Build Up Your Dream House with PC (Part 3)

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Start with the program

When you are ready to hone ideas, software can be very helpful. Any illustration package, including free Serif DrawPlus Starter Edition (, will help you to draw rectangles and other geometric shapes and sizes which are easily quantified. You can also measure the size of existing furnishings and create blocks representing them to help determine the rate.

To get the ground diagram looks smarter, try Sweet Home 3D ( This free software runs in a browser, but also available to download, it is great if you want to access offline, and want to take advantage of half a split screen mode (split-screen) of it on two screens. Local version does not include the number of similar 3D models to drop directly into the project. However, it is not difficult to run the two parallel import models into a project using the online version, then download this project to your hard drive and paste the model into the project.

In Sweet Home 3D, all the editing is done in a project overview from top to bottom, but these changes immediately become clear in the review 3D. The creation of a design often involves painting the exterior walls and the floor, then the furniture and other items from the model library. The selection of Create Rooms and double-clicking a closed area will create a floor and then calculate its size in m2. Double-clicking any object will bring the Modify dialog box, where you can set up the location and size of it and apply the color or textured fill.

There are some advanced features, but we recommend that you do not spend much time using Sweet Home 3D as a design tool. It is useful to create plain floor and modify it in 3D, but the software focuses on interior design rather than architecture. There are models of stairs to enter, but the floor can be only located in the ground floor, and hard to keep things tidy.

Google Sketchup is better to model the structure of the building. It has been released since 2000, but Google had bought it in 2006 and made it free to encourage people to design 3D models of buildings in addition to Google Earth. It is used by amateur and professional architects.

Description: It may not be the accurate software, but SweetHome 3D can create the site diagram, 3D rendering, and even animated direction.

It may not be the accurate software, but SweetHome 3D can create the site diagram, 3D rendering, and even animated direction.

The program proved to be superior in accuracy and speed of operation and unlike SweetHome 3D, it works from the first principles. The objects are created from lines, rectangles and circles, and they are pushed out, cut and combined to create more complex shapes. However, it is only quick when you have mastered the rules, and principles are not immediately obvious. See the instructions on YouTube videos before you begin. Sketchup requires meticulous precision. If the points are not aligned perfectly, then the surface becomes flat and the design buckling would degenerate into a mess. It is easy to create the shape rather than fix them, because the surface has been connected together, so moving or deleting can inadvertently affect others. Sketchup is great to explore ideas in 3D, but at best you should use it when you already shape these ideas rather than just use it as 3D sketches.

The interior can be added to the logical space. Sketchup has a large library of 3D models that can be downloaded and assimilated into your design. However, although everything in Sketchup has real size, some models are slightly off the rate.

Sweet Home 3D cannot be compared with Sketchup about accuracy, but it benefits from an excellent rendering engine, producing very similar results with complex lighting effects such as shadows and reflections. The creation of an accurate 3D model of the software is quite sophisticated, but not impossible - you can always delete any abnormality by using any image editor.

Click to review 3D and select "Create photo" to see the rendering options, including size and quality and the ability to set time of the day to see the sunlight into the building look like. Set the compass and choose the option to add additional lights or ceiling lights manually by using design tools to avoid indoor spaces exposed to light. The rendering takes a while to create - a 6MP images at best quality take more than 24 hours - but the results are worthy. You can also create video tutorials but have lower resolution or quality setting to avoid long render time.

The hired help

Construction project is a big matter, and very few people can do without professional help. Architects will be your main ally, not only because he holds a key role in the design process but also because of his experience with the entire process, from the cognitive ability to complete the construction.

You should set the connection as soon as possible. We spoke to Ian Bramwell of Mole Architects (, which has designed and built special houses for 15 years. He explained that small companies tend to come up with a project at the end because it affects the design reputation of the company. However, he emphasized that the role of the architect is not just creativity. "If you are trying to take the most advantages of a piece of land, we have extensive experience in negotiating with planners and we know what is possible and what is not appropriate."

He added, at the end of the process, "the contractors have many questions, they occupy much of your time, and things go wrong. Because it's home and your money, people often do not have a vision that we have. We can look at things objectively and resolve things before they become big problems. "

The wealth of information at help you better understands the role of the architect throughout the construction process. Http:// if you visit, you can go directly to the area for those who are considering hiring an architect.

Kate Wood of South Cambridgeshire District Council emphasized the importance of exposure to the planning office as soon as possible. The certification for construction permission applications typically takes 8 weeks, but her office provides counseling before filing for a period of 2 weeks. "It's a good thing to do," she said, "as it highlights any problem and experts involved in the early stages. By that way, you can have a building permission at first. "

We asked Wood whether the non-professional drawings have been accepted. She believes that a good drawing, having higher accuracy in rate is better - is enough for her to give advice with the entire necessary prelude. "Yes, we are happy to review the non-professional drawings and blueprints in the period prior to submission - but the more information you give us, the better advice we can give you."

The submission of drawings will be helpful if you want to explore several possibilities before hiring an architect. However, Wood suggested hiring architects as soon as possible. "You can get an idea of ​​what you want, but you need someone to look at it with a new vision and realism, and said, 'Actually, if you want to sell the house in the future ...'”

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