Will Apple Be The Next Big Name in Gaming? (Part 2) - The apple iTV and the Apple TV

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The apple iTV and the Apple TV

One of the primary reasons that so much of the tech media today is focusing on Apple and gaming is the (Probable, as it’s still a rumor) upcoming release of the iTV. Apple needs to make the iTV as attractive as possible to home theater and home entertainment enthusiasts. Costs are expected to run high, so it needs to offer a number of features and innovations if it is to become a major player. It seems unlikely that people in the U.S. will shelve out hundreds of dollars for a television because it’s Apple branded, considering how many already own HD sets. Apple needs to offer something unique and innovative as well as integrate features such as gaming to truly make a splash in this market.

Description: The apple iTV

The apple iTV

Don’t get me wrong – many enthusiasts will purchase the product because of the Apple logo. However, this number will be less than the number of people lining up annually to upgrade their iDevices. Besides price, there is also the fact Apple hasn’t been a player in the TV market before.  Customers will naturally be wary of its success. Another potential stumbling block is the headache that selling or giving away an older HDTV brings in order to justify this purchase. Of course, cost is expected to be much higher than any of the iDevices, including the premium iPad models.

Description: the Apple TV

the Apple TV

What can Apple offer the tech and home entertainment enthusiasts who will make them want an Apple can secure deals with publishers to get exclusive content for the iTV and offer a compelling accessory like Microsoft’s kinetic, the product could be more attractive. It is unlikely that Apple will release it with a bulky controller, but motion controls or hands-free controls based on camera movements, like what Kinect offers, is not out of the question. Integration with iDevices sush as what is currently offered through the Apple TV and Mirror Play would also be nice.

If Apple is going to turn any of its gadgets into a gaming console, the Apple TV would be it. Apple is rumored to be upgrading its operating system, so this isn’t out of the question either. If Apple allowed users to put apps directly from the App Store, including games, it could appear more attractive to comsumers.

Tim Cook comments on the possibility of a new Apple-branded console

Description: Apple CEO Cook, at the All Things D conference in Rancho

Apple CEO Cook, at the All Things D conference in Rancho

The subject of Apple releasing a home console and entering the gaming market has been so prevalent as of late that even Tim Cook commented on the subject. According to Digital Trends, he was asked the question of whether Apple plans on entering the home console gaming market at the D10 conference hosted May 29-31 by All Things D. Here is how Cook responded to the question:

“Gaming has kind of evolved a bit. More people play on portable devices. Where we might go in the future, we’ll see… customers love games. I’m not interested in being in the console business in what is though of as traditional gaming. But Apple is a big player today and things in the future will only make it bigger.”

Cook didn’t dismiss the possibility of entering the gaming market outright, but he did that he wasn’t interested in entering it in the traditional sense. This means that creating gaming aspects in the Apple TV or the upcoming iTV is not out of the question. Apple to be competing head-to-head with the likes of Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft though. The company will probably aim to create a different niche in the industry entirely, otherwise known as an industry shift.

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