Nokia Lumia 810 – T-Mobile (Part 4)

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If you have not got familiar with Windows Phone 8, we encourage you to read our full review on it in where we made researches about the benefits and drawbacks of the newest operating system of Microsoft for cellphones. A typical nuisance is the application system, because the developers have not rallied behind Windows Phone at the similar level as Android and iOS. Some official applications that you will not be able to find are Flipboard, Instagram, Meetup, MOG, Pandora, Pinterest, Redbox, Sonos, Spotify, Stitcher, TiVo and TuneIn. We hope to see this change in a near future, but at this time, you will have to suffer the increasing pains with Windows Phone 8. Unless you especially demand for expandable storage, HTX 8X is surely a better Windows Phone on T-Mobile in terms of hardware. However, it is to remind you that we have suggested at the beginning of this review that Nokia has loaded the Lumia with many useful applications, which are enough to put you into a hard-to-decide situation in which you might be in favor of Nokia. We discussed some of those applications in the camera part of this review, but you can also find many others based on navigation and Nokia Music.

Lumia 810’s software

Lumia 810’s software

First of all is City Lens, which is the Local Scout version only for Nokia, but with a greater number of categories and an added augmented reality component. The app is interesting and brings certain impression, but it is quite useful when you are trying to familiarize yourself the new neighborhood. It is quite strange that City Lens require the users to adjust the compass whenever loading the app, which sometimes discourage them and seems to be undesirable. Moreover, once you choose an interesting place, you will be automatically switched to the Nokia Maps, which takes some seconds to load. Do this few times and you will recognize that the waiting time starts to increase. Another frustrating point is that Nokia Maps is lack of photos and comments, which means it is sure that you need to be back to Foursquare or Yelp to exactly know the location. City Lens is really promising, but it should be polished a lot before turning out to be a formidable competitor for other location-based discovery apps.

Applications on Lumia 810

Applications on Lumia 810

While City Lens brings a certain experimental feel, the Lumia 810 starts to shine with Nokia’s navigation applications. Without mincing word, travelers and commuters should seriously consider one Windows Phone from Nokia, because Drive and Transit are two very useful apps that are really worth their price.

Nokia Drive provides detailed, free, voice-guided direction, but is such an exceptional change. It can save the local map on the phone, which is nothing short of a surprised gift for times that you desire to navigate outside the mobile data coverage. It not only provides the maps for 50 states, but also expands to almost all counties over 6 continents. Nokia Drive also warns the users whenever they are accelerating and assists avoiding potential nuisances like toll roads, ferries, tunnels and unpaved roads. We used this app for a quick test drive and finished with the same impression of the full review: fast, competitive and potentially replacing a dedicated GPS navigation unit.

Nokia Transit just does only one thing, but it does it perfectly well. The app is for guiding users through their commuters and journeys with public transportation, and it fills the necessary gap on Windows Phone. The app is very easy to use, and thanks to the map and detailed direction, the transfers are so fast. Another nice perk: you can pin your favorite destination one the main screen

Another fantastic application is Nokia Music, which is the combination of a store, a service called Mix Radio and concert listings. It’s worth pointing out that you will also see Xbox Music store on Lumia 810, which is a part of Windows Phone Store. In Nokia Music, you will usually find songs which are sold at the price from $0.99 to $1.29. Mix Radio surely is an outstanding feature, similar to Pandora, but it avoids advertising and allows users to download songs for offline listening. Concert listing is also a nice bonus, and you will find links for ticket purchasing from your phone.

Other applications of Nokia include ESPN and Transfer My Data. The latter may be suitable for new users, who try to import data from other devices via Bluetooth. If you are not a fan of any specific Nokia’s application, you will be pleased to know that you can remove the any undesirable installation at any time. The similar things are applied to apps that T-Mobile loaded on the Lumia 810, which includes 411 & More, CallerTunes, Slacker Radio and T-Mobile TV. You will also find an application entry for Zynga games, which just serves as a shortcut to download non-advertising version of Draw Something and Words with Friends.


Obviously, Nokia Lumia 810 is a stable smartphone, but the only that might turn it into a failure is Lumia 920, a better but cheaper device. If not willing to change the ship from T-Mobile, the Nokia’s optional software also affect the equation because you need to choose between an elite hardware but does less (HTC 8X) or an inferior smartphone but does more (Lumia 810), or you can wait for the 6-month exclusive status of Lumia 920 on AT&T to be expired, or you can import the Canadian version, which seems to support only the HSPA+ bandwidth of T-Mobile. As long as you are aware of other solutions, we are not hesitant to recommend you the Lumia 810. However, if you wish to use the phone immediately, you should be ready to swallow a bitter pill because we do not think the price $150 would fall during the holiday.

Obviously, Nokia Lumia 810 is a stable smartphone, but the only that might turn it into a failure is Lumia 920, a better but cheaper device.

Obviously, Nokia Lumia 810 is a stable smartphone, but the only that might turn it into a failure is Lumia 920, a better but cheaper device.


·         Fast performance

·         Exclusive Nokia’s applications

·         Impressive camera

·         Excellent quality phone calls


·         High price and low value

·         Text in the browser seems quite jagged


·         Lumia 810 is a great smartphone, but it cannot compete with the lower-cost Lumia 920.


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