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Because Apple’s products are absolutely easier for customers to use, do they foster the inactivity in technology?

Recently, when installing a new Gmail application on my 3 year-old MacBook, I took a glance at the guy next to me in the coffee shop. He worked so hard on his Pro one, a high-end model, much later than mine. I made a guess that he is a technology expert who is paid quite a handsome salary until I casted an eye on his Dock. Finder, Launchpad, Mission Control, iChat, iPhoto, GarageBand, iMovie and Photo Booth. All of them are totally like the very first time you open your computer you know, before you customize Dock options to remove all unnecessary apps and add your usually used apps.

When I twitted it angrily, my online friends required a citizen’s arrest because of technology. Why is it not compulsory to exchange, because he was obviously not suitable with this fabulous Mac? But I have to admit that I have lost. Nowadays, more and more Mac users are complacent technology consumers, rather than innovative technology creators.

Creators vs. receivers

Not as creators, the receivers do whatever they are told. They let Mac in its default configuration. They buy every system updates which people in Genius Bar recommend. Being overwhelmed by the complication of other options, they withdraw into the App Store, where all options are already made for them.

But there will be moments needed the decision of the Mac users among these complicated options; using Mac requires you to take the control of your own computer. My enthusiasm towards Apple, in combination with some activity limitation (lived in Canada, worked in a Windows office, limited budget) encouraged me to deal with any kind of crazy projects: unlocked iPhone in the US before they were on sales officially in  Canada; hacked an PC netbook because I couldn’t afford the MacBook Air; etc…

They buy every system updates which people in Genius Bar recommend…

They buy every system updates which people in Genius Bar recommend…

Thanks to these time consuming and tiring experiments, they turned me into a Mac expert or more exactly, became a technology expert. Moreover, the enthusiasm which encouraged me to hack Mac and iPhone also make me more confident in testing new softwares, new tools as well as new services and more important is my refusal towards anything that doesn’t work for me.

Is simple better?

For the time being, it is not so difficult to become a Mac user like ever before. iPod, iPhone as well as iPad are far more easy to use, due to the fact that there are many iOS apps has Mac copies (not necessary is Windows). The appearance of iCloud makes the totally Mac life become the easiest option for the iPad or iPhone users who just want everything run smoothly.

Nevertheless, you still need to make a decision on some options if it is either about the hardwares or the softwares you allow, networks you connect, online services you use and information you share. Some of the new Apple users are badly equipped with these choices. They are definitely spoilt by independent and easy controlled experience of Apple’s devices; as a result, they are not able to figure out how to make their own rules.

However, finding out your own path is dramatically essential, unless you want somebody else in the IT department or at  App Store make a decision on what mobile phone model you will use or software tools are about to be installed (or prohibited) on your  Mac.

The appearance of iCloud makes the totally Mac life become the easiest option for the iPad or iPhone users who just want everything run smoothly

The appearance of iCloud makes the totally Mac life become the easiest option for the iPad or iPhone users who just want everything run smoothly

Last but not least, you have to make a choice on what you won’t do; which emails you won’t reply; which social network you won’t use; and which software updates you will skip because everything is definitely good up to your expectation. The inactivity in technology can make you work exhaustedly and spend too much owing to the fact that it gets you out of date and feel being left behind.

The success of Apple in offering an amazing user experience may support the inactivity become a new standard. Due to the huge improvements in its product lines, ability and usefulness of Apple’s products and services, even a person who fell in love with many devices like me can be lulled into accepting a locked iPhone, the simplicity of iCloud or easiness of MacBook Air.

Nevertheless, I am not willing to be controlled by Tim Cook. As a result, I will continue my own one of a kind system stuck with each other by an app system based on cloud, free of charge along with the jailbreak in order to disable warranty makes every individual device work as what I want. They have turned my Mac – my old and refurbished MacBook Pro is mine.

This is definitely the power and enjoyment which Mac users can take it back. From now on, you had better start to customize Dock.

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