Corel PDF Fusion

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Can you remember when software products arrived with enough printed documentation to make an impact on the Amazon rainforest (and possibly threaten you with a hernia) – those were the days? Now we get a solitary disc in a cardboard box or DVD case, holding the software and the documentation digitally stored in a PDF (Portable Document Format) file. Developed by Adobe and now released as an open standard, PDF not only delivers on-screen documentation but is the basis for software developers to come up with solutions for creating format. One of the latest products to join this party is PDF Fusion from Corel.

This software consists of three modules covering Office add-ons, PDF Printer and the main part, Fusion. Rather surprisingly for a product that’s based on PDF, Corel has opted not to supply a PDF version of the user guide. Is this a case of Corel not willing to put its product to the ultimate test or maybe the company feels this software does not need any documentation? In fact, Corel has failed to include any form of documentation, although you do get a reasonably comprehensive help feature.

Description: Corel PDF Fusion

Corel PDF Fusion

PFD Fusion works best when used to combine documents that have been created in other applications such as a word processor, spreadsheet or graphic application. You could create a document page within Fusion, but this would be limited to text entered using the basic free-flow text editor built into Fusion. This text could contain hyperlinks and bookmarks, but any graphics would need to be created elsewhere.

When bringing in created documents, you can either use the standard open feature or use drag and drop. Fusion supports over 100 file formats when accepting documents. As you would expect, the various Microsoft Office file formats feature heavily along with formats such as those used by Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop plus, of course, the Corel WordPerfect family. Multiple documents can be loaded and these will be assigned their own tab so that you can quickly switch between each one as the need arises.

Description:  Improve your productivity and efficiency with PDF Fusion

 Improve your productivity and efficiency with PDF Fusion

There are three different methods of viewing content within Fusion. By default, an opened document will appear in Page mode, which is fine for most editing and viewing purposes. Mini icons, hot keys and menu to either Assembly or Flick mode, with both making use of large thumbnails to display content. While I found assembly mode very useful, as it allows you to drag pages around and transfer them between documents, the Flick carousel mode failed to make a positive impression on me and was ignored for productivity purposes. Just remember PDF Fusion’s functionality is in publication not creation.

As mentioned earlier, you can insert hyperlinks and bookmarks into a document. There are also options to include notes and comments within a document. A spell-check facility is available, but this is restricted to notes, comments and free-flow text, which can be entered directly into Fusion. Other text is presumed to have been checked by its original applications.

Author and security options can be set prior to the process of converting the document to PDF. You’re given a choice of General, Press Ready, Press Quality or Web when creating a PDF document. Whatever your choice, the process is usually quick to produce a PDF file that can be distributed to others. Microsoft Office users will find that Fusion adds a toolbar to their software with options to Create, Send, Settings and Import.







Required spec

1.3GHz processor, 512MB RAM, 250MB HDD space, Windows XP (SP3) and later


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