Fast Response Monitors Group Test (Part 5) - AOC E2461FWH

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AOC has had something of a run in recent years of really good, value for money monitors with a wealth of features and great performance. This, the E2461FWH, is a slightly older model (being from 2013), but it's certainly more than enough for the vast majority of users to sink their teeth into.

It's a 24" LED backlit panel, with the obligatory 1920 x 1080 resolution a very reasonable 2ms response time. It has a 50,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and an exceptionally thin screen of just 13mm. On the subject of thin, the AOC Style line is very much in vogue with the current home user's monitor wishes and features an equally remarkably thin bezel around a good quality panel. The rear of the monitor is textured and the ports, rather than having them embedded in the back of the panel, are integrated into the rear mount under the VESA fixings and above the stand arm. This helps keep the thin aspect throughout, although there is a compromise.

The AOC E2461FWH, with red tint glow on the base

The AOC E2461FWH, with red tint glow on the base

The compromise in this case is the lack of connectivity. Around the back we have HDMI, VGA and DC power in - of the power brick variety and not the kettle lead kind - which for the most part is generally enough, but as with other monitors we've tested the lack of an extra port will drastically reduce the monitor's effectiveness to the user who requires multiple connections to various machines and other devices.

However, what the E2461 FWH lacks in connectivity it certainly gains in the quality of the visuals. This is easily one of the best screens we've tested, with crystal clear, sharp edges, deep colours, blacks and greys and no noticeable tearing during moments of high intensity action or rapid visuals.

AOC E2461FWH back view

AOC E2461FWH back view

The quality of the monitor also extends to the outer casing, which is certainly solid enough to take the rigours of a frantic gamer or being moved around a lot. There are also some subtle red tinted highlights to the base of the stand that, while doing nothing more than providing a pleasing glow, are quite stylish. As with most ultra-thin bezel monitors, though, the OSD controls are located around the back right-hand side, and as such are quite fiddly to get used to. Also, and for some unknown reason why, the symbols indicating the function of the OSD control are also around the back of the monitor. Are we the only people in the world who don't bother looking around the rear of our monitors once they're in place?

Very stylish, and not a bad monitor either

Very stylish, and not a bad monitor either

The AOC E2461FWH performed magnificently when gaming, watching movies or TV, photo editing and during the day-to-day word processing and internet activities. This monitor pretty much handled everything with aplomb, making it a fantastic all-rounder; when you consider the price $183, it's incredible value as well.

AOC has managed to bundle a great screen inside a stylish monitor case for a just over a hundred pounds, but in doing so they've sacrificed an extra port or two and continued the awkward trend of rear mounted OSD controls. Saying that, this is a lovely monitor and well worth the asking price.


·         Price: $183     

·         Manufacturer: AOC               

·         Required Spec: HDMI, VGA connections, speakers needed


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