ZyXEL PL4201 Powerline Adaptor

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We look at another use for his plug sockets

Powerline adaptors have increased in popularity so much over the last few years that they're as much a part of the home network these days as the humble switch. Of course, the benefit they offer to those whose wireless is less than great in certain areas of the house, or those who don’t want to have to run cabling into every nook and cranny, is paramount, and as the technology improves, so does the data rate.

ZyXEL PL4201 Powerline Adaptor

ZyXEL PL4201 Powerline Adaptor

ZyXEL ’s PLA4201 Powerline Adaptors break the mould from the standard affair we’ve seen in the past. For starters, they're incredibly small, being only 50 x 60 x 70mm, and they're dwarfed by their competition, such as the D-Link Powerline. Secondly, they throw the data between each other at rates of up to 500Mbps, which greatly improves the bandwidth from the old 200Mbps models.

In the box, we find the two Powerline adaptors, obviously, a couple of one metre Ethernet cables, the obligatory quick start guide and a DVD containing the documentation and a handy utility. The utility is a network configuration tool, which offers all sorts of options to those who wish to fine-tune their Powerline setup. From here you can view the network topology, update the firmware, create access passwords with Data Access Keys and change the priority of traffic between the units.

The setting up of the units couldn’t be easier: simply plug one of them into a power socket, attach one end of the network cable into the PLA4201 and the other end into your router. Then do the same elsewhere in your house with the Ethernet connection to the desired networked device. The units will pick each other up and connect seamlessly.

ZyXEL PL4201 Powerline Adaptor

In terms of speeds and performance, Powerline adaptors have, in the past, advertised themselves as all things wonderful, but in reality they've often come short when being measured. It’s now become the norm to treat the advertised speed of a Powerline unit as being at least one-third the number in real-world scenarios. However, at the same time there are many factors that can affect the overall transition rate. The quality of electrical cabling to and from each unit, the number of networked devices there are already, and the distance and noise on the electrical wires all contribute to condition of the data rate. In the tests that we conducted, transferring a 5GB file, watching a streamed 1080p HD movie, and watching streamed HD via BBC iPlayer, the ZyXEL PLA4201 proved itself to be quite the contender.

Our house's electrical environment is far from perfect, but we achieved speeds of up to 9.5MB per second when transferring the 5GB file from one PC to another. Similarly, the streaming of BBC HD media was unaffected and showed no signs of stuttering of buffering.$(KGrHqV,!h8F!Fe2!,1,BQZNjvR1hQ~~60_35.JPG

The streamed 1080p movie test was an area where we expected the PLA4201 to fail or at the very least struggle, so we were pleasantly surprised with the fact that the entire movie played without the slightest hint of a network slow-down. Indeed, the only evidence of a struggle was when we transferred the large file again, while watching the movie, which in itself is a slightly unfair test, but after the copy completed, the movie returned to normal.

In conclusion, the ZyXEL PLA4201 offers a fine choice for those looking for an excellent Powerline product, and for only $48 from Ebuyer, you can’t really complain. There may very well be faster products, but when compared to the size and cost, ZyXEL comes out on top.


·         Price: $48

·         Manufacturer: ZyXEL

·         Tel no: +44 (0) 118 912 1700

·         Website:

·         Required spec: Devices with 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports. Spare plug sockets


·         Quality: 8

·         Value: 9

·         Overall: 8


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