Fast Response Monitors Group Test (Part 3) - Iiyama ProLite GB2773HS-6B1

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Iiyama ProLite GB2773HS-6B1

This Iiyama ProLite model is aimed squarely at the gamer for a number of reasons. The first is impressive 1 ms response time, the second is the impressive 144Hz refresh rate. The fact that it's actually sub-titled 'Pro-gamer', is also something of a giveaway as to its intended market. However, even if you're not a pro gamer this monitor is certainly going to look good, no matter what you output to the screen.

The GB2773HS-GB1 is a 27" TN LED backlit panel capable of 1920 x 1080 (higher resolutions for a 27“ screen would have better), with an Advanced contrast ratio of 5,000,000:1, We've already mentioned the 1ms response time, but it's the addition of the 144Hz refresh rate that makes for the smooth visuals and eliminates any visible signs of screen tearing when the action speeds up or panning of landscapes occurs.

Although the liyama does a decent enough job, it feels a tittle cheap

Although the liyama does a decent enough job, it feels a tittle cheap

Connectivity on this model is pretty average, though: there's a single HDMI, DVI and VGA port, along with 3.5mm audio in and headphone out. It's enough, granted, but most modern monitors feature dual HDMI. The speakers though are slightly better than the average, being 2.5W as opposed to the usual 2W. It's not much, but just enough to make a noticeable difference.

The design of the GB2773HS-GB1 is okay, but there's rather a thick shiny black bezel surrounding the screen that tends to distract somewhat. It's also quite a heavy monitor weighing 7.4kg, and measuring in at 647 x 415.5 x 230mm.

It is one of the better home user ergonomic monitors though

It is one of the better home user ergonomic monitors though

However, despite the bland design this is an ergonomically minded monitor, something we don't often see outside of the business world. It's height adjustable, to a maximum of 107mm, can swivel 45° both left and right, and can tilt 17° up and down. The height adjustment alone is enough of a selling point to make note of, and something that is sorely missed and often neglected in a vast number of home-targeted monitors.

We did find the monitor casing felt a little cheap, and the OSB menu buttons, located on the front of the monitor in the lower right of the screen, appeared to need two or more presses before they actually decided to work. The movement and ergonomic adjustments were okay, though, so in this case we'll assume that once you have the monitor in a comfortable position there'll be little need to move it about.

Iiyama ProLite GB2773HS-6B1 connectivity

Iiyama ProLite GB2773HS-6B1 connectivity

In our usage tests the liyama ProLite GB2773HS-GB1 fared very well. The picture quality was great throughout the movies, fast action sequences and normal day to day duties. The gaming side of things, which this monitors prides itself at being good at, was more than suitable and very smooth in terms of performance and action.

The liyama ProLite GB2773HS- GB1 is one of the more expensive monitors in this group, priced at around $452, but it does a good enough job and the ergonomics are certainly worth some of that premium. There are other monitors available for less that offer just as good picture quality, though - and, in all honesty, would you be able to tell a 144Hz monitor from that doesn't offer such a high refresh rate?


·         Price: $452

·         Manufacturer: liyama

·         Required Spec: HDMI, DVI, VGA connections


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