Sony Xperia Z Review (Part 1)

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Xperia Z is one of the main pillars for Sony's new strategy to focus on the mobile sector, games and images. In fact, it is a device aimed at all three of these areas, while also adjusting the Sony’s smartphone past. The equipment led to a new design language, from which Sony has also decided to bring to the new tablets. It is called the omni-balance design, but it is best described as a combination of the angles of 90 degrees; the weight distribution is flat and glossy edges.

Sony Xperia Z with the black and white colors

Sony Xperia Z with the black and white colors

Once you look at the phone by your eyes, all of the previous Xperias pale in comparison. The phone looks sturdy and you will hardly think that any part of it is just plastic. Between the glass surfaces, you will find Sony’s first 1080p phone screen with the size of 5 inches and having benefits from the technology company's new Bravia Mobile Engine 2. However, the improvements for the Xperia series are not only aesthetic, but Sony has also added a 13MP camera (with Exmor RS sensor supporting the HDR video) and a 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 Plus, which has recently been the Qualcomm’s most powerful mobile processor.

Meanwhile, those valuable electronic components are protected by a waterproof shell (IPX5/7) and dust-resistant (IP5X). Such protection is rarely seen on a phone that is not advertised as durable equipment, regardless of talking about a company’s new high-end phones. Sony is expecting to be successful in the mobile sector, and just a few weeks from the world's top phone tradeshow, has the company created something that can resist the current Android champions and won?


Where to start with the hardware? It is here: this is the most beautiful smartphone of Sony ever. The lack of any removable panel to access the battery means that the components of Xperia Z can be tucked in a slim appearance with the size of 7.9mm (0.31 inches) and the weight of 146g (5.15 ounces). It’s partly due to the hidden ports; the light can bounce from the white sides of the phone. In short, it is a real beauty. It should be noted that along with black and white choices, you also have the purple version, which our Spanish team tried.

But while it is a beauty, the expansion of the 5-inch screen and accompanying bezel mean that this is not the most comfortable smartphone we have processed. Compared with the sturdy Lumia 920, the Xperia Z is a little taller, but easier to handle, thanks to the slimmer shape. In other words, it feels like the DNA Droid rather than Galaxy Note II, for example. As we have mentioned before, reaching to the phone’s upper edge proves a little stretch if you use with a hand - we hope that Sony's upcoming Xperia ZL (with its smaller size) will be easier to handle. Thanks to the geometric shape, the phone is somewhat uncomfortable to hold after using a long time, with the sharp edges pressing into your palms. However, we do not have any problems when putting it in our pockets - something we cannot affirm for the other phones with 5-inch screens.

Sony Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

Sony Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

The glass-covered back sets the Xperia Z to the same group as the Nexus 4 and iPhone 4S, although Sony differentiates its designs by extending these glass panels to either side. Both the front and the back include a scratch-resistant layer (not Gorilla Glass), while a glass-fiber polyamide frame connects all those glass panels together. This frame rounds the corners between the glass panels; helping smooth these angles to some extent.

Two other noticeable features are the IPX5/7 and IP5X indexes of Xperia Z. In fact, Sony said that the phone device can process water at a depth of one meter, and is against sprayed water jets. It is also designed to make dust stay aloof from the phone's delicate components. To access the micro-SIM and microSD slots, as well as the headphone and micro-USB sockets, you'll need to uncover the sealed lids. There is a rubber lining behind each one to make sure that it is waterproof. We tested it in the bowls of water and showers, but none of these leading to an emergency call to Sony to ask for another review unit. The lids also feel sturdy- we do not worry about their breaking out after using for a long time. You can even pick up the phone with them (we do not suggest you do that). At the same time, opening these lids is not harder than opening the battery covers or battery to access the micro-SIM slot and SD reader.

We tested the phone devices of Sony Xperia Z in the bowls of water and showers, but none of these leading to an emergency call to Sony to ask for another review unit.

We tested the phone devices of Sony Xperia Z in the bowls of water and showers, but none of these leading to an emergency call to Sony to ask for another review unit.

While you do not need to open these lids too often, you will have access to micro-USB port quite often. With all these mechanical gaps closed, it's good to see some form of wireless charging, given that it has already been on the rival phones as Lumia 920, Droid DNA and Nexus 4.

Thanks to these port lids, however, the phone’s streamlined perimeter is discontinued only by the power button, which will be familiar to anyone who uses the PlayStation Vita. Set off-center along the length of the right side, it is made of aluminum processed by the machines (such as volume rocker below it); although you will not have a camera button this time. Clearly, this is a sacrifice that must be made to ensure waterproof phones, but it also feels like an obvious omission. The Micro-SIM slot is located on the same side, while the single loudspeaker is on the bottom of the right side. Unfortunately, the loudspeaker is small and even at maximum volume level; it lacks the power during our video playback process.

On the left side, you will see the lids for the microSD and micro-USB, along with contacts for a dock that is unseen yet. Turn your phone to the glossy back (but not leaving the fingerprints), you'll find the main 13-megapixel camera, flash and second mic. Fortunately, the lens is slightly indented, which will protect it from scratches. When we pulled the phone out of its box, there was a removable NFC sticker, but on the other hand, the Xperia logo and a few serial numbers are at the bottom to break the white surface.

On the front of the phone, there is no white panel (except for a small piece on the side), with black border fitting around a 5-inch screen. At the top, you will see the front 2-megapixel camera with Sony's Exmor R sensor - and it also supports HDR! Below the screen, there is nothing out of the phone's mic. The Xperia Z has buttons on the screen instead of for any capacitive keys.


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