Windows 7 : Managing Pictures with Windows Live Photo Gallery (part 13) - Printing Pictures and Ordering Prints, Adding Photos to Movies, DVDs, and Data Discs

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8.2. Printing Pictures and Ordering Prints

If you want to share pictures with others, one of the most obvious ways is to create traditional paper-based prints. These can be wonderful gifts, and while the digital revolution is in full swing, not everyone has a PC or wants to enjoy pictures only with their computer. There are two ways to create picture prints in Windows 7. You can print pictures on your own photo printer, if you have one, or you can order prints online.

To print pictures from Photo Gallery, select the picture (or pictures) you'd like to print, click the Print button in the toolbar, and then choose Print from the drop-down menu. This action launches the excellent Print Pictures wizard, which is depicted in Figure 50.

Figure 50. You may be surprised by how many options you have for printing photos in Windows 7.

From this deceptively simple wizard, you can customize the print job in a variety of ways, choosing what size prints to create, which printer to use, and a number of other options.

To order prints from an online photo service, select a group of photos and then choose Order Prints from the Print button's drop-down menu. This launches the Order Prints wizard, which provides a handy front end to various online printing services that have arrangements with Microsoft. Give it a second: the list of approved services sometimes takes several seconds to load (of course, it requires an Internet connection).

You don't have to settle for the options Microsoft provides. Bypassing the Order Prints function in Photo Gallery, you can use Internet Explorer or another Web browser to discover, sign up for, and order prints from any number of web-based photo printing services. You can also bring a digital camera memory card into many pharmacies and photo printing retail kiosks and print photos from there.


One obvious feature that's missing from Windows Live Photo Gallery is the capability to create photo books, which can make great gifts or excellent keep-sakes of family vacations and other events. There are a number of online services dedicated to helping you make your own books, but our two favorites, still, are My Publisher ( and Blurb (

8.3. Adding Photos to Movies, DVDs, and Data Discs

Photo Gallery also offers basic integration features with Windows Live Movie Maker, Windows DVD Maker, and Windows' integrated CD and DVD burning capabilities to help you create movies of your photo slide shows or data discs full of your favorite pictures.

To create a digital movie of your favorite photos, select the photos you want in Photo Gallery, click the Make toolbar button, and then select Make a movie from the drop-down menu that appears. Windows Live Movie Maker will launch and import all of the selected photos into a new project, as shown in Figure 51, which you can then edit into a finished movie.

Figure 51. With Windows Live Movie Maker, you can turn a string of photos into a compelling animated home movie.

To add a similar slide show to a DVD movie, select the photos as before and then click the Make button followed by Burn a DVD. This will import the pictures into Windows DVD Maker, which enables you to create DVD movies, as shown in Figure 52.

Figure 52. Windows DVD Maker lets you distribute your favorite photos via DVD movie.

If you want to create backups of your photo gallery, or share pictures with others via disc, Photo Gallery also enables you to create data disks, in either CD or DVD format, as well. Again, click the Make button on the Photo Gallery toolbar, but this time choose Burn a data DVD from the resulting drop-down menu. You'll be prompted to insert a blank CD or DVD disc into your recordable optical drive (see Figure 53), and then Windows 7 will use its integrated disc-burning capabilities to copy the photos onto the disc.

Figure 53. Okay, it's not that pretty, but if you're looking for a way to back up your photos to DVD or CD, Windows Live Photo Gallery has you covered.
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