Suryl Guardian - Protect Your PC From Malware And Other Problems

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R. Waddilove checks out a utility to protect your PC from malware and other problems

Suryl Guardian is a utility that aims to protect you from software problems, viruses, spyware and other malware. It does this by storing the PC’s configuration when it's working well and it enables you to refresh this at any time.

Suryl Guardian

Suryl Guardian

When the software is installed, it saves the current environment, so before you start you must ensure that the PC is working properly. Scan for malware with your security software; clean up the PC with Ccleaner or something similar, defragment the disk and so on. With your PC in tip top condition, installing Suryl Guardian saves the state of the PC.

Several randomly selected programs were installed to test the software and see if it could undo the changes made by them. Right-clicking the Suryl Guardian icon at the right side of the taskbar and entering the password (it’s so unauthorized users cannot meddle with it) opens the main window. There are two large icons, one of which refreshes the computer, which the other updates the environment. The update option updates the saved state, which can be used when you've added new software or changed the PC in some way and want to keep the changes. The refresh option puts the PC back to its saved state.

The main window has just two icons. It was hard to tell what the left one did

The main window has just two icons. It was hard to tell what the left one did

The refresh option didn’t appear to do anything. Suryl provides very little information about how Guardian works and what it does, so this was confusing to say the least. There is an advanced screen, which displays the current environment and the saved environment created when the program was installed. Switching to the saved environment removed all the software that had been installed and files saved. The PC looked exactly as it did at the start.

In the preferences you can set Guardian to refresh back to the original environment at every boot. This means that you can do anything to the PC during the day and then switch off at night. When you switch on in the morning everything will be reset back to the way it was. The idea is that this can be used by libraries, schools and similar places where people could meddle with the settings or change things to the detriment of the computer.

Restoring a saved environment was easy and there are some useful options

Restoring the original environment removes any files that have been created, which means files in the Documents folder too. To prevent the loss of valuable files, such as work, music, photos and so on, you have three options. The first is to update the saved environment with the changes, the second is to back up the files on an external drive, and the third is to use the Shared folder. Any files stored in C:\Shared survive a restore operation and are untouched. This is a useful option, but it would be more convenient if the Documents, Music, and Pictures folders could be kept.

Surly Guardian, simplifying the PC for Everyone Useful For People Frequently Need To Undo Changes Made To A PC

Surly Guardian, simplifying the PC for Everyone Useful For People Frequently Need To Undo Changes Made To A PC

Suryl Guardian did actually undo changes made to the PC. It’s reasonably cheap, but the lack of information and the confusing refresh is off-putting.


·         Price: $24.47

·         Manufacturer: Suryl

·         Website:

·         Required spec: Windows XP or later, 512MB RAM, 1GHz processor, 20MB HDD space


·         Quality: 7/10

·         Value: 7/10

·         Overall: 7/10


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