Build Up Your Dream House with PC (Part 1)

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Whether you are building a villa or pulsing an attic, PC is an important resource to help you turn your dream home into reality

During this unstable economy, many people are considering the expansion of home rather than moving. Others completely pay no attention to it by selling their house and investing all of their money and time into building a new home. Architectural design is always a two-way path between an architect and a client, but the tools today makes the dialogue become smoother than ever. So if you have already been gifted with architecture ability since the time you played Lego, it is time to stimulate your imagination - and PC - and start designing.

Description: Build Up Your Dream House with PC (Part 1)

We usually investigate how the household computer may make the expensive and complex task more accessible, whether it is an online business set-up or making movies. But even these ambitious projects also prove to be less important when comparing to the design and construction of your house. Bail could not be higher any longer - hundreds of thousands of pound you may have to invest. If the design and construction are successful, you will have the house that you have ever dreamed of and received the capital investment. However, if it is wrong, you can have a house that you hate, not to mention that you will be unable to sell it.

However, we do not want to make it worse and make you discouraged before starting, because the creation of dream house may be the valuable experience and can fully achievable. In this column, we explore the processes and obstacles of building a new house, although most issues are equally applicable to the expansion and overhaul.

No matter what your aspirations are, the key to a successful design is meticulously planning. Considering all possibilities in advance means that when the work begins, there is no need for any last minute change that push up the prices and push back the time of completion.

Find the land

If you want to build a new house, the first mission is to find the place to build it. Britain does not have many empty spots to construct but it still has, and many websites will help you find it. BuildStore has PlotSearch in the website (, although the registration fee is 30 pounds per year or 15 pounds per quarter. Nothing can be compared to the incoming costs, but there are some free similar services, for instance,  and Rightmove ( also has an option to choose land as the real estate in its search machine.

Rightmove lists out the pieces of land with the starting price at thousands of pounds, but the value of land increases rapidly if it gets the authorized license of construction. That is why anyone who is trying to sell suitable land for the self-construction project certainly has construction permission before selling it. If a piece of land does not have construction permission, you are likely not to receive it in the near future.

Land prices are based on real estate values ​​that can be built on it, and it usually accounts for around 30 to 40% of that number. If you are trying to build a house which costs about 400 thousand pounds, you can expect to pay about 120 thousand to 160 thousand pounds for the land. This rough estimate applies to most areas of England, although there are some regional variations in land prices and construction.

Description: The land for sale with construction permission is rare but easy to find

The land for sale with construction permission is rare but easy to find


Consider all possibilities

When you find a suitable piece of land, it is best to focus on its size and location and do not worry much about the house design which has been granted construction permission. The seller is unlikely to spend time and money to get the best possible design, and usually they will only apply to show that the land is suitable for development.

Construction permission can outline all the things that have been accepted; it will include the presentation diagram of the external dimensions of the house. You will need fully complete construction permission before starting the construction. However, considerable research documents are that the construction permission has been approved. They are available for inspection at your local council website. You will find this website at

These plans which have been submitted will give you guidance on the appropriate development type for that location, but should pay attention to the accompanying decision notice. This is the document which officially recognizes the license. For the draft building permission, it can include many notices which should be met before the building permission is fully approved. It may include roof height, the emphasis on cross street parking or rules relating to any future landscape of the garden.

However, it will not include all prior notices and relevant regulations. We talked to Kate Wood, the leader (development control) at South Cambridge shire District Council, to know a few general guidelines about making a building permission. Wood pointed out that firstly you have to wonder if it could be accepted in principle or not. If it is a part of a village, then in principle, it can be accepted. If located outside, then it cannot be accepted in principle, because it is classified as rural kind.

You also have to consider the way-in to the location, visibility on the road for vehicles and whether the location can provide whatever you want with the space for the matching garden. "We will consider the impact of design characteristics on the region characteristics," Wood explained. "In conservation areas, we will consider higher quality, with good and traditional material, or vice versa, a trendy modern house instead of having to pretend to be something that it is not".

Wood will also consider the impact on neighboring facilities. "If you want a two-story house in a chain of houses and have a gap, then if it has the same height and appropriate design, it is only a matter of not having the side window. But we usually get an application for the behind land development where they will develop the garden behind the house. Then you consider the distance from the first floor window to the garden and the home of a neighbor. Sometimes the location of land behind the village is on the edge so they can become prominent in the rural areas. "The shade is a problem, so you need to think about its direction”.

In addition to the building permission, you need a construction regulation permission, which will consider the technical review. Do you have enough exits in case of fire? Does everything fall down? Basically, planning is to see if everything is okay. The building regulations are to see if it will stand or fall down.

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