Protect your passwords (Part 1)

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Keep track of all of your passwords with KeePass, a free password manager

How many passwords do you rely on every day to live and function online? Think hard about all the accounts you have to log into - we're sure it reaches a dozen, including news sites, forums and others. Do you leave them all logged in or do they generally all have the same password? It's an uncomfortable question, because password management skills are something to which most of us would rather not draw attention. People in offices, for example, often write passwords on whiteboards.

Description: Opt to run KeePass normally, otherwise the database won’t be saved.

Opt to run KeePass normally, otherwise the database won’t be saved.

The need for passwords is a problem that won't go away, but as we've seen recently, some cross-site scripting vulnerabilities rely on you leaving yourself logged into online accounts to do their fiendish work. Luckily, there are ways of securely and portably managing all of your essential passwords.

Project Goal: Protect your passwords

Don’t dumb down your passwords because you can't remember them all. Instead use a password management program to keep your PC and accounts safe without worrying about forgetting their account details.


Requires: KeePass

This software is an open source solution for online password management. You can download it from www.

Why passwords?

Passwords have been around since antiquity. Guards would challenge people trying to enter restricted areas and only let them pass if they knew that day's word - hence the term. Used correctly, they're still an excellent method of securing access to resources. The problem is that the need to remember so many of them means vulnerabilities quickly creep in.

Today we have so many passwords and there are so many people trying to gain access to them that using some form of password management tool is becoming essential. The results of not doing so can be embarrassing to say the least. How many times have you seen Facebook friends post shocking status updates, only to discover that a friend or family member had taken advantage of the logged-in account for a laugh?

Beyond the embarrassment, reputations and even whole identities can be taken, and the rightful owner locked out, simply by changing the password on an account that's been left logged in.

Toptips: sandboxes  

Some AV products try to mate KeePass open in a sandbox – a controlled environment. Override your antivirus by asking it to open KeePass normally, or you’ll lose your data when you close it

Management tools

There are several excellent password management tools that will help you keep track of all the passwords you need for life online. They fall into four basic categories. First, there are those that store your passwords securely on a local storage device and let you I access them via a secret master key. Next, there are those designed to run on mobile devices, such as smartphones. With the rise of cloud computing, there are now several password managers designed to follow you anywhere, which are accessed through a web interface. Finally, there are hardware password management devices integrated into services, such as those used by banks which generate complex sequences of challenge and response codes to authenticate you.

What all these password managers have in common is the simple requirement to remember a single, master password that grants access to all the credentials they store. Many password managers will even fill in web forms for you, making login procedures more convenient.

Description: Set up a master password to keep all your others safe

Set up a master password to keep all your others safe


Cracking passwords

Cracking passwords is a complex business for a PC. The two basic approaches are brute force and dictionary attacks.

In a brute force attack, the software might begin with 'aaaaaaaa' and work through to 'zzzzzzzz'. This can be very time-consuming - for an eight- letter, lowercase password consisting of the letters a-z, the there are 268, or 208,827,064,576 possibilities. Remotely try ingl.000 options a second would take roughly 6.6 years.

Analysis of cracked passwords has revealed that some are more popular than others. Believe it or not, ‘123456' is the world's most popular password, followed by 'password' and the username. In July 2011, Hotmail actually banned the password ‘123456'. Other sites such as Twitter have also banned easily guessed passwords.

Dictionary attacks were developed to speed up password cracking. Common passwords are tried first, including simple variations. This technique can substantially reduce the time needed to crack passwords.

Things should be easier if an attacker can obtain a password file and work on it locally and a desktop computer can try millions of passwords per second. The problem is that passwords are stored encrypted. The only way the attacker has of telling if he has found the correct password is to encrypt it and test this against the stored, encrypted version.

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