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How To Spellcheck In Any Application
Spellchecking is traditionally built into only a few applications. We explain how to add the feature to all your Windows applications using TinySpell.
Norton 360 Premier Edition – All-In-One Security
Providing unobtrusive, all round protection with a stylish interface, the Norton 360 has a new, slick and attractive Windows 8-style appearance. However the basic layout and functions haven't changed dramatically from the previous version.
CorelDraw Technical Suite X6 - A Fairly Basic Web Designer
Designer was a Micrografx product, until the company was swallowed up by the Corel Corporation in 2001. Since then it has undergone a number of iterations, but this is the first real update since 2010.
Design Practice - Repeat prescription
It’s been a while since we looked at pattern generation here, and there’ve been some interesting changes in a coupled of the core tools. Both Illustrator CS6 and Photoshop CS6 have improved pattern-creating abilities, so if you want to make smoothly tiling step and repeat graphics, check them out.
How To Deal With Usual Problems When Using Office 365
The auto application activation in the Office 365 set on desktop, the interface display error, the annoying spelling error announcement and no zooming feature are common problems of the Office 365 in the “cloud”.
Some Tricks To Use Google Docs
Using keyboard shortcuts, drag – drop feature, creating a shortcut for Google Docs, restoring old versions of the text and translation will help you work with Google Docs more effective.
Light Blue 3.5 - Invoice And Job Tracking Software
The problem for many photographers is that unlike, say, freelance writers or sled-employed TV presenters, a commission from a client doesn’t result in a single piece of work. Instead, a normal wedding may produce several thousand images, and the job of keeping track of which shots are from which wedding is one that, done properly, will reward the photographer for years down the line.
MacPilot For Mac - Terminal-Free Tweaks
If you think that customizing how your Mac behaves begins and ends with the System Preferences, you couldn't be more wrong. Hundreds of other options are hidden away, for both the system itself and every application, accessible only via commands typed into the Terminal.
Get To Know Office 365
Released under two forms that are desktop version and web-based version, Office 365 is quite useful to users through a slick interface, many features such as Office 2013; however, the web-based version is limited a few tools.
Magix Video Pro X5 - Prosumer Video Editing Software
As a professional product, Magix Video Pro already includes better optimization, more sophisticated video and audio controls, and studio quality output, but this latest version packs in even more, and brings it in line with the best editors currently on sale.
Exhibeo - The Public Gallery
Photographers looking to create striking online galleries for their work have never had it so good. WordPress arguably continues to set the standard, while 500px’s ‘Awesome’ accounts come with domain remapping, enabling photographers to host image galleries free of branding.
Magix - Audio Cleaner Pro: The Vinyl Frontier
Magix isn’t a well-known name in the Mac market, but its Audio Cleaner software has been very popular with PC users who need to digitize old vinyl records and cassettes. As well as recording audio, the program includes a variety of filters and other tools you can use to clean up the sound on those old recordings, as well as adjusting specific frequencies to improve the overall sound quality.
Adobe CS2 - The Best Things
Today, typing in ‘Adobe CS2’ into the Google search box produces the autosuggestions ‘download’, ‘keygen’ and ‘crack’. It’s not a scientific test but it does suggest both the longevity of earlier version of Photoshop and a continuing appetite for older versions.
Softpress Freeway Pro 6 - Powerful Web Design Software For Mac
Softpress Freeway has been around for many years, but for those who don’t know it, this is a visual, DTP-style layout application that creates ready-to-use web pages and sites form your page designs.
Ableton Live 9 Suite - Music Production Software
The world of the digital audio workstation has seen many developments in the four years since the last iteration of Ableton. The message board on Ableton’s own website is bulging with suggestions from users and the publishers have taken these ideas on board for the latest release, Ableton Live 9.
Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X6 - Worth The Money
For the third consecutive year, Corel has hardly touched the design of its latest VideoStudio software. This may please regular users, who prefer to stick with the familiar, but it makes the program look increasingly dated.
Design Practice Photoshop - Fill Seeker
It’s probably far from perfect, though. Notice those hard line edges where the tile repeats? It’s a simple repeat with no blending or flipping. Unfortunately, you can’t get Photoshop to do the kind of reflection tricks that Illustrator provides. Fortunately, you can set that up yourself before you make the pattern, so I’ll outline a quick and pretty easy way to do that.
Unlock the Power of Preview
Preview is yet another unsung app in OS X. It’s been a constant in the operating system ever since the release of Public Beta in 2000, yet so few people really harness its full power, or even remember what it can do, even on the most basic level.
Microsoft Office 2013 Professional - The Latest Outing For Microsoft’s Flagship Productivity Suite (Part 2)
With its last refresh Outlook got a ribbon, and grew cluttered. Microsoft has addressed this issue with a simple two-pane design comprising a list of messages and a preview pane. You can quickly respond to a message by clicking the Reply button in the preview.
Microsoft Office 2013 Professional - The Latest Outing For Microsoft’s Flagship Productivity Suite (Part 1)
Word’s most visible changes is a Read Mode that dispenses with the ribbon toolbar and lets you see documents like a printed book. You can’t edit. But you can access search tools for lookups related to highlighted content. A navigation pane is useful for getting around lengthy documents.
DrawPlus X6 – 64 Bit Support And A New Rendering Engine
DrawPlus was one of the first drawing programs I used and, as I recall, was quite innovative at the time – bringing computer based illustration within the price range of home users, yet with a feature set not far removed from the leaders in this field.
Enlightenment E17 - Eauty At Your Fingertips
The original eye-candy window manager finally gets a stable release. If you stick to the big-name distros, you could be forgiven for not knowing that Enlightenment exists, let alone that version E17 has just been released. None of the top ten on DistroWatch have an Enlightenment version .
Photo Editors: From Professional RAW Tools To Simple Library Management (Part 3)
There’s no such thing as the perfect photo editor, and one thing that separates professional tools from the amateur stuff is support for extensions that add extra functionality, or act as a macro to achieve particular image effects. Plugins that increase contrast and bleach out colors have been around for PhotoShop for a lot longer than Instagram has been in existence.
Photo Editors: From Professional RAW Tools To Simple Library Management (Part 2)
If you’ve used a RAW editor in the last decade or so, the layout of AfterShot Pro will be instantly familiar to your eyes. On the left, you have the browsing controls – a file manager, a library viewer and some settings for filtering and searching for shots. In the middle is a digital light table that shows thumbnails or zooms to individual pics for editing.
Photo Editors: From Professional RAW Tools To Simple Library Management (Part 1)
Inevitably, there are some familiar faces. Gimp, although covered ad nauseam elsewhere, can’t be overlooked when it comes to an all-round package for most-processing shots. Likewise, you may already know more than you could ever want to about the Gnome and KDE staples Shotwell and digiKam but they’re the de facto choice for a reason. Leaving them out of this roundup would be to not consider the very best.
Don’t Pay For Office 2013 (Part 2)
SkyDrive, Microsoft cloud storage service, is integrated into each of Office 2013’s new programs. So when you click ‘Save as’ in any program, you can choose to either save the file on your computer or upload it straight to SkyDrive.
Don’t Pay For Office 2013 (Part 1)
You don’t need to shell out $120 a year to get the best features of Office 2013. We suggest 20 free alternatives and explain how to get the same tools in older versions of Office
How To Basics Installing Linux
As you are most likely aware, there are literarily hundreds of Linux distributions available to download and install. It soon becomes a personal thing; one person prefers Ubuntu, another will swear by Arch, while others will claim the likes of Fedora or OpenSUSE are the best to install and use.
How To Basics Virtualization
In our everyday computing terms it basically refers to the various methods of creating a virtual computer system, as opposed to a real one, inside the current operating system of our real computer. Let’s say you have a brand new Windows 8 computer, and you want to try out a Linux distro.
Nero 12 Platinum Multimedia Software
Blu-ray is the big winner in this update, because the Nero 12 supports the playback of commercial discs, providing an alternative to CyberLink PowerDVD and its ilk. The playback app is simple yet effective, and anything that avoids the massive update installations that come with using Power DVD is a welcome option.
Ten Popular Open Source Media Players
Even though music is extremely popular, music players are often not researched deeply, no matter what the OS may be. Yet, a music player is usually one of the most-used applications in a mobile device. This article offers a list of ‘Top ten’ open source music players.
10 Things You Need To Know About Flash
Flash is one of the best ways to stream content on your tablet, and is used within a variety of browsers and apps. It’s remarkably fast at buffering content, and provides a smooth browsing experience.
Desktop Organisation Tools (Part 3) : RocketDock, Dexpot
One of the most copied functions from the world of Mac OS X has to be the rather natty-looking dock at the bottom of the screen. For those of you who don’t know what a dock is, it’s the animated shortcut launcher that usually sits on the desktop and allows you cycle over it and through the various programs, files and folders on the system. When you find the one you’re after, you click it and the dock will launch the program. It’s very simple, but it looks fantastic.
What’s To Like In Office 2013? (Part 2)
In PowerPoint, you can now add audio that will pay continuously across all the slides in your presentation, which is useful for a gathering or interval presentation. A gathering presentation is one that you keep onscreen while your audience is arriving, maybe giving brief details about the main presentation, or perhaps your firm’s show reel of related topics, or just a set of teaser images to whet the audience’s appetite.
What’s To Like In Office 2013? (Part 1)
In Office 2013, Word, PowerPoint and Excel all allow you to present your documents online to others, either via Lync Server or Office 365, or via Microsoft’s free Office Presentation Service (Word and PowerPoint only).
Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 - More Ways To Organize And Share Images
Adobe Elements has been the number one photo-editing package for amateurs and enthusiasts for several years. A simplified substitute to Photoshop, it has been designed to be user-friendly for beginners, while also offering advanced functionality to satisfy more experienced users.
Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12 - A Lean, Mean Video-Editing Machine
Sony Movie Studio Platinum stands apart from other consumer video-editing software. Despite dropping the Vegas brand in this latest update, it closely resembles the professional Sony Vegas Pro rather than other low-cost editors.
6 Packs Inkjet Papers For Home Printing
If you’re printing from home, you’ll need a high-quality paper to achieve fantastic results. But which do you choose and how can you get the best prints possible? We take a look at six paper choices with an attractive luster finish.
Educational Software Tools (Part 2)
Programming Without Coding Tech­nology (PWCT) is a software devel­opment tool that allows computer users to create any software they need without previous knowledge of computer programming.
Educational Software Tools (Part 1)
World Wind Java is a software development kit that is aimed at de­velopers and is not a standalone vir­tual globe app in the style of Google Earth. It includes a suite of basic demo apps. The program overlays NASA and USGS satellite imagery, aerial photography, topographic maps, Keyhole Markup Language (KML) and Collada files.
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