The Hacked Man (Part 2) - Digital gold: passwords and mail addresses

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Digital gold: passwords and mail addresses

Hackers who struck gold in the hunt for user accounts hold the most valuable digital product in their hands: passwords. These passwords are not just keys to unlimited data from the personal accounts of the victims. In many cases they also open doors to more user accounts: Google, Amazon, PayPal, mail services and many more.

Description: Attackers can actually hack user accounts by using authentic password-crackers like this one.

Attackers can actually hack user accounts by using authentic password-crackers like this one.

Various surveys undertaken in the last few years show that more than half of web users use the same password for several (¡f not all) of their user accounts. A single password can be worth up to $200, contrary to the value in cents of pure, unadulterated personal user data. This was revealed in the process of a court battle between two Kuwaiti Billionaires, wherein one of them instructed the Chinese hacker group, "Invisible Hacking Group", to crack open the password of the other.

This business-related case shows that Social Hacking threatens not just the private user, but also into other areas. This is also claimed in a recently published study by the security service provider Imperva. This study perceives companies and government organisations as the ones fuelling such attacks. There can also be a threat to human lives if, for example, details of planned military operations are inadvertently revealed in the open on the social networks.

Description: Social Hacking is so popular that many of its rip-offs also exist, used by the hacker to fool people.

Social Hacking is so popular that many of its rip-offs also exist, used by the hacker to fool people.

This happened in an Israeli military mission in March 2010. The mission had to be called off when a soldier divulged the time and place of the mission by an update on Facebook. It sparked fears within the military of a possible counter-attack triggered by this information.

Similarly, it can pose a problem for companies when an employee publishes internal details on his personal profile on social networks. It can be information related to the personnel structure, when his official position in the company is posted on the network (or even on career related networks like Xing). Information from closed user groups on Facebook which are used by companies as discussion platforms can also be the target. Such data can rarely be of real value, particularly on the black market. But it can be the basis for further and more Social Engineering attacks with a higher potential of causing harm.

When the hacker gains control of a user profile, he or she can use this identity to attack more users - without using a password bypass at all! The security loophole that the hacker makes use of is the implicit trust of the user and the gullibility of other users, either known or unknown. The biggest strength of Facebook, according to the hackers, now reveals itself here: whoever sees a link or video posted on Facebook, does not, as a rule, think about where it has originated from.

The Bait: "Like" buttons

Symantec's security expert Stefan Wesche says that "Like- baiting" is the prevailing, most employed method. The hacker sends links as baits in the form of posts, chat or direct notifications under the assumed identity of the hacked user. These links refer users mostly to fan pages which, for example, promise users a gif: voucher upon becoming a "fan" of that page. The coupon can be provided simply by clicking on the "Like" button. That is followed by a survey to be taken by the user through which provides the hacker with more personal information about the user. This enables the hacker to make more money. "That's because, as an intermediary, the hacker earns a commission from anywhere between 20 cents to $50, depending on the amount of the information and its scope. This commission is paid by the survey provider", says Stefan Wesche. Social networks are also very lucrative for blackmailers.

The unrestricted behaviour of users on the social network is very gainful for blackmailers! In February, a US student was threatened by an alleged Facebook friend from England. He threatened to publish a private video of the victim if he was not paid $500. In another case, a Californian man has racked the email passwords of hundreds of women. What helped him was the "forgotten password" function of email services wherein he could answer the security questions with the helpful information from the victim's Facebook profiles (like the favourite colour or the second name of the father). He blackmailed some women with the photos found in the email accounts, partially naked photos, or directly mailed these photos to the email contacts of the victims. This hacker also used some mail addresses to reset the Facebook password and hijack these accounts.

Hackers who are active on Facebook under the victims' identities enjoy a great benefit which was not available in Social Engineering before the advent of Facebook. Earlier, such attacks took place over telephone calls using false names.

Description: Hackers who are active on Facebook under the victims' identities enjoy a great benefit which was not available in Social Engineering before the advent of Facebook

Hackers who are active on Facebook under the victims' identities enjoy a great benefit which was not available in Social Engineering before the advent of Facebook

The hacker had to react in real time, had to have a convincing story which he had to convey without the slightest bit of hesitation. On the other hand, Facebook enables him to take more time to react to notifications or chat at his own leisure. He utilises this time to investigate deeper into the victim's personal information and think up a good answer. Stefan Schumacher says, "This asynchronism in communication is one of the biggest advantages available to hackers on Facebook".

Given these conditions, Facebook shall remain a much preferred target of hackers even in the future - with newer attack strategies. Schumacher says that Spear-phishing can be the next step. Spear-phishing are targeted phishing attacks - based on psychological profiles - which will be automatically drawn up on from Facebook. Facebook has set up a team of around 300 security engineers and an analysis system which will supervise the network against these attacks. For this purpose, Facebook collaborated with security firms McAfee, Sophos, Symantec and Trend Micro at the end of April this year to effectively filter such dangerous links. However, each person can, on his own, cover these security loopholes with disciplined user behaviour, and by nursing a healthy distrust towards contents and people on the social networks.   

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