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Take better and faster notes with these great new Evernote tips

Evernote is a brilliant free note-taking tool. At you’ll find versions for just about every computer, smartphone and tablet. Whether you’re keeping a journal or planning an event, the great joy of using Evernote for keeping records is that it’s cloud-based and cross-platform. You can make notes on one device and access them more or less instantly from any other.

Whether or not you already use Evernote, there are loads of useful little tricks that can be employed to improve your note-taking activities. Here are 10 great ways to unlock the full power of Evernote.

Access your notes anywhere

Evernote lets you access your notes from any computer, smartphone or tablet that has it installed. However, you don’t need to use the desktop program or an app to access your saved notes - just use your browser. Head to, click the tiny Web Sign In link at the top-right and enter your Evernote account details. Ensure you log out afterwards, particularly if you’re using a shared computer. Click your user name at the top right, then log out.

Format your notes

You can create new notes in the desktop version of Evernote. Display the formatting toolbar by choosing Show Editing Toolbar from the View menu (or use Ctrl+F8). You can then apply Microsoft Word-style formatting to your notes such as changing the font, emphasis, text size and color. Not all formatting tools will be displayed on smaller screens. Click the triple chevron to the right of the formatting toolbar to reveal further tools. Use the paperclip icon to attach a file or photo to a note. Click the microphone icon to record and attach a voice note or other audio recording.

Click the toolbar’s triple chevron to access hidden tools

Click the toolbar’s triple chevron to access hidden tools

Install Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote’s browser add-on Web Clipper offers some superb features. When you install Evernote for Windows, Web Clipper is automatically installed for Internet Explorer. Chrome and Firefox users should install it manually. The Evernote elephant icon will appear on the toolbar. Click this when you’re on a web page you want to save. The contents will become a new note in Evernote. You can clip the whole web page, or just the URL (web address), or use your cursor to highlight a specific part of a page to save.

Firefox and Chrome users should install the Evernote Web Clipper add-on, which lets you save the entire contents of a web page

Firefox and Chrome users should install the Evernote Web Clipper add-on, which lets you save the entire contents of a web page

Create more notebooks

By default, Evernote stores all your clippings in one ‘notebook’, based on your username. You can create as many notebooks as you like. To create a notebook right-click the Notebooks icon on the left (Ctrl + Shift N) and choose Create Notebook. Name your notebook and click OK. When saving notes using Web Clipper or directly to Evernote, just select the relevant notebook from the dropdown options menu you’ve created.

By creating notebooks, Evernote users are able to properly organize their clippings

By creating notebooks, Evernote users are able to properly organize their clippings

Email notes straight to your account

If you have a sudden brainwave you want to note down, you can email it to your Evernote notebook via a unique email address associated with your Evernote account. You can view this email link under Usage, ‘Email notes to’ in the desktop version of Evernote. You can also view how much of your 60MB monthly upload allowance (for the free version) remains. Should you hit the limit you won’t be able to upload anything else to Evernote until the end of the current 30-day cycle.

Share notes and notebooks

Items stored in your Evernote account are usually accessible only to you. However, you can create shared links (publicly or with individuals) for specific notes or whole notebooks. To share a note, right-click it and choose Share from the top right of the Evernote window. Select a sharing option. To revoke access, right-click the note and click Stop Sharing. To share an entire notebook, right-click it and choose Share Notebook. Choose Invite Individuals or ‘Create a Public Link’. Anyone can view your Evernote items and notebooks if you invite them to, but other Evernote users will also be able to edit the contents. To cancel access, right-click the notebook folder again and click the X next to the invitee’s name.

To share a note, click Share and chose an option

To share a note, click Share and chose an option

Remove web page clutter

The web is full of distracting adverts, flashing graphics and videos. Evernote Clearly ( removes everything from a web page except the text and some photos. It saves the stripped-down web page so you can finish reading it offline. Click the lamp icon at the top-right of a Chrome webpage to view it in Clearly. Click the lamp icon again to revert to the standard web view.

Never forget a face

Remember meeting someone but not much about them? It’s a common enough problem. Install Evernote Hello (, though, and you’ll be able to access job and personal info about anyone you’ve previously met. You need an Android, iPad or iPhone to use Hello, but this free app then syncs with your phone contacts, Evernote calendar and Linkedln. You can also share photos with other Hello users so they can easily remember you.

Record a memorable meal

Food bloggers will enjoy this. Evernote Food ( is a free iOS and Android app that saves photos of your starter, main and dessert, along with your notes, then stores your reviews and recipes, and lets you share them.

Get Skitch

The free iOS and Android app Skitch ( lets you annotate any image with your own text and doodles. As well as adding effects to photos taken with your smartphone or tablet, Skitch works on images imported from a photo album or captured from the web. It’s great for annotating maps or adding a greeting to a photo. Everything you do in Skitch is, of course, automatically synced to your Evernote account.

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