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Web Security : Attacking AJAX - Checking for Cross-Domain Access, Reading Private Data via JSON Hijacking
When your application runs JavaScript from another site there is a risk that the other site could change their script to include malicious elements. Make sure your application doesn’t rely on untrusted external scripts.
Web Security : Attacking AJAX - Subverting AJAX with Injected XML, Subverting AJAX with Injected JSON
Your application uses AJAX and it passes data back in XML format. To test the client-side’s handling of bad XML data, you’ll need to generate bad XML and have it parsed by your application.
.NET Security : Programming the Event Log Service (part 3) - Using Custom Event Logs, Monitoring Event Logs
You can create custom event logs by specifying the name you wish to use with the Log property of the EventLog class. When you write the first event to the log with the WriteEntry method, the ELS will create the custom log automatically.
.NET Security : Programming the Event Log Service (part 2) - Reading Event Logs, Writing Events
The first step towards reading the contents of an event log is to create a new instance of the EventLog class, specifying the name of the log we want to read from as a constructor argument.
.NET Security : Programming the Event Log Service (part 1) - Querying the Event Log System, Using Event Sources
In this section, we discuss the overall structure of the ELS and introduce three important elements of its design: event logs, event sources, and events. The principal security aspect of the ELS is as the means to audit Windows security events, for which .NET unfortunately does not provide good support.
.NET Security : The Event Log Service Explained
In this section, we discuss the overall structure of the ELS and introduce three important elements of its design: event logs, event sources, and events. The principal security aspect of the ELS is as the means to audit Windows security events, for which .NET unfortunately does not provide good support.
Web Security : Attacking AJAX - Intercepting and Modifying Server Responses, Subverting AJAX with Injected Data
You want to test your client-side code and see how it handles spurious responses from the server. The server might not always send perfect data, so your client-side code needs at least rudimentary error recovery.
Web Security : Attacking AJAX - Intercepting and Modifying AJAX Requests
You need to test the security of your server-side AJAX APIs. One of the easiest ways to do this is to intercept one that is already well-formatted and modify it in strategic ways.
Hacker Zone (Part 2) - Take photos with your Bluetooth headset, Jargon Buster
Short for ‘operating system’. Often the Android ROM will be referred to as the OS - this just means the system files on the Android device that make up your user experience, similar to Windows, Mac OS X or Ubuntu on a desktop computer.
Hacker Zone (Part 1) - Build your own Cyanogen-Mod ROM with CMC, Manage files in Recovery Mode
Cyanogen-Mod is the most popular custom ROM for Android. It’s available for pretty much every device and is the perfect starting point for anyone wanting to flash a ROM to their phone for the first time due to its stability, reliability and ease of use.
Hack Your Phone (Part 3)
When you flash a custom ROM on an Android phone the entire device gets wiped and replaced with the new version you are flashing. When you reboot for the first time it may take a while for the phone to start up, so don’t be alarmed and just leave the phone to do what it needs to.
Hack Your Phone (Part 2)
The other issue that you should be aware of is that a rooted phone will no longer receive over-the-air updates from the manufacturer. Since custom ROMs based on the updated version will be available almost instantly, however, this won't inconvenience you.
Hack Your Phone (Part 1) - Launcher or ROM
Flashing a ROM is a pretty straightforward process, although once you’ve been using your device for a while the whole backup and restore procedure for your data can be a pain. If you only want to freshen up the look and feel of your phone then installing a new launcher represents a good compromise.
Windows 7 : Blocking Hackers with Windows Firewall (part 3) - Advanced Firewall Configuration
If you're not a professional administrator, it's best to stay out of this area altogether. You certainly don't want to guess and hack your way through things just to see what happens. Doing so could lead to a real can of worms that makes it impossible or extremely difficult to access the Internet.
Windows 7 : Blocking Hackers with Windows Firewall (part 2) - Making Exceptions to Firewall Protection
When Windows Firewall is turned on and running, you don't really have to do anything special to use it. It will be on constant vigil, automatically protecting your computer from hackers and worms trying to sneak in through unprotected ports.
Windows 7 : Blocking Hackers with Windows Firewall (part 1)
Use the Block All Incoming Connections check box only to temporarily disable exceptions when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks. You can find more on that topic in the sections to follow.
Security - The Human Element (Part 2)
Malicious Mail can either put something nasty in your mailbox, delivering the malware straight to you, or lure you to connect to a malicious site or send details that can be exploited.
Security - The Human Element (Part 1)
It’s shockIngly easy to get many computer users to part with vital secrets such as their passwords and personal details. Time after time, when security professionals test how easy it is to penetrate a corporate system, they demonstrate that the easiest portal is to trick a user into revealing how to access their account.
Web Security : Attacking AJAX - Identifying JavaScript in Applications, Tracing AJAX Activity Back to Its Source
To do better root cause analysis, you don’t just want to see the requests that come and go. You want to trace those requests back to the JavaScript that initiated them.
Web Security : Attacking AJAX - Observing Live AJAX Requests
Before you can test AJAX at all, you must be able to view the AJAX requests themselves. You want to see when the request happens, the URL that is requested, and any parameters in that request.
Implementing Security in Windows 7 : Set Up Parental Controls
If your children have computer access, you can protect them from malicious content by setting up parental controls for their computer activities. With parental controls turned on, you can configure times when each child is allowed to use the computer.
Implementing Security in Windows 7 : Lock Your Computer
Protecting your account with a password prevents someone from logging on to your account, but what happens when you leave your desk? If you remain logged on to the system, any person who sits down at your computer can use it to view and change files.
Security in Windows 7 : Security Features Previously Introduced in Windows Vista
Windows Vista and Windows 7 have an enhanced version of the Windows Firewall that was first included in Windows XP SP2. The Windows Firewall combines the functionality of a bidirectional host firewall and Internet Protocol security (IPsec) into a single, unified utility with a consistent user interface.
Security in Windows 7 : Addressing Specific Security Concerns
Windows 7 includes many new and improved security technologies. Although understanding security technologies often requires more detailed knowledge, the security scenarios that these technologies serve are practical and straightforward.
Linksys EA4500 Router Review
EA4500 is the most advanced router in the market of Linksys and it completely deserves that title: high speed, advanced and specific features that don’t appear on any other equipment. However, any product has its own drawbacks and EA4500 is it’s expensive.
Administering COM+ Security (part 2) - Assessing and Assigning Role Scope, Managing COM+ Security
For example, if you were to uncheck the Tester role for the ViewAllDefetcs method, the Tester role would have no access to any of the methods defined by the SecurityProTracker component, because the ViewAllDefects method was the only one to which you applied the Tester role.
Administering COM+ Security (part 1) - Viewing the COM+ Catalogue, Populating COM+ Application Roles
In this section, we demonstrate how to assign roles to Windows user accounts and then continue to demonstrate how the COM+ administration tool can be used as an alternative to .NET attributes or as a means to alter the security configuration specified using attributes.
Implementing Security in Windows 7 : Protect an Account with a Password
You can protect your Windows 7 user account with a password. This is a good idea because otherwise another user can log on to your account just by clicking your user name in the Welcome screen. Once you have a password associated with your user account, another user can still click your user name in the Welcome screen, but that person must then enter your password before Windows 7 goes any further.
Implementing Security in Windows 7 : Check Action Center for Security Problems
In Windows 7, the new Action Center displays messages about the current state of your PC. In particular, Action Center warns you if your computer has any current security problems.
Implementing Security in Windows 7 : Understanding Windows 7 Security
These tools include your user account password, Windows 7's User Account Control and Parental Controls features, the Windows Firewall, the Windows Defender programs, and the anti-phishing and anti-spam features of Internet Explorer and Windows Live Mail.
Programming COM+ Security (part 3) - Compiling and Installing the COM+ Application
In the previous section, we applied .NET attributes to configure COM+ RBS and PAS for a serviced component. In this section, we compile our example component and show you how to install a COM+ application.
Programming COM+ Security (part 2) - Creating the Serviced Component, Specifying the COM+ Application Type
COM+ security can be configured programmatically, or administratively . When applying .NET attributes to configure RBS and PAS, you must bear in mind that the system administrator can change the security configuration for your components or even disable security completely.
Programming COM+ Security (part 1) - Creating the Serviced Component, Specifying the COM+ Application Type
A serviced component must inherit from the System.EnterpriseServices.ServicedComponent class and must be a member of a strong-named assembly. The following statements list the SecurityProTracker class, which extends ServicedComponent and implements the IDefectTracker interface.
COM+ Security : COM+ Security Explained
When the current RID master has failed, you need to seize the role and move it to another domain controller. It is important that, after the role has been seized, the original role holder is not brought back online.
Password Hacks (Part 3) - Alternatives to passwords
A Pass-Window system is also effective. It places a unique key pattern on a transparent section of an identity card. This has to be held over a generated pattern image on a display and, when it is, a series of digits is shown that can then be entered as your single-use password.
Password Hacks (Part 2) - Criminal activity
The hacking group Anonymous, for example, has been involved in a number of denial-of-service attacks on high profile companies including Master-card and Visa, which was in response to both firms withdrawing support for Wiki-leaks, which had begun publishing 250,000 leaked diplomatic cables.
Password Hacks (Part 1) - Stop Thieves Taking Data And Protect Yourself
According to security software company G-Data, you need to install high performance, resource-efficient security software using HTTP filters. A firewall and monitoring functions should be installed and enabled to protect again spyware and other threats.
Programming .NET Security : Using the Code-Access Security Policy Tool (part 2) - Evaluating Security Policy
Caspol.exe also allows you to test an assembly to determine which code groups it is a member of and, consequentially, the runtime would grant to it when loaded.
Programming .NET Security : Using the Code-Access Security Policy Tool (part 1) - Administering Policy Levels
With respect to the administration of security policy, the functionality of Caspol.exe is much the same . In the following sections, we describe how to manage each of the key elements of security policy, but first we must describe how to target your Caspol.exe commands to affect the appropriate policy level and code group.
Programming .NET Security : Extending the .NET Framework (part 2) - Using the AuthorMembershipCondition Membership Condition
The Microsoft .NET Framework Configuration tool (Mscorcfg.msc) provides a graphical interface through which you can configure security policy. Mscorcfg.msc implements specific support for the standard membership condition classes and provides user-friendly interfaces through which you can configure their membership condition parameters.
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