Damson Twist – Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker With Serious Bass

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While some older readers, such as the silver surfer brigade, may remember the Twist as a popular dance craze of their youth, today the Twist is more likely to be recognised as a Bluetooth wireless speaker. Adopting a stubby cylindrical shape and available in a choice of black, silver, red or blue, the Twist has been developed by Damson, a company recently set up in Yorkshire by James Talbot, who is passionate about the audio quality of his favourite music when he is out and about on his travels. This passion led him to design products to enhance his listening experience.


Small enough, at 56 x 74mm, to fit inside a pocket but perhaps a tad too heavy at 333g for comfort, the Twist comes with a drawstring soft carry pouch. You also get leads for USB and audio connectivity using sockets at the rear of the device. The Twist is powered by a lithium-ion battery, which can be recharged from a computer or the mains with a USB adapter plug. You can link the device either through Bluetooth or a wired connection using the supplied audio lead. Depending on your choice of connection, you will get four or nine hours of playback. There's an option to daisy chain the Twist to another device, but I cannot see this happening too often.

Along with an Off mode, the Twist can be set to BT (Bluetooth) or On mode. Living up to its title, you need to twist the top part of this product to select your chosen mode. When either pairing the device or using Bluetooth as the delivery method, you need to put the Twist in BT mode. A blue light will pulse when in pairing mode and hold steady when playing audio. The On mode is used when you've linked the Twist to a non-Bluetooth device such as an MP3 player or an early iPod.


The Twist has a stylish appearance that is easy on the eye. The review unit was predominately black in colour with a silver band running around the middle of the cylindrical body. The unit is mounted on top of a plinth that has a sticky base to ensure that there is a firm contact between the Twist and whatever surface it is mounted on. Even with fairly loud output, I was unable to detect any movement of the Twist on a variety of surface.

The Twist makes use of Incisor Diffusion Technology, which was originally developed by the US Navy. This technology involves the use of a resonator that works with an appropriate flat surface. The result of this combination turns the surface into a kind of speaker that produces vibrations that enhance the audio output to deliver a more rounded sound with a fuller bass. You can actually feel the vibrations that are produced by touching the mounting surface while the music is being played.


While the technology does have the ability to improve the audio output, not all surfaces are suitable. When placed on some surfaces, the vibrations created spoilt, rather than enhanced, the listening pleasure. Some experimentation will be required to get the best results. I found that it worked best for me when using a solid base rather than a surface that was part of a box or empty container.


·         Price: $128

·         Manufacturer: Damson

·         Website:

·         Required spec: N.A


·         Quality: 7

·         Value: 6

·         Overall: 7


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