amount of code involved because we have to implement the eight members defined in the IMembershipCondition interface.
The Keychain
Whatever, you want to do with your Mac, iPhone or iPad, you need to prove who you are using authentication. Although there are alternatives based on physical devices or biometrics, from first logging on to shutting down, this normally means a succession of usernames and passwords.
Sharepoint 2010 : The SharePoint Security Object Model (part 2) - Elevating Security
Imagine that are you writing a simple WebPart which displays a disclaimer message to the end user. This disclaimer message has a little check box, allowing the user to acknowledge that he has read this disclaimer message.
Sharepoint 2010 : The SharePoint Security Object Model (part 1)
In order to understand these two objects, visit your site collection. In your site collection, go to site settings, and then under users and permissions click site permissions. You should see the various groups and users added to this SiteCollection, along with their associated permission levels.
Talking Up Security At Iswec 2012 (Part 2)
According to Sykes, cloud computing is having your applications being installed in some place by someone so that it can be accessed from almost anywhere and at any time. Sykes says, from a security point of view, the problem with this is almost everything; when people start to move ahead with these things, overtime, history repeats itself.
Talking Up Security At Iswec 2012 (Part 1)
The central theme of ISWec 2011 or the InfoSeeurity World Exhibition and Congress was the enhancement of information security against the rapid rise of cyber threats.
Keeping Safe Yourdevices And Data From Anywhere
Norton by Symantec announced two premium security suites: Norton 360 Everywhere, which protects multiple platforms in one solution, and an update to the award-winning Norton 360.
E-Set On Security
Meeting the security needs of two different segments has been a challenge that is very difficult to be met by security vendors, especially for companies and SMEs who are very picky about the security solutions that they choose to secure their IT infrastructure.
Attack Of The Killer Wifi
There’s no such thing as electro-smog, but link-baiting editors still churn out stories about WiFi frying our brains.
Programming Security Policy (part 4) - Programming Application Domain Policy
Application domain policy is the final layer of security policy evaluated when determining the code-access permissions to grant an assembly. Regardless of the permissions granted to an assembly based on the enterprise, machine, and user policies, you can further lock down its permissions using application domain policy.
Programming Security Policy (part 3) - Programming the Security Manager
The System.Security.SecurityManager class contains a set of static members that provide access to critical security system functionality and data. Most members of SecurityManager require the caller to have the ControlPolicy permission; ControlPolicy is an element of System.Security.Permissions.SecurityPermission.
Programming Security Policy (part 2) - Programming Policy Levels
The .NET class library contains the System.Security.Policy.PolicyLevel class to represent all security policy levels: enterprise, machine, user, and application domain.
Programming Security Policy (part 1) - Programming Code Groups
The .NET security administration tools are sufficient for most users and security administrators to configure their security policy, but to have complete control over all security policy features, you must do so programmatically.
Security Report – June 2012 : Trojan Horses At The Gates Of OSX, Android Fortified, Picture Imperfect & LulzSec Beheaded
It is quite rare to hear of attacks on the OSX ecosystem, but the few times it has happened, it raised a significant number of alarms culminating in an 'end of days'-like responses.
What is “LulzEnd”?
In May 2011, the website of the US broadcaster Fox was targeted by the hacking group ‘LulzSec’. Data including the details of 73,000 X Factor contestants was leaked. Shortly afterwards, the website of the PBS (American Public Broadcasting System) came under attack.
Zotac Zbox Id80 Plus
7.4-inch square ZBOX ID80 PLUS is small enough to discreetly wherever you put it. This model also comes with a VESA mounting bracket, so you can hide it easily behind the TV or monitor, and a vertical stand.
Rosewill RNX-N600UBE
RNX-N600UBE is a wireless adapter with dual-band 802.11a/b/g/n connected to PC via USB, so you can add it quickly to any laptop or desktop. Rosewill includes 2 8-inch antennas that you can rotate to get best signal from the wireless router.
Wireless Networking Essentials (Part 2) : Wireless Repeater, Limitation Of A Wireless Network
A wireless repeater or 'range extender' is a simple and effective way of extending the range of a wireless network you already have. Just put the wireless range extender within range of your main access point or wireless router, and it 'bounces' the signals out to wireless devices that were otherwise out of range.
Wireless Networking Essentials (Part 1) : Wireless Adapters Or NICs, Wireless Router & Wireless Access Point
Wireless technology allows you to create a network without the need for any physical cabling. Wireless networks can be set up discretely or can make up part of a wider overall network along with conventional wired devices.
Network Attached Storage Round-Up (Part 4) - Wireless NAS
Ethernet cables trailing across the floor simply isn't feasible in some homes, particularly if you live in shared accommodation and don't have access to the router directly. In this kind of property, wireless technology is the only feasible option.
Network Attached Storage Round-Up (Part 3) - Novice User, Feature Rich Single Disk NAS
Although setting up most NAS boxes is not difficult, k it still requires a degree of knowledge and technical acumen. Manufacturer Dane Elec has identified the need for a truly plug-and-play NAS box and has satisfied that demand with its MyDitto products.
Network Attached Storage Round-Up (Part 2) - Limitations Of NAS, NAS Noise And Power
In larger networks with a high volume of simultaneous I/O requests, a typical affordable NAS box is not going to be able to provide adequate performance. Their built-in CPUs will be too limited in performance and if over stretched will slow to a crawl.
Network Attached Storage Round-Up (Part 1) - The Benefits Of A NAS
In a small network with only a few PCs, having a domain-based network is needlessly expensive, because a workgroup with an attached NAS can afford the business much the same functionality at a greatly reduced price.
Which is the right router for you? (Part 3)
Each of the routers we've mentioned in this article have cable router analogues. If you're a cable broadband customer, simply look at the manufacturer's website to see what the cable equivalent is. You can expect prices to be similar, even though the model you will need lacks an internal ADSL modem.
Which is the right router for you? (Part 2) - Budget Routers
If investing in a new router, you should also insist on one with 802.11n wireless. An older model with 802.11g may save you a few pounds but puts you behind the times before you even start.
Which is the right router for you? (Part 1)
Most internet service providers (ISPs) will give you a router as part of your broadband package. If you've been on the same contract for a long time, however, they are unlikely to replace your hardware unless you ask for it.
How To Put Together A Good Home Network (Part 4)
By default, Windows 7 calls this 'WORKGROUP' whereas Windows XP defaults to 'MSHOME'. When mixing and matching a network among PCs with different operating systems, this is one of the most common reasons you run into trouble.
How To Put Together A Good Home Network (Part 3)
With your wired and wireless network map completed, now it's time to configure your network. Each device on the network needs to have its own local IP address - a little like a phone number.
How To Put Together A Good Home Network (Part 2)
It's a common misconception that wireless networks are in some way superior to a cabled network. In actual fact, the reverse is almost invariably true. If you can use a cable, then you should use a cable.
How To Put Together A Good Home Network (Part 1)
Most enthusiasts have at least one desktop and one laptop, but with the rising popularity of machines acting as media centres, it isn't uncommon to see homes with even more machines.
The key to security
To create a hardware lock for your PC, you first need to find yourself an old thumbdrive, preferably one that’s too small to be of any further practical use. You don’t need masses of space, so if you’ve got an 8GB one hanging around, hang onto it and dig into your junk drawer for an old 64MB one instead.
Netgear DGND3700 - The Ultimate Home Gateway
The reason for this, as determined by Netgear’s excellent technical support, turned out to be a conflict relating to my IE9 setup on that system. Switching to my laptop running the same browser allowed me to run the automatic wizard feature to set up the Netgear modem router.
Cisco Linksys X3000 - The Link to Connectivity
Cisco's Linksys X3000 modem router sits itself among the higher-end, slightly more premium range of devices -- and prices just similarly. Being up at the top means you're usually having a lot to offer, which means there's a lot for us to expect from the X3000 as well.
Protect your passwords (Part 3)
The most immediate way to use usernames and passwords saved in the KeePass database is to click on one, then click its URL in the lower pane of the user interface to bring up the relevant login page, and finally drag and drop the username and password into the input fields of the website.
Protect your passwords (Part 2) - KeePass
More importantly, it's open source. Where your passwords are concerned, this is a good idea because it means that anyone can inspect the source code, compile their own executable and be sure that no keylogger or malware is lurking and skimming off their credentials.
Protect your passwords (Part 1)
Analysis of cracked passwords has revealed that some are more popular than others. Believe it or not, ‘123456' is the world's most popular password, followed by 'password' and the username. In July 2011, Hotmail actually banned the password ‘123456'.
Mobile Viruses the risk keeps growing (Part 2) - iOS Apps in the Sandbox & Check App Authorisations
Apple’s method of isolation provides a measure of security: iOS only identifies the ‘root’ and ‘mobile’ user levels. Apps in a sandbox run on the ‘mobile’ level with limited rights: they may neither access other apps, nor change the kernel or start privileged processes that can’t be ended by iOS at any point to clear out memory.
Mobile Viruses the risk keeps growing (Part 1)
Mobile malware writers celebrated their first huge success in March this year: security experts found more than 50 unsafe apps in the Android market, which had infected about 200,000 devices within a few days.
Firewalls: Protection or Deception?
A firewall basically shuts down almost all the ports, in order to prevent unwanted packets from getting into the PC. The data packets can only use the ports that have been explicitly approved. So something like the most well known port (80), which carries all HTTP packets, must be open for the browser, otherwise you won’t be able to surf at all – and this is exactly where the firewall’s biggest problem lies.
Encrypt Your Entire Hard Drive with FileVault
If you're seriously concerned about privacy or you work with a lot of confidential files on your Mac, you might want to consider using FileVault. FileVault encrypts your entire hard drive, allowing file access only to users with the right password or access key.
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