Experience The Powerful And Classic LG Optimus LTE II

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Optimus LTE II is LG’s latest smartphone. Its specs are competitive, which proves that LG is able to rival other big opponents such as Samsung (with Galaxy S III) and HTC (with One X).

Description: Experience the powerful and classic LG Optimus LTE II

Experience the powerful and classic LG Optimus LTE II



LG Optimus LTE II


Black or white


Android 4.0.3


4.7inch TrueHD IPS


Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Dual Core 1.5GHz


2GB Dual Channel


16GB (extendable via card)






8MP resolution plus voice-control support

Video recording

Full HD 1920x1080


2150mAh (removable)

Talk time

600 minutes

Standby time

250 hours


Description: Design


Optimus LTE II owns square-shaped and classic look. Its package is carefully treated and I have never seen any smartphone’s box that was more beautiful than this. The phone is covered by a rough plastic finish which is well waterproof and anti-dust. Metal fringe and front-facing camera is adorned to enhance to model’s beauty. Due to this fringe, the phone apparently looks like Dell Venue. Despite plastic case, it feels quite sturdy in 145g weight and heavier than Galaxy S III (133g) and HTC One X (130g).

Description: Power button is placed on top right, of which I am extremely fond of. It seems nice and easily pressed.

Power button is placed on top right, of which I am extremely fond of. It seems nice and easily pressed.

Description: Optimus LTE II is equipped with physical Home button appearing similar to Galaxy S II’s Home button.

Optimus LTE II is equipped with physical Home button appearing similar to Galaxy S II’s Home button.

I prefer using physical button as it delivers high reliability and good rebound as well as functions unlocking the screen. I should add that this button responses quite fast and assists operation better than Galaxy S III’s Home button.

Description: Two volume keys are placed in the left side, giving no difficulty doing regular actions.

Two volume keys are placed in the left side, giving no difficulty doing regular actions.

I am also interested in that back lid is removable for alternative battery and, moreover, integrated with wireless charging technology. However, further review about this will be given because the wireless charger is not enclosed in box and separately sold.


LG Optimus LTE II is equipped with dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor (1.5GHz) plus Adreno 225 GPU. This is the first chipset manufactured in 28nm structure. S4 processor will show better and longer performance than other ones due to its power-saving ability. Less power leaked means longer runtime. Qualcomm’s view point is that new core’s quality, not quantity, is the determining factor so the brand has currently produced no quad-core chipset.

Optimus LTE II uses 4G technology thus it’s logical that LG decided to get along with Snapdragon S4. Qualcomm chip is integrated with both processor and LTE chip in a single body so it is really useful and efficient. Meanwhile, quad-core smartphones requires discrete LTE chip, which leads to increase in price and short runtime. Though, but for that did Qualcomm consider quad-core processors important. According to some reports, Snapdragon S4’s quad-core series will have been on sale by the end of this year plus retained the design including both LTE chip and CPU.

LG Optimus LTE II’s most remarkable point is 2GB of RAM, which surpasses that of not only Galaxy S 3 but also present smartphones (except for Galaxy S 3 Korean version). With Dual Channel technology, operations get much smoothly and I felt this model was no less than either Galaxy S III or One X. Besides, thanks to 2GB of RAM, user won’t be afraid that RAM will be overloaded when performing multi tasks.

In practical operation, system’s apps occupied about 800MB of RAM and there were still 1.2GB free. I did open and switch continuously between basic apps: Facebook, yahoo, browser, instagram, camera… The amount of free RAM was still over 800MB. Manipulating or switching apps found no difficulty as well as no tiny delay. I tried playing a HD movie (5.1GB), the phone could view it fluently without lagging. Dual-channel RAM worked perfectly.


Optimus LTE II is equipped with 4.7inch screen plus 1280x720pixel resolution with True HD IPS panel. With such equipment, Optimus LTE’s pixel density reaches 326ppi, higher than 316ppi of Galaxy S II HD LTE and equal to pixel density of iPhone 4’s Retina Display. According to GSM Arena, Optimus LTE 2’s screen can compete with Galaxy S III’s one. In addition, the phone’s case has parts made of metal and glass, giving the model a classic look while Galaxy S III features plastic case. During practical experience, Optimus’s displaying contrast is not as high as Galaxy S III’s one yet it views clearer and more relaxing. As a result, I prefer Optimus.


Description: Entertainment


There’s no doubt that watching movies on Optimus LTE II is really good. Though, music playing is mediocre. Earphone gives medium quality and bass less good than Galaxy S III’s one. Despite all, experiencing Dolby technology on Optimus is also exciting.


LG equips Optimus LTE II with 8MP camera producing medium image quality, which isn’t surprising. In low lighting, images may lose sharpness. ISO’s maximum level is 400 (while common smartphone’s camera owns 800). Face-fronting camera can features smoothening skins, really suits some girls’ favorite. Besides, it can be controlled by voice thus in case you want to capture videos or photos, just say “Kimchi”. How interesting!

Description: Shot done by the phone

Shot done by the phone


With 2150mAh battery, Optimus is completely able to stand one-day operation. There’s also an extra battery enclosed and external charger, freeing user from the worry that battery will be run out. Here are some test resulted done by me.

After fully charged at 5.30am, with only 2G connections, I set 50% brightness, sent 10 messages, shot 20 photos and viewed the gallery. 3 hours and 45 minutes later, there was 99% battery left.

Next, I made phone call via loudspeaker and internal speaker for 5 minutes and 6 minutes respectively, sent 50 messages, shot 20 photos, recorded for 3 minutes, browsed Facebook and web (through Wi-Fi connection) plus viewed gallery for 1 hour then listened to online music by loudspeaker for 5 minutes. After all, there was 40% battery left.

Meanwhile, after fully charged, the phone was used to play a HD movie (Thor) within 2 hours and 12 minutes with headphone equipped. When the movie finished, there was 72% battery left.


RRP is around $525, quite pricey for users to buy and experience.


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