Hacker Zone (Part 1) - Build your own Cyanogen-Mod ROM with CMC, Manage files in Recovery Mode

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Explore the limits of your Android device

Build your own Cyanogen-Mod ROM with CMC

Cyanogen-Mod is the most popular custom ROM for Android. It’s available for pretty much every device and is the perfect starting point for anyone wanting to flash a ROM to their phone for the first time due to its stability, reliability and ease of use.

Description: Even beginners can now build their own ROM with ease thanks to CMC
Even beginners can now build their own ROM with ease thanks to CMC

Now it is becoming the perfect starting point for anyone wanting to start building their own ROMs, too. The Cyanogen-Mod Compiler (CMC) is an Ubuntu application that enables you to build your own version of Cyanogen-Mod for any supported Android device, and it comes with a polished user interface that replaces the command line interface that normally makes the process alienating for beginners.

Naturally this isn’t something that comes without risks. Most ROMs come with a certain level of support from its developers and fellow users; when making your own ROM you will be on your own. But as an introduction to building, tweaking and compiling ROMs this tool is going to be hard to beat. Grab the software, and more information from its developer at:

Manage files in Recovery Mode

If you’re experienced at flashing ROMs on your phone you’ll be familiar with Recovery Mode.

Description: AROMA is a great-looking file manager for Recovery Mode
AROMA is a great-looking file manager for Recovery Mode

Recovery is a bootable partition on a phone that contains the recovery console, and is used whenever system files need to be repaired or replaced. Automatic OS tasks like running a system update or performing a factory reset use recovery, as will you when you are flashing a ROM (although you will almost certainly be using a different recovery console such as Clockwork, which has a greater number of features). Due to the limitations of recovery it can be quite frustrating to use. If you need to move files around, for example, you’ll more than likely find yourself booting back into the Android OS, and then back into recovery more than once. But now a new file manager for Recovery Mode has been created. AROMA File Manager is not an app, but a flash able zip, so you’ll need to flash it while in Recovery Mode in the same way as you would flash a ROM.

You will then be able to access a fully featured, touch-based file manager you can use to move your files around as you need. To download the zip, view this thread on the xda-developers website: http://

Quick hack: How to repair permissions

If you start encountering app crashes or other random apps reboot on your phone then you might find repairing permissions helps. This will return the permissions for the software to their original state and should improve system stability.

A Use ROM Manager

The easiest way to repair permissions is by using the ROM Manager App. Download and install. You will need to have rooted your phone before you are able to use it, so make sure you’ve done this first.

Repair permissions

Launch the app and scroll down to the Utilities section of the menu. Select Fix Permissions from the list and then when asked to confirm you want to do this click Yes. The process will begin instantly.

 And you’re done!

The entire process will take a few minutes, and although your phone won’t reboot it’s a good idea to leave it to finish the task before you use it. You might wish to reboot manually afterwards.

"It looks stunning and has lots of features... it could quickly become one of the most popular file explorers"

Samsung’s S Voice leaked to other phones

At the launch of the Galaxy S III, Samsung made a big deal about its new voice control feature, S Voice. Inevitably the firmware of the S III was leaked early, and the S Voice app was extracted and made available on other Android devices.

Description: Can you try S Voice on your phone?
Can you try S Voice on your phone?

At the time of writing Samsung had moved to block devices other than the S III from using the software -it processes most of its commands via a server.

Determined users could bypass this relatively easily, although given that the app is created in conjunction with Vlingo you can test out some of the features through more legitimate means. The app Vlingo Labs in the Google Play store is a free tool where many new voice recognition features are tested, and bears more than a passing similarity to what you’ll get within S Voice on the Galaxy S III.

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