Magnum KT120 New Light Amplifier Review

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Magnum KT120 New is the newest integrated light of Rogue Audio firm (America). It has impressed output capacity 102W at one side. It has round sound quality, dense, particular, blending and useful for bass.

Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum KT120 New light amplifier is $2,500.

Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum KT120 New light amplifier is $2,500.

In 2012, light bulb with capacity KT120 appears. It makes inspiration for many light amplifier producers because it has a lot of remarkably technological advantages. KT120 bulb can operate with maximum capacity 60W (while the maximum rate of 6,550 bulb is 35W), KT88 bulb’s capacity is 42W, KT90 bulb’s capacity is 50W. Responding frequency range of KT120 is from 5Hz to 59 kHz. It is better than KT88 (5Hz-32kHz) and EL34 (5 Hz-30kHz). Sound distortion of KT102 light is smaller than usual capacity light. Rogue Audio immediately improved Cronus Magnum KT90 integrated light (90W capacity, one side uses 4 KT90 lights) to Cronus Magnum KT120 (although Cronus Magnum KT90 won “Cheap Light Amplifier that is the best in 2010”).  

Magnum KT120’s capacity is better than Magnum KT90. Its output capacity is 102W x 2 channels Rogue Audio used bigger transformer, resistance and high ranking capacitor. In addition, it also added some improvements for KT120 amplifier such as gold-plated socket and better conductor wire. KT120 bulb belongs to famous Tung-Sol firm, 12AU7 bulbs of Philips and 12AX7 bulb of JJ Tesla. Magnum KT120 has phono entrance for MM needle and MC needle with high impedance 47 kOhm. In addition, it has output headphone. The new integrated amplifier models often ignore these features.

Magnum KT120 (using separated Furutech G-20A-18 power cable that is combined with CD Denon DCD 3300 emitting source ( Analysis Plus Copper Oval In signal cable) and Pioneer XL-1,551 coal tray that is attached with MM Concept needle of Clear audio. In addition, we also tested amplifier with 3 pairs of loudspeaker: Tech wood S6C - 150W 80hm capacity with 3 sound ways, 4-inch bass that faces side; Image in Grey dB 10.6 loudspeaker - 110W 80hm capacity with 4 sound ways, 3-inch bass, 93dB sensitivity; Kenwood KL-5,080 loudspeaker - 70W 80hm capacity with 4 sound ways, 3-inch bass and 103dB sensitivity (loudspeaker cable Analysis Plus Oval 9). To each conforming of grafting loudspeaker, Magnum KT120 is compared with Magnum KT90 “previous amplifier” (also graft with above equipment).

4 entrances, 2 outputs, multiple speaker wire and separated power socket are behind of Cronus Magnum KT120 amplifier.

4 entrances, 2 outputs, multiple speaker wire and separated power socket are behind of Cronus Magnum KT120 amplifier.

With any player of Magnum KT120 and Kenwood KL-5,080, they create sound quality that is natural, warm, simple, soft and charming.  Images in Grey dB 10.6 create sound that is thick, large and moving; 3 directions with deep bass; mid is bright and rises; treble is tattered and mild. To above dubbed and recorded music the combination of Magnum KT120 and Tech wood S6C is the best. It can combine advantages of dubbed and recorded music with Kenwood KL-5080 and with Images in Grey dB 10.6.

Comparing with KT90, KT120 is better about resolution and cube of musical instrument’s sound, singing voice as well as warm and feeling. However, Magnum’s new product isn’t as good as Magnum KT90 about the ability of distinguishing line, detail and it isn’t as reasonable as KT90. KT120 seems to be “milder and sweeter” than Magnum KT90 that is “firm and sharp”. At present, Ampli Magnum KT120’s price is $2,500. It is higher $200 than KT90.This difference is appropriate to improvement.

Paganini For Two CD records skits for violin duet (Gil Shaham represents) and guitar (Goran Sollscher represents). Listening to this CD is based on solution that chooses CD Denon DCD 3,300, Magnum KT120 amplifier and Tech wood S6C loudspeaker. We have reached the summit of our hopes because violin’s sound is full, smooth, strong and has sublimation on the background of guitar’s slow sound. When listening, listeners will feel secure with equipment. They only need to follow the process of song without paying attention that tonal range has error or not. Experience that is listed below uses Tech wood S6C loudspeaker.

This result is the combination of many elements such and ensuring clean electric power (ACME isolated transformer and APC filter electricity), good conductor wire (Furutech G-20A-18 power cable with $480, Analysis Plus Copper Oval In signal cable with price $300, Analysis Plus Oval 9 speaker wire with $500), precious power sound disc, perfect combining equipment. However, the most important part belongs to Cronus Magnum KT120 newly integrated amplifier.

Attend to experience Cronus Magnum KT120: Denon DC300 CD; Pioneer XL-1,551 coal disc; Cronus Magnum KT90 amplifier and pairs of Tech wood S6C loudspeaker; Kenwood KL-5,080, Images in Grey dB10.6.

Attend to experience Cronus Magnum KT120: Denon DC300 CD; Pioneer XL-1,551 coal disc; Cronus Magnum KT90 amplifier and pairs of Tech wood S6C loudspeaker; Kenwood KL-5,080, Images in Grey dB10.6.

CD Beethoven: Piano Concerto No5 “Emperor” & Piano Sonata No28 was recorded when Helene Grimaud (piano) played Staatskapelle Dresden orchestra and Vladimir Jurowski bandmaster – one of the best CDs for trial listening. CD contains not too many or too little typical details to compare. These are characteristics about timbre, intensity, length and pitch. Helene Grimaud and orchestra’s expression is not too colorful but particular enough. It is the strong performance that makes music overflow with little corner or stop to have an attractive show from the beginning to the end. In CD, piano and bass’s sound is shown well about both timbre and volume. String instrument’s sound and other instruments help listeners be able to determine the position of diversified details of piece music. Magnum KT120 solution overcame all of the special positions in song( it is often used to calculate, evaluate the display ability of equipment easily, smoothly with good result and it also shows that it is an attractive amplifier.

Cronus Magnum KT120 is not completely as remarkable as Cronus Magnum KT90 when listening with coal disc.

Cronus Magnum KT120 is not completely as remarkable as Cronus Magnum KT90 when listening with coal disc.

Listening to Magnum KT120 with selective music CD help listeners feel secure about Magnum KT120 integrated light amplifier To watch turns with simple composition of orchestra, fewer instruments and singing voice, KT90 is more pleasant than KT90.

Cronus Magnum KT120 was also listened to check phono pulse and John Denver’s Greatest Hits coal disc. Many solutions were tested by this coal disc, so we have more chance to compare KT120’s phono pulse with solution that is used to play another coal disc. As a result, phono pulse’s sound quality of Cronus Magnum KT120 is very good. The reason is that MM Concept of Clearaudio needle is changed; however, the most important reason is that phono pulse on Cronus Magnum KT120 and amplifier using KT120 is good. The quality of some songs such as Take Me Home, Country Roads… can gain “9-10” to some previous solutions that experienced high ranking coal discs. All of them seem to express real, cheerful, upright characteristics of a countryside singer famous in America and in the world.

To feature of listening to coal disc, it’s difficult to compare Cronus Magnum KT90 with Cronus Magnum KT120. KT120’s advantage is also its disadvantage: sound quality is thick, warm and rich of feeling. However, its detail and sharp isn’t as good as KT90. When we use coal disc to listen to music, “mild analog” sound quality is soft enough, but KT120’s warm and emotive characteristic is redundant.

Techical specs

·         Transfo is used to provide improving source.

·         Polypropylene condenser

·         Precision Dale – Vishay resistance at important points

·         Gold-plated socket

·         Improve the signal of small shade

·         Capacity: 20W x 2 channels

·         Output capacity: KT120(4)

·         Input: 12AX7 (2) and 12AU7 (3)

·         Entrance: RCA: Phono, CD, Aux1, Aux 2

·         Exit: Fixed ( this is Tape Out) and Variable ( this is Pre-out)

·         Stake to install loudspeaker: 8Ohm (default) and 4OHM (must be reset)

·         Reference price: $2,500



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