99 Mac Secrets (Part 3) : Safari secrets, Mail secrets, Safari shortcuts, Mail shortcuts, iPhoto secrets

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Safari secrets

45.  Manage saved passwords

Open Safari’s Preferences window and choose Passwords from the tabs along the top to view all the passwords currently saved by the app. You can remove individual passwords by highlighting them and choosing Remove Password, or remove them all in one go to start afresh.

Manage saved passwords

46.  Reopen windows from last session

Choose History>Reopen All Windows from Last Session to restore your previous browsing session.

47.  Customize Safari toolbar

Right-click the Safari toolbar to customize the buttons that appear within it.

48.  Gesture between tabs

If you have a track-pad you can pinch to zoom out on any page to access the tab viewer (there’s also a button on the right of the Bookmarks bar). This enables you to swipe between tabs with a multi-touch gesture, which is perfect for those that simply want to use the mouse or track-pad to navigate around the web.

49.  Customize Top Sites

Top Sites is the grid of sites that appears when you open a new window or tab; you can customize this with your favorite sites by choosing Edit and pinning your favorites.

50.  Open link in new tab

To open a link in a new tab, hold Cmd while you click the link.

To open a link in a new tab, hold Cmd while you click the link.

51.  Add snippet to Dashboard

You can add a section of a favorite website to your Dashboard via a snippet thanks to this handy tip. Choose File>Open in Dashboard and you can select an area of the website you are viewing to appear on your Dashboard. Now you won’t need to open Safari every time you want to see that part of the page.

52.  Manage website notifications

Open Preferences in Safari and choose Notifications to alter how websites show alerts in Notification Center.

53.  Limit font sizes

If you’re having trouble reading particular areas of the web, you can ensure that Safari only shows text at a certain size. Open Preferences and choose the Advanced tab. Under Accessibility you’ll see a checkbox that lets you limit the minimum text size. Somewhere around 11-12 is probably the best, but experiment until you find a setting you like.

54.  Send clean webpages in Mail

You can share websites via email, but to do so without ads and other messy distractions, open the site in Reader and email from there.

Mail secrets

55.  Redirect messages

If you’ve received a message that was meant for someone else but don’t wish to show that the message has been forwarded, you can use a clever little feature to redirect it to the required person. Simply choose Message>Redirect from the menu bar, or hit Cmd+Shift+E to send the message onto another person without them even knowing you’ve ever laid eyes on it.

Redirect messages

56.  Switch back to classic layout

If you don’t like the new Mail viewing system that was introduced in OS X Lion, you can return to the old, classic view within Preferences. Choose Viewing, then check the box at the top of the list to revert it back to the old way.

57.  Rename flags

Flags are great for picking out important messages, but many Mac users don’t realize flags can be renamed for different purposes. To do this, you need to apply two different colored flags to two messages to bring up the Flagged mailbox. If you don’t see it, enable the sidebar with Cmd+Shift+M. Click on the arrow next to Flagged to open the list of each flag, and then right-click and choose Rename Mailbox to give it one of your choosing.

58.  Save space when composing emails including photos

Usually, adding a photo to your email will move all text out of the way and the entire screen will be filled with your snap. This is often quite frustrating, but if photos are becoming unmanageable in a message, you can shrink them down easily. Right-click the photo and choose View As Icon to see it in a shrunk-down format.

59.  Add Calendar events from messages

Mail enables you to add Calendar events without leaving the app. If a date or time is written in a message, your Mac will recognize it and offer a drop-down box. You can click this and use it to add an event in Calendar on the date written. It’s quick and easy, and you won’t need to change apps.

Safari shortcuts

60.  Home

61.  Open Downloads list

62.  Move to next tab

63.  Move to previous tab

64.  Move cursor to Address Bar

Mail shortcuts

65.  Go to Inbox

66.  Go to Sent

67.  Attach file

68.  Reply to Mail

69.  Get New Mail

iPhoto secrets

70.  Edit images side by side

It’s not a widely known fact, but you can edit two photos simultaneously in iPhoto, side-by-side, simply by selecting them both then hitting Edit. Changes are applied to one at a time, but comparing is a real bonus.

71.  Set up iPhone import options

Plugging in your iPhone will usually open iPhoto automatically. You can disable this in Image Capture – search for this app in Spotlight and plug in your phone. Click the small arrow in the bottom-left to see an extra panel, then choose the application you want to open when you connect your smartphone.

72.  Hide photos in iPhoto

It’s possible to hide unwanted photos in iPhoto – the shots won’t be deleted from your library, but they won’t be visible unless you specifically choose to show them again. This is a really helpful tool if you want to clean up your iPhoto library without removing photos completely.

This is a really helpful tool if you want to clean up your iPhoto library without removing photos completely.

73.  Preview original image when editing

While you’re applying effects and edits to a photo, it’s often a good idea to check the original shot regularly to ensure you’re not completely ruining what it looked like. You can do this through the menu bar, but a much quicker option is to tap and hold Shift.

74.  Batch edit photos

To change the names, dates or other information in a large number of photos, you can use the Batch Change option in the Photos section of the menu bar.

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