Build Up Your Dream House with PC (Part 4)

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Design for life

Software as Sketchup is not a shortcut for 7 years studying about architecture, or paying someone who has that training. However, for those who want to build, expand or renovate their home, it allows them to participate in the design process. 3D modeling software can help you express your ideas to the architects, and explore the ideas they come up.

Description: Design for life

The construction projects take time and money. In fact, if you are passionate about it, the 3D model can easily become a black hole for your time. However, as long as you keep an eye on prices, hoping it will be worth.

Make the dream come true

Studying a case of a contractor

Online entrepreneurs - Michael Kelly has recently decided to build a house. He had planned to move, but he seemed to be unable to find a house with a suitable layout for the rooms in an inappropriate area and it was not in accordance with the budget. "We consider our prospects for building in an approximate way," he admitted. "But when a piece of land appears with general construction permission at a perfect location, it seems to be the best way to provide everything we want. There are disadvantages such as time and effort and disruption to our lives, cost risks beyond our control, but the benefits of having a house which is designed and built properly as we want is very attractive. "

The available blocks

Kelly begins by reviewing the projects which are presented to the council as part of general construction permission, and then begins to sketch his ideas in order to see how he could use the space. He reveals, "general license is for a small one-story wooden house. I've been in touch with real estate agents, who drew the blueprints and planning staffs have accepted the license. Obviously the design has been re-assembled to be licensed and to have the opportunity to change it ".

However, as Kelly points out, there are many limits due to small-scale land and not paying attention to the neighbor's garden is also a problem.

"Initially, I worked within the framework of the design which is acceptable, but it is not big enough," he admits. Kelly tried dozens of other ideas by moving the walls in and out. He used Xara Photo & Graphic Designer, a software package making it easy to illustrate a design copy and try out different concepts but do not have to start from the scratch each time.

When Kelly met his favorite design, he met an architect who was hired to look at what he did. "His information proved to be more valuable than my assessment," Kelly said. Architects have recognized several issues, one of the bedrooms is separated, and two bedrooms lead directly off the living room. "I've done this to shrink the corridor, that I noticed is wasted space," Kelly explained. "But I can see that people would not want to go through the living room to the bathroom. Rather than giving me a list of criticisms, he offers a different design which has handled these problems. "

Kelly felt a few positive factors for the design in which was lost in the vision of the architect, but pointed out that: "When I discovered the possibility to combine both, I continued to try to become something similar with his design. It's really helpful to me. It has strengthened my confidence in his ideas, and helps me know what he gave. "


The vision of an architect

Minimum requirements needed for a serious building project is an architect or a good drawing that can turn your ideas into professional drawings which is suitable for construction permission, compliance with building regulations and tender offer. However, architects have more to offer than the necessary paper work.

We talked to James Allison, currently working on large commercial projects, has experience in housing, and asked him what architects brought to the construction project. He told us, "Architects have the ability to solve the problem better, considering the space to make it more efficient, find new ways to make space."

Allison continued, "It is about setting up a summary - number of rooms, the relationship of these rooms together, and the relationship of the rooms with the outer space. It is also about changing the design according to customer's desire to enhance their quality of life. "He pointed out that, as a member of the center of the design team, architects can manage the design process, coordinating with the construction inspectors, the electrical engineers and mechanical engineers.
We asked Allison to see how he feels about working with our customers to have a direct role in the design process. "The one that came to me with many drawings and ideas are great. You can extract these ideas, and pose questions about what they do and what is important. If there are elements that you feel they could be improved, your responsibility is to mention it. Most projects have one or two main ideas behind them, and architects can help draw out these ideas. "

Ian Bramwell from Mole Architects company repeated the opinions of Allison. He said, "We have many customers who prefer working out ideas. It is important to us is to figure out what is important about this idea, it is not necessary to follow them and render them ". It is to understand the nature of what customers want, develop it and give customers a better understanding of how it affects other aspects.

Bramwell agree that it is useful for customers to get familiar with considering plans and considering the buildings on the computer, because they help them understand his drawings. "We always consider the customer's drawings seriously, because it is their starting point. That is creating a building in which they participate. For most customers who are building a house, that stimulates them. "

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