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How do I split my MP3 recordings?


I have recently been trying to transfer music cassette tapes to MP3 format using Audacity ( I play the tape and set Audacity to record. While this works fine, unfortunately the Audacity software treats the album as one long track. Is there a way of taking the one long track and dividing it up into the dozen or so individual tracks that make up the album? Or must I record each track individually? I am using Audacity 1.2.6 and I run Windows Vista.


You can do this manually or automatically, depending on how accurate you want to be. First, though, we recommend updating your version of Audacity, as 1.2.6 is now several years old. You can download the latest version from

Use Audacity’s Silence Finder tool to detect gaps and split recordings

Use Audacity’s Silence Finder tool to detect gaps and split recordings

Let’s try the easy method first. Once you’ve captured the recording, open the Analyze menu and choose Silence Finder. This will look for quiet points in the audio and apply labels at the start of each ‘noisy’ part. Next, choose Export Multiple from the File menu and Audacity will save each labeled area as a separate file.

However, this method may not work well with old or noisy recordings. So, to do the job manually, click to place the selection cursor at the start of a song, then choose the Add Label at Selection’ option from the Tracks menu (or use the keyboard shortcut Control and B). Repeat for all tracks and follow our earlier instructions to save each track as a separate file.

Do I need to update Windows Defender Offline?


Your tip on page 45 of Issue 390 (to use Windows Defender Offline) helped me to get rid of a Trojan that had taken over my laptop, so many thanks for that. However, I have another Trojan now, a month after the first, so I need to know if the same Snipca link ( gives me up-to-date software, or does this number change with time? I have just made a DVD using my desktop computer and ran a complete scan on the laptop with the downloaded tool, and it hasn’t found the Trojan. I have the 64-bit version of Windows 7 Home Premium.


If burned to a DVD, then Windows Defender Offline should be considered useful only for one (or short­-term) use. This is because by its nature the downloaded virus definitions it holds will not be updated - it is an offline tool, so does not connect to the online world. If copied to a USB stick key, however, then the program will update itself before running. As such, if you want to use Windows Defender Offline again via a DVD disc, then you should download the program again, as Microsoft regularly updates the virus definitions. In other words, only a newly downloaded version will contain the latest virus information.

You should not reuse a DVD version of Windows Defender Offline

You should not reuse a DVD version of Windows Defender Offline

However, our Snipca link ( will continue to work as long as Microsoft keeps the same website address for Windows Defender Offline. This is because all our shortened addresses do is ‘point’ to another page (Microsoft’s own download links are updated regularly).

Whatever has infected your PC, the latest version of Windows Defender should be able to find it. Are you sure that you didn’t accidentally create your new Windows Defender Offline DVD from an old version of the download? If you download a new version of the tool to the same folder, then it may, for example, be named ‘mssstool64 (l).exe’, rather than ‘mssstool64.exe’. If you double-click the mssstool64.exe file, you’ll simply be creating a DVD with the old version of the tool.

Readers to the rescue


The husband of a friend of mine has died and his widow wishes to access his email account, which is with Gmail, but she has neither the username nor the password. Is there any way of obtaining these? All I can think of at the moment is that she will have to uninstall Chrome then reinstall it and set up a new account in her name, but in doing this she will lose any existing unread emails in the original account. Can anyone help?

Is there any way of obtaining these?

Is there any way of obtaining these?


Firstly, although both created by Google, Gmail has nothing to do with Chrome, which is a browser (like Internet Explorer). So there’s no need to uninstall Chrome. And Gmail can be used inside any browser. I use it in Internet Explorer, but you can, of course, use it in Chrome.

If she has access to the computer her husband used, then open up each browser on the computer and see if it is already logged into Gmail (you can leave yourself logged into Gmail within a browser). So, if he used Chrome he may have left himself logged into Gmail. If it is logged in to then at least you will have the Gmail address, and that is a start. If not, contact some of his friends: if he has ever sent them an email, they will have his email address. Once you have the address that is a start, and you may be able to get his password from somewhere (Google, for example).

I suppose this is a reminder to all of us to write an ‘electronic’ will showing the family how to access your important computer-based systems such as email, Facebook and so on, when you should die.

We covered this sensitive topic in a feature published in Issue 360. Here, the best bet is to follow Guilbert53’s advice and then, when you have discovered the email address, visit to learn how to accessed the deceased’s account.

Solving your problems

Our team of experts is on hand to help solve PC problems. Read on to find out how

Please note that we can only reply through the No Problem page - we can’t reply personally by email, telephone or letter. Before sending in your query, please consider the following points as clear preparation helps us identify and resolve problems much more quickly.

·         The operating system and model number of the PC you are using.

·         Be specific about the problem - what exactly has gone wrong?

·         Include details of anything that changed around the time that the fault developed - have you recently installed new software or hardware?

·         Make an exact note of any error messages the PC displays.

·         Include screen grabs to show us what is on screen when the problem occurs.

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