Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini - A Small Galaxy Having Few Stars (Part 3)

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Back in evaluation mode - instead of comparing - we will see some of the same numbers.  This is especially true with the screen. We will repeat again: it has 4 inches size diagonally, with WVGA resolution (800x480) and density of 233ppi. Samsung tied to Super AMOLED PenTile whether you like it or not, but if you're the kind of people who see it as a disadvantage, maybe you had missed something at the end. In fact, the screen is quietly adequate, and still provides enjoyable experiences. What it lacks in pixel density has been offset in brightness and color reproduction. It may not be as outstanding as a laminated screens we've seen recently (such as HTC Desire X, or Acer CloudMobile), but the image displayed honesty, there was not any clearly contrast problems, and if you plan to watch a lot of videos, we think it's perfectly acceptable during this normal inspection.


The camera apps offers lots of different capture modes.

The camera apps offer lots of different capture modes.

Even though the 2010 had long past, the iPhone 4 shows what you can do with 5MP pretty good.  Its time of glory may have passed, but it can start to give you a better sense of the position of the Galaxy S III in the expected market (hint: not the high-end market). So it has 5MP (with f/2.6 aperture, focal length 3.54mm) but what it could do with 5MP is really matter, and we're pleased to say that it really works quite well. Colors were stable and clear, even though the great Fall in the UK made it more difficult to find bright examples that worth shooting.  Different low-light performance, in which the dim room become special goddess of the camera, creating more dilute colors. But even so, with a steady hand and the built-in low-light modes, you can still take some pretty nice pictures at night.

Pictures are bursting with realistic colours

Pictures are bursting with realistic colors

Since we do not use the pre-installed Android, the camera has a few additional options that you will not get with the old operating system of Google. If you've used any other Samsung's TouchWiz phones recently, you will know there are many additional camera modes, including Panorama, Burst and HDR. Of course there are other normal modes, such as tap to focus, face detection and geography tagging (Geo Tag). They all work on the Galaxy S III mini as well as on the original Galaxy S III, which mean they are useful tools in enhancing the experience.

What about the budding filmmakers? Well, we do not think this phone will win you an Oscar, but while filming some scenes outdoor, we find it fully capable of keeping quality memories which easy to view on mobile phone as well as on the desktop. However, you do not need to listen to our empty words, because there is a sample clip below. You are recording in 720p resolution at 30fps (12Mbps, 128Kbps audio), so at least you are becoming a member of the HD club, even though it is at a basic level.


Back in May, when Samsung unveiled Galaxy S III "was designed for people", it has overhauled the TouchWiz. We do not like it when overall evaluating the super-phone, but we've got half a year to accept it, and those disappointments - while still present - at least faded over time. The important thing here is the UI was one of the few areas where experiences between the two phones are comparable. All new tools as S Voice and Motion gestures are presented for you to enjoy. It also includes other tools such as multitasking pop-up video.  Certainly, with a smaller screen, it may not be very useful, but it still was a nice addition.

S Voice is a built-in application for Samsung’s product.

S Voice is a built-in application for Samsung’s product.

Those familiar applications include the lock screen, which we found it was very fast to customize, would be sure to become our favorite soon.  Those quick access utilities and shortcuts in the pull-down notification are a great way to get to the useful settings quickly.  At a more fundamental level (i.e. internal), remember that we used Android 4.1 Jelly Bean right from the start, and that means things like Google Now is just one long press the menu button, which bring a modern experience.

The Jelly Bean software feels very responsive to use, compared to older versions of Android.

The Jelly Bean software feels very responsive to use, compared to older versions of Android.

However, we are very sad to announce the lack of S Beam / NFC.  When the device was first released, there was speculation about this feature is included, but it can be just available for some region.  Indeed, that is true. Our UK retail model does not support NFC. It was the same at any other area in Europe (Sweden, Norway, Germany, Belgium, etc.). We asked Samsung to clarify which region will have advertising NFC, but this time you should check your local Samsung website as a precaution.

In general, the caveat here is that while you may be a little harsh to deal in terms of specifications, what Samsung allows you to do with the phone really does not change (the NFC, of course).  It's actually not bad, especially if you look at it with a more clearly perspective view that it's a cheap device, a device inspired by the Galaxy S III. Ok, I know some people still want an exact copy of the Galaxy S III, but unfortunately you have missed some of the article above.

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