SEH Computerteknik myUTN-150 - USB Deviceserver

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USB is one of the most popular technological standards that have ever been invented, and it appears on a great number of devices. But, in some cases, a demand for a computer to communicate with a USB accessory can be an essential limit.

SHE Computerteknik myUTN-150

SHE Computerteknik myUTN-150

If you want to share a USB device, like a hard drive or a printer, between PCs, those PCs have to be continuously opened and configured to share.

MyUTN-150 can fix this problem. It is humble blue box with 3 USB 2.0 ports powered to connect network via Ethernet.

The configuration can be done via an existing web page, with options for adjusting network and controlling accesses to devices, along with exclusive UTN manager. It only works with Windows PCs.

Devices connected with myUTN-150 don’t appear on network as shared hard drives. UTN manager functions as a pass-through virtualizing USB interface, thus the device behaves similarly as it did when connected physically to a local connector.

For software running at start-up, and a device configured to self-activate, USB devices get ready to work right when Windows is loaded.

Booting from a shared device is impossible but we can use all shared devices as though they are directly connected to PC. iPhone appears in iTunes, USB keyboard works fluently, and all storage devices are assign a letter as usual.

By default, myUTN program notifies whenever devices are connected, and informs how long they have been idle. This becomes annoying yet it can be in disabled.

For daily USB accessories, such as external storage and printer, myUTN-150 is a solution for a problem that has already been dealt with. There are many cheaper ways to share USB storages through network separately with computers.

Routers now come with configured USB connector; several NAS devices are available and printers can be wirelessly used. MyUTN-150 also supports USB 2.0, thus transfer rate is limited.

This is surely a good product, but some system administrators can take advantage of myUTN-150. It appears excellent at sharing specialized USB equipment via network.

For instance, a USB microscope can be viewed and controlled from PC within range or another room across the world.

Devices can be shared over the Internet and control via VLAN, and there’re some encryption options – although they should have been better displayed. SSL is supported, and access to devices can be limited on port units.

Devices can be shared over the Internet and control via VLAN, and there’re some encryption options.

Devices can be shared over the Internet and control via VLAN, and there’re some encryption options.


·         RRP: $221 (no VAT); $266 (VAT included)

·         Gigabit Ethernet port for Windows only

·         3 USB 2.0 ports

·         3-VLAN support

·         SSL 3.0

·         TLS 1.0

·         HTTPS encryption

·         802.1x/EAP-FAST/EAP-TTLS-TTLS/PEAP authentication

·         User access control

·         Certificate management

·         SNMPv3

·         2.7W power consumption

·         5-year warranty

·         138x100x30mm



·         myUTN-150 will be useful for particular users, though it has some downsides. There’s no support for Linux and OS X, and USB 3.0 compatibility will be preferred. Though, virtual USB interface is totally practical, plus myUTN-150 appears reliable in our tests; it can be ideal for organizations that frequently re-arrange accesses to a computer connected with an important USB device.

·         Design: 3.5/5

·         Feature: 4/5

·         Performance: 3.5/5

·         Value: 3/5

·         Total: 3.5/5


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