Sapphire Edge VS8 – A Trinity Mini PC

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Sapphire packs an APU into this tiny PC, but is this enough for it to punch above its weight?

Sand motherboards, but it's also spent the last few years ploughing its own furrow when it comes to small form factor PCs. Its first efforts were built around Intel's underpowered Atom CPUs, but it hopes that its latest system - the Edge VS8 will have more success with an AMD APU inside.

The APU in question comes from AMD's latest Trinity range but, unfortunately, it isn't one of the desktop chips that so effectively takes on Intel's Core i3 processors with their great GPUs. Instead, this 24mm-wide machine is so small that Sapphire has had to use a mobile, low-power chip - the A8-4555M.

Sapphire Edge VS8

This chip features two Pile driver modules, and therefore can address four concurrent threads, but it's clocked to just 1.6GHz- much slower than the3.8GHz speed of AM D's top Trinity desktop chip. This helps to bring down the APU's TDP to 17W, though, compared to the 35W of other Trinity mobile parts, let alone the 65Wand 100WTDPs of desktop APUs. On the downside, however, this low-power chip can only cope with controlling 1,333MHz DDR3 RAM, pushing quicker 1,600MHzmemory out of the equation.

The main attraction of an APU, of course, is its GPU, and the Radeon HD 7600G included in the A8-4555M shares the same architecture as the GPUs in desktop Trinity parts, so it's based on the same GPU in full-fat H D 6900-series graphics cards. Here, though, mobile compromises make another appearance. The most powerful graphics cores inside desktop Trinity APUs run at 800MHz, but the HD 7600D on offer here is restricted to 320MHz, with a Turbo Core maximum of 424MHz even slower than the 496 MHz top mobile chip.

It's no surprise that Sapphire has had to choose a low-power mobile chip for its latest mini-PC though. The Edge VS8 is just 24mm wide and, at 185mm tall, it's several times smaller than most of the systems we see in the Custom PC lab. It isn't able to lie on its side either; the odd shape of the chassis means that it has to be screwed into a stand, where it's held vertically at an odd angle.

It's a good-looking system, despite its small size. It's constructed from matt-black plastic throughout, with Sapphire logos on each side and thin white lights illuminating the angled front. Acurved power button sits towards the top of one side, and the port selection is reasonably generous. The front houses two USB 3 ports and an SD card reader, and the rear offers four USB 2 ports, HDMI and Mini Display Port outputs, plus an optical S/PDIF connector.

It's a good-looking system, despite its small size.

It's a good-looking system, despite its small size.

It's easy to open the VS8 too - you just remove four screws to slide off the side, but there's no room for extra components. The two RAM slots are occupied, and the single 2.5in hard disk bay is taken too. That said, both these components can easily be replaced.

This tiny system won't break the bank either, although the $604 you'll have to pay to get your hands on the VS8 doesn't include an OS. Unless you're happy to stick with Linux, that means around $106 on top for an OEM copy of Windows, and the added expense brings the VS8 into line with more competition. Intel's bare bones NUC system, for example, costs a similar amount once components are added, and even Apple's entry-level Mac Mini costs just $754 and includes a Core i5 processor

AMD's APUs have traditionally offered a keen balance between application and gaming performance, but this mobile chip isn't as effective


AMD's APUs have traditionally offered a keen balance between application and gaming performance, but this mobile chip isn't as effective. Its score of 483 points in our image editing benchmark lags a long way MINI PC

Behind machines several years old, and is a long way off the performance from the Core i3 inside Intel's NUC. The VS8 didn't excel in any other tests either, scoring 890 in our video encoding benchmark, 547in the multi-tasking test and just 661 points overall.

TheVS8 was similarly sluggish in our gaming tests. It barely functioned in our standard Ultra quality Battlefield 3 test, and the situation didn't improve at Low quality, with a very poor minimum frame rate of 5fps. We loaded our Left 4 Dead 2 benchmark to see if it could cope with a less demanding game, and the news wasn't much better: the game had a minimum of 17fpsat Low quality when running at 1,920 x 1,080 - the standard resolution of TVs available today.

Other games tests reinforced the Sapphire's low-end abilities. We had to run DiRT3 at 1,600x900 at its Low quality settings before recording an unplayable minimum of 20fps, for example.

We weren't able to overclock the mobile core to improve these results either. While Sapphire has included a UEFI BIOS with the VS8, no tweaking options are included. The VS8 also pumped out a surprising amount of fan noise when playing games.

The single 40mm fan inside will be easily drowned out by speakers, but it's still more noise than we expect from small form factor machines.

The VS8's 500GB Western Digital Blue hard drive didn't impress either, with sequential read and write speeds in AS-SSD of 93.7M B/sec and 92.5MB/sec respectively around a quarter of the pace of current SSDs. The sluggish hard disk combined with the weak APU made for an underwhelming Windows 8 experience too: while the Start screen zipped by without complaint, boot times were long, and software took a while to open as well.

Inside The VS8's 500GB Western Digital Blue

Inside The VS8's 500GB Western Digital Blue

At least the VS8 was frugal in our power tests. Its respective idle and peak power draws of 15Wand34W are among the lowest we've seen. Comparatively, the Intel NUC returned idle and peak power levels of 8W and 20W, which are better results, but both area boon for anyone keeping an eye on their electricity bill.


It might have a small case and low power consumption, but Sapphire's EdgeVS8 is just too underpowered. It isn't as quick as the Core i3-powered NUC in Windows apps, it's underpowered in games, despite having the APU, and other systems offer better value for money. Intel's NUC is cheaper even when components are factored in, and even Apple's cheapest Mac Mini offers better value. We like the idea of APU-based mini PCs, but the mobile chip used in the VS8 isn't a patch on AMD's desktop parts.


§  Price: $604

§  Manufacturer:

In Detail

§  CPU: 1.6GHz AMDA8-4555M

§  Memory: 4GB(2x2GB SODIMM) 1,333MHz DDR3

§  Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 7600G

§  Sound: Realtek HD Audio

§  Hard disk: 500GBWestern Digital Blue WD5000BPVT

§  Optical drive: Not supplied Case Sapphire small form factor

§  Cooling: CPU: 1 x Sapphire 40mm

§  PSU: Sapphire external PSU

§  Ports: Front:2xUSB,SD card reader; rear: 4x USB 2, 1 xHDMI, 1 x Mini Display Port, 1xLAN, 1 x opticalS/PDIF,2xaudio

§  Operating system: Not supplied


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