Colorfly C4 - The Unique Music Player For Audiophile

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Despite not having as many features as Apple iPod or Sony Walkman, Colorfly C4 is one of models having best audio quality, plus the first product which is able to deal with lossless 24 bit/192kHz format.

Not as either mordent or fully-technological as models available in the market, the German model Colorfly 4 looks specifically hi-end, for audiophile. The design appears a little classic, simple yet subtle. The device has case made of varnished luxury wood featuring a sophisticatedly carved logo, delivering a subtle handling.

Colorfly C4 shares the same dimension with a iPod classic yet it is lighter, more aggressive and more unique

Colorfly C4 shares the same dimension with a iPod classic yet it is lighter, more aggressive and more unique

The front surface is made of metal painted copper-golden. Buttons are strangely placed but they come in large size, making it easy to function, especially for a volume rocker on the right. Not featuring high resolution plus various colors, Colorfly C4’s display is an OLED type delivering 320x240pixel resolution, along with ability of showing info while playing but it looks dull due to few-color support.

The touch as well as uniqueness of this expensive design lies in 2 two headphone slots in the bottom: one 3.5mm and one golden-plated 6.3mm. Next to them are two common SPDIF In/Out and one micro-SD slot supporting up to 32GB, plus mini-USB ports for both charging and connecting to PC.

Unlike other usual music player whose output is digital, Colorfly C4 has been named exactly Digital-to-Analog Player (DAP), integrated with an decoder that allows converting audio signal from digital to analog and delivers higher quality as well as accuracy. This is the reason why Colorfly has been highly appreciated by magazines of sound, hi-fi and hi-end worlds.

Colorfly C4 has been named exactly Digital-to-Analog Player (DAP)

Colorfly C4 has been named exactly Digital-to-Analog Player (DAP)

Colorlfy C4 is also the world’s first music player that is able to process lossless format featuring 24 bit/192kHz frequency. The device is integrated with Circus Logic CS 4398 DAC commonly seen on hi-fi audio devices, along with Op-amp ADI AD823 chipset. Thus, even with incredible headphones, C4’s performance can be remarkable, without any help of discrete head-amp, supporting headphones having impedance over 300Ohm.

Besides, with the integral SPDIF In/Out, Colorfly C4 can become the core for civil hi-fi sound system and take the place of CD player… Aside from MP3, the product also supports other formats that feature higher quality, such as APE, FLAC, WAV and OGG.

Speaking of sound, Colorfly C4 is the player which is among top quality products at present.

Colorfly C4 meets the audiophile’s demands at any time in any place

Colorfly C4 meets the audiophile’s demands at any time in any place

Configured with a Sennheiser Full-sized HD598 headset to play ‘Ain’t no sunshine’ of Friends of Carlotta, C4 immediately impressed us with the vivid vocal as well as the clarity of instrumental sounds. With ‘When you say nothing at all’, the vocal of the Amerian female singer, Alison Krauss, turned sweet and incredibly serene. Finally, the couple of HD580 and Colorfly C4 showed off a great combination that made audiences feel like being at the real theater with deep bass, especially when listening to the original ‘Canon in D’ of Pachelbel.

Colorfly also has default Equalizers that suits various music genres, giving users fast selections via a ‘musical-note’ button on the front.

Though sound quality is impressive, the product has problem in sensitivity, unlike common players. This partly comes from hi-quality sounds which feature large capacity, taking times for control, especially at start-up or when accessing some certain sections.

Additionally, the integration of DAC, head-amp and many outputs places Colorfly C4’s battery life at an acceptable level. With a Full-sized headphone, runtime may last from 7h to 8h after a full charge. But, if you are among audiophiles interested in distinctive products, this may be one of the most seductive options at present, in term of both audio quality and features.

Colorfly C4 Specs

·         RRP is $625.

·         D/A Chip: CS4398

·         Frequency Response: 20-20K Hz

·         THD+N:0.004%(-87db)1Khz

·         S/N: 108db(16ohms)

·         Output level: 6.35mm:125MW @ 32 ohm; 3.5mm:30mw at 32 Ohm

·         Clock jitter: <5ps

·         Size: 124x72x25mm

·         Weight: 259g

·         On board Flash: 16/32 GB

·         Battery time: 7-9 Hrs

·         I / O: 6.35 Headphone Output; 3.5 Headphone Output; USB Data Exchange; TF card (up to 32GB); S/Pdif In/Out

·         Includes USB Cable, AC Adapter and Leather pouch.



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